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"Out of the Ordinary" Community Event

  • Corporate body
  • 1999-2000

"Out of the Ordinary" Community Play 2000 was initiated by Cathy Stubington following the successful performance of the Enderby and District Community Play in May 1999. Under the sponsorship of the Enderby and District Arts Council and the support of community groups, she applied for, and received, a B.C. Millenium grant to produce a one-day theatrical enactment of the Victoria Day May 24th celebrations. In consultation with director James Tait, Cathy developed a day-long program which incorporated all of the elements of the original Victoria Day celebrations with larger-than-life theatrics, competitions, parades, and dances. Cathy designed the props and costumes and coordinated her artistic team. She asked Fay Bennett to act as administrative coordinator, responsible for finances and publicity and Sondra Haglund to work as production manager responsible for locating props and costumes, buildings and first aid. Freya Giles was hired through the Youth Community Action grant to work with Director James Tait as stage manager, responsible for scheduling rehearsals and coordinating the cast and scenes. Monica McCoy was the First Nations liaison, Philip Tidd the technical director, Murray MacDonald the musical director, and Doris Shipmaker the wardrobe. Auditions were held in April, rehearsals in May. Over 300 people participated as cast members or in production. The event was held May 27, 2000, on the Shuswap riverbank and, when rain threatened, in the IGA workshop in Enderby.

100 Mile House Women's Institute

  • Corporate body

The 100 Mile House Women's Institute was established in 1950 in the Cariboo District and was disbanded in 1956.

140 Mile Women's Institute

  • Corporate body

The 140 Mile Women's Institute was established in the Cariboo District.

153 Mile Store

  • Corporate body

153 Mile Store was a retail store and post office on the Cariboo Road.

29th (Vancouver) Battalion Association

  • Corporate body

The 29th (Vancouver) Battalion Association was established after World War I by members of the 29th Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force. The 29th was formed in 1914 made up of detachments from four regiments - the 11th Irish Fusiliers, the 6th Duke of Connaughts Own Rifles, the 104th Westminster Fusiliers, and the 72nd Seaforth Highlanders of Canada. In 1915 the Battalion left Vancouver for England, then France and Belgium to participate in the battles at the Somme, Vimy Ridge, Ypres, St. Eloi and others.

54th Battalion Association

  • Corporate body
  • 1928-

The 54th Battalion Association was established in 1928 and held an annual banquet for veterans of the 54th Battalion of the Canadian Expeditionary Force. The Association also worked to collect records pertaining to the 54th Battalion and its members.

7-10 Club Society

  • Corporate body
  • 1985-

In 1985, thirty-five people met in St. Peter's Catholic Church to form the 7-10 Club Society. The purposes of the inter-faith society are to provide free, hot meals to the needy, to provide opportunities for individuals or groups to become involved in helping needy people and to receive donations for use in helping the needy. The Society is also committed to providing services without discrimination or bias. Founding members included: Eleanor Chapman, Rose Zazonskowski, Patrick Leahy, Donald Bishop, Helen Hedberg, Patricia L'Hirondelle, Loretta Plett, Kay-Ellen Sharrock and Martin Godley. The 7-10 Club Society is governed by an elected board, is a registered charitable institution and is operated solely by volunteers.

A.E. Hetherington

  • Person
  • 1867-1928

Albert Edward Hetherington was born in 1867 near Smith’s Falls, Ontario. He grew up in rural Manitoba and attended Wesley College – a Methodist College in Winnipeg – graduating in 1893 with a Bachelor of Arts. He undertook theological studies at Victoria College and, upon graduating with a Bachelor of Divinity, was ordained in 1898. The Methodist Church stationed him as assistant to the Rev. James Turner as a missionary to gold miners in Dawson City (then part of BC Conference). After three years in the north, he held several pastorates within BC, including one in Kamloops and three in Vancouver: Mount Pleasant, Trinity, and Chown. He served also as Superintendent of Central City Mission, and for two years was acting principal of Columbia College in New Westminster. He pursued further studies in Hebrew and religious education at the University of Chicago and at Harvard, earning a Master of Sacred Theology from Harvard. In 1919, he returned to Manitoba to become Secretary of Young People’s Work, and lecturer in religious education at Wesley College. By 1921, he had become a full professor and was also teaching Hebrew. The College awarded him an honorary doctorate in 1925. After Church Union, he served on the United Church’s Board of Religious Education. In his final year of life, he traveled to Egypt and Palestine. Hetherington married twice: first to Stella Alberta Swan, who died in 1903, and to Ethel Mae Sim in 1911. A.E. Hetherington died on December 18, 1928 in Winnipeg.

