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archival descriptions
CA SVE SD-03-01-001 · File · 2002 - 2003
Part of Sara Diamond fonds

1 box of files and binders. Contains 2 binders of documentation of the Code Zebra Habituation Cages; includes promotional material, correspondence, and transcriptions of conversations which happened during the events. Also includes materials relating to conferences including schedules, proceedings, and Diamond's notes, and correspondence about the Code Zebra project.

Sara Diamond
CA SVE SD-06-01-001 · File · 1995 - 2005
Part of Sara Diamond fonds

1 box of files related primarily to Diamond's work with the Banff New Media Institute. Includes files on the Banff Office of Research, grants ant funding for the BNMI. Specific files on Nomad Theory, the Inside/Outside Fashion Show, and Drum Beats to Drum Bytes. Also includes files covering BNMI Summits and Workshops from 1995 - 2005; these include agendas, schedules, descriptions of events and workshops, and biographies of instructors.

Sara Diamond
CA SVE SD-06-01-002 · File · 2003 - 2005
Part of Sara Diamond fonds

1 box of files related primarily to Diamond's work with the Banff New Media Institute, and book projects related to the BNMI. Contains 2 binders of drafts of "Euphoria/Dystopia: The Banff New Media Institute Dialogues, 1995-2005." 1 binder of a draft of "Flesh Eating Technologies." 5 files related to "Euphoria/Dystopia:" flesh boxes ; co-pro ; events listing ; glossary of terms; notes on content. Transcripts of a talk at the summit "Skinning Our Tools," by Mervin Jarman, Camille Turner, and Sonia Mills. 1 audio-disk, "Soundtrack of exhibition."

Sara Diamond
Code Zebra
CA SVE SD-03-01-002 · File · Predominantly 2000 - 2008
Part of Sara Diamond fonds

1 box of files. Contains journal articles and conference proceedings related to Code Zebra. The bulk of the reseach material is Diamond's own research that informed Code Zebra, and does not directly reference the project. Contains files related to production and planning of Code Zebra; these include grant applications to Telefilm, correspondence with partners in the project, and handwritten notes from Diamond. Contains short texts about animals which later appeared on the Code Zebra website.

Sara Diamond
Publications - 1970s
CA SVE SD-08-002 · File · Approximately 1970 - 1979
Part of Sara Diamond fonds

1 box of print publications including pamphlets, newsletters, journals, magazines, bulletins, and newspaper issues. The titles vary in range from multi-year runs to single issues. Also included is a binder containing sales and distribution income information. The following is not an exhaustive list of every title present, but gives a comprehensive overview of the topics covered in the material.

There are large runs of the following titles:
International Internal Discussion Bulletin, by United Secretariat of the Fourth International
Socialist Workers Party Discussion

Other titles include:
Intercontinental Press
Brazilian Info Bulletin
NACLA's Latin America & Empire Report
Women: a Journal of Liberation
Worker's Vanguard
The Guardian
The Forge
Education for Socialists
Party Organizer

There are also multiple individual reports, bulletins, and pamphlets on Socialism, Marxism, and related movements.

Sara Diamond