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CA UVICARCH AR055 · Fonds · 1991 - 1993

The fonds consists of files documenting the silviculture issues considered by PASIS, and are arranged under the following series: Biodiversity and Forest Management, BC Reforestation Methods, Clearcutting, Forest Resource Development, Government Implementation of its Laws and Policies, Pesticide/Herbicide Concern, Public Awareness, and Correspondence and Reports.

Public Access Silviculture Information System Committee

File contains the following items: "Maintaining Productive Forest Soils - Our Future Depends On It"; "Two Billionth Tree, 1930-1989"; "Managing Wilderness in Provincial Forests"; "Towards a Silviculture Strategy: A Discussion Paper on Growing and Managing British Columbia’s Future Wood Supply"; "Wildlife Trees: Their Role in British Columbia’s Forests -- Submission to the B.C. Forest Resources Commission"; "Forest Management in British Columbia" and "Basic Silviculture Interpretation: Questions and Answers".

File contains the following items: "Logging on Mule Deer Winter Range: A Guide for Loggers"; "Managing Wilderness in Provincial Forests: Resource Management"; "Canada - British Columbia - Partnership Agreement on Forest Resource Development: FRDAII"; "Towards an Old-growth Strategy: Executive Summary of old-growth workshop recommendations"; "Habitat-Effectiveness Index for Elk on Blue Mountain Winter Ranges"; "Integrated Management of Timber-Elk-Cattle: Interior Forests of Western North America" and "Ground skidding guidelines: With Emphasis on Minimizing Site Disturbance".


Series contains the following files: Public polls on the issues: Old growth forests should be preserved, Logging should be banned in all watersheds, current forestry practices are destroying fish and wildlife habitats, clearcutting should not be the primary method of harvesting timber, selection should be used as an alternative to clearcutting; ministry publications and pamphlets; newspaper clippings (photocopies); correspondence.

File contains the following items: "Managing Vegetation in Provincial Forests"; "Pesticide Advisory Committee - Terms of reference"; "Forest Diseases and Forest Management"; "Velpar® Use In Forest Management"; "Herbicides and Forest Management in B.C.: Weeding the Garden Means Better Forest Crops"; and "Questions & Answers about Vision Silviculture Herbicide".