A.J. King and Company, Butcher

  • Corporate body
  • 1909-

A.J. King and Company, Butcher, also known as the Hedley Meat Market, was originally opened in Hedley, B.C., in 1909. It was later owned by R.J. Edmond.

A.L. Fortune Secondary School

  • Corporate body
  • 1978-

Enderby Public School was built in 1902 to accommodate elementary and high school students. In 1913 a brick two-storey building, named Fortune School, was built to replace the small public school. It was known variously as Enderby High School, Enderby Junior Secondary, A.L. Fortune Junior Secondary, and M.V. Beattie Elementary School. In 1978, following a devastating fire, A.L. Fortune Secondary School was built for students grades 8 through 12. The high school served Enderby and District, including the communities of Springbend, Grindrod, Mara, North Enderby, Ashton Creek and Kingfisher.

A.R. Johnson Company

  • Corporate body

A.R. Johnson Company were importers and commission agents.

APEC Alert

  • Corporate body
  • 1997-

APEC Alert was a grassroots group formed at the University of British Columbia of students, former students, faculty, staff and others who were opposed to APEC (the Asia Pacific Economic Summit) on the UBC campus and to the entire APEC agenda. They formed in January 1997 after outgoing UBC President, David Strangaway, announced his unilateral decision to host the APEC leaders summit on campus in November of the same year. Their mandate, in conjunction with other similar anti-APEC groups, was to raising awareness of APEC among students, staff and faculty, advocating political action against APEC and actively and creatively resisting APEC with a diverse range of activities. APEC Alert was created in the belief that the APEC summit held on campus November 24th and 25th was held not to foster free trade, but to impose changes to benefit corporations at the expense of people, governments and the environment. APEC Alert considered APEC to be undemocratic, complicit in the erosion of human rights, promoters of environmental destruction, and fostering a society of consumption. APEC Alert does not exist formally at this time, but their website is maintained and new documents added to their on-line document archive.


  • Corporate body
  • 1930-

The ARTS Club was a young men's service and social club founded in 1930 in Vancouver, B.C. The club was founded by a group of boys that attended Sunday school at St. Mark's church (2485 West 2nd Ave). The acronym ARTS was derived from the motto "always ready to serve." According to its constitution, the purpose of the club was to "develop [members'] education through a programme of speakers and forum discussions; to foster athletics and good sportsmanship; to be morally straight, clean and loyal; to hold social activities; to render social service." The club sponsored numerous dances to raise money to support club activities. The community services the club performed included operating the "Send a Boy to Camp" programme that raised money for Alexander Neighbourhood House to send Vancouver boys to summer camps in Howe Sound, the "A Ride to Servicemen" campaign to provide car rides for soldiers stationed in the region during World War II, and a programme to send comfort goods to soldiers serving overseas. After the end of the war the club's active membership declined; regular club meetings ceased by 1950, although several reunions were organized from the 1960s through to the 1990s.

Aaronson's Drug Store

  • Corporate body

Aaronson's Drug Store is a pharmacy located in Victoria, B.C.

Abbeyfield House of Vernon

  • Corporate body
  • 1956-1999

The Abbeyfield Society was originally formed in Britain in 1956 by Major Richard Carr-Gomm, who was concerned by the large number of elderly people who were living alone. He thought a form of group home where each person had their own room but shared kitchen and common living room space, with a housekeeper to oversee things, would be the answer. A local Abbeyfield group was formed in Vernon in 1993, and began working towards acquiring a house to serve this purpose. Jack Peters was asked to conduct a fundraising feasibility study for this project. A fundraising campaign was launched in 1996 to raise the money needed to renovate a property at 3511 - 27th Avenue in order to become a suitable Abbeyfield residence. The home was opened in the spring of 1999.

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