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Corporate body

The B.C. Liberal Association changed its name in the 1960s to the British Columbia Liberal Party. Additional information is unavailable.

Corporate body

Formed in 1960, the Council of Forest Industries of British Columbia (COFI) is a non-profit umbrella organization which represents and acts on behalf of member companies in areas of forest industry in the province. COFI is the result of the amalgamation of five associations: B.C. Loggers Association, British Columbia Lumber Manufacturers Association, Consolidated Red Cedar Association, Canadian Pulp and Paper Association (B.C. Division), and Plywood Manufacturers Association of B.C., which were formally amalgamated to become inter-related divisions of COFI under board of directors. The Council was reorganized in 1969 when its product divisions were dissolved and the present structure of COFI came into being. This structure includes the dissolution of the promotion departments of the Lumber, Plywood and Shingles division of COFI were amalgamated into the Wood Products Promotion. In 1969, the Northern Interior Lumbermen’s Association in Prince George, B.C. and the Cariboo Lumber Manufacturers’ Associations in Williams Lake, B.C. became affiliated members.
In 1971 COFI changed it s acronym from CFI to COFI and in 1972 the organization changed its name from the Council of Forest Industries of British Columbia to the Council of Forest Industries. COFI also went through a reorganization in 1972 when the Northern Interior Lumbermen’s Association was amalgamated into COFI as the Northern Interior Lumbermen’s Sector (NILS) and in 1975 the Promotion Division was renamed the Wood Products Division.
COFI underwent two other major reorganizations one in 1994 and another in 2003. In 1994, many of the organizations pre-existing divisions were restructured resulting in the formation of seven new divisions. These include: Competitiveness, Environment and Energy, Finance and Administration, Forestry, Markets/Trade, Aboriginal Affairs, Public Affairs and two sectors: the NILS and the Coast Forest and Lumber Association. In 2003 Aboriginal Affairs became a subsection of the Forest Policy department, the Environment and Energy department became simply Environment, and an Economics division was added.
The last restructuring of COFI is the one in current existence.
Council of Forest Industries. Annual Reports. 1960-1992.

Craft (family)

George and Laura Craft were residents of Needles, B.C. George Craft worked as a postmaster and farmer. He received large amounts of land through the Soldiers' Settlement Board.

Elias, Angus

Angus Elias was an Inuit trapper living on Banks Island in the Northwest Territories.