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Municipal Engineer's subject files

Series consists of subject files of the Municipal Engineer (J.E. Brooks) documenting engineering and public works programs undertaken or supported by the municipality. Subjects include senior citizen's housing, sanitary sewer and other capital works projects, flood control and air pollution concerns, traffic management, road and bridge development, and school bus maintenance for the Richmond School Board.

Richmond (B.C.). Engineering & Public Works Department

Mayor's subject files

Series consists of records created by the Office of the Mayor during the terms of Mayors Gil Blair and Greg Halsey-Brandt. Series contains correspondence, memos, reports, proclamations, transcripts of and notes for speeches and addresses, press releases and commentaries, and some resource and reference material. Records reflect the interaction between the Mayor and other levels of government, government agencies and commissions, corporate interests, and various community groups, as well as the Mayor's views on a variety of issues, including economic development, the environment, transportation, land use, municipal infrastructure, regional government, and inter-governmental affairs. Included are records relating to the federal and provincial governments, the Greater Vancouver Regional District, the Fraser River and North Fraser Harbour Commissions, the Vancouver International Airport Authority, Steveston Harbour Authority, Vancouver Regional Transit Commission, the Waste Reduction Commission and the Richmond School Board. Also included are records of the Mayor's interaction with various city committees, task forces and commissions, the BC Aviation Council, the Richmond General Hospital, the Lower Mainland Municipal Association and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, BC Transit, BC Hydro, BC Ferries, BC Packers Ltd., Canadian Airlines International, Air Canada, the Richmond Chamber of Commerce, the Richmond Visitors and Convention Bureau, the Richmond Community Arts Council, the Boy Scouts of Richmond, the Richmond Gateway Theatre, the Richmond City Centre Community Association, Richmond Family Place Society, the Richmond Foundation, the Steveston Salmon Festival, the United Way of the Lower Mainland, 12 (Vancouver) Service Battalion, the Steveston Interurban Restoration Society, and the Richmond SPCA. Records also exist relating to the interaction of the City with its sister cities of Pierrefonds, Quebec and Wakayama, Japan, with other municipalities, and with the Musqueam Indian Band. Records also document the Mayor's involvement with special events in the City, as well as with the presentation of awards and honours. Files titled "Miscellaneous" dating from 1997 onwards contain documents organized alphabetically by subject category.

Richmond (B.C.). Mayor's Office

Corporate planning subject files

Series consists of correspondence, memoranda, copies of minutes and agenda, staff and consultant reports, and promotional materials relating to the activities of Robert (Bob) W. Aldcorn in his capacity as Coordinator of Corporate Planning. The series includes personal records relating to the continuing education and job search activities of Mr. Aldcorn. The records have been grouped by the creating department into several categories: general, corporate projects, organization, special projects, and Commonwealth Games (1994) bid. Relations between the Office of the Administrator and major departments, as well as negotiations with other external bodies, such as the G.V.R.D., provincial ministries, labour unions, and the Commonwealth Games Association are documented.

Richmond (B.C.). Office of the Chief Administration Officer


Series consists of agreements, correspondence, reports, and specifications relating to the negotiations for an agreement for garbage disposal between the City and the Fraser River Harbour Commission. Records in this series include information on surface drainage, inspections, specifications for the construction of a sanitary land fill, examples of acceptable and unacceptable materials, and the placement of materials and sand cover.

Richmond (B.C.). Law Department

Mayor's Committee on Juvenile Problems

Series consists of correspondence, memoranda, staff and other reports, copies of newspaper clippings, published informational materials, minutes of meetings, and lists of juvenile services relating to the role of this Committee in planning and providing youth services in Richmond. Records in this series deal primarily with monitoring and coordinating services for young adults in crisis. The series also includes records relating to the Richmond Friendship Home Society, the Richmond Family Court Committee, and the closure of the Browndale Homes.

Richmond (B.C.). City Clerk's Office

Legal activities and general topics

Series consists of correspondence, memoranda, staff reports to Council, witness affidavits, agreements, promotional and information materials, plans, and photographs relating to the provision of legal counsel to City staff and Council on a wide range of topics. The series consists primarily of legal correspondence relating to general zoning issues, the Board of Variance, assessment appeals, right-of-way disputes, dyking, and Special Use Permits. The series also includes case files relating to collections and bylaw prosecutions by the City, as well as damage claims against the City.

Richmond (B.C.). Law Department

Land transactions

Series consists of correspondence, agreements, memoranda, plans, and photographs relating to the role of the Law Department in negotiating and advising on land transactions carried out between the City and other parties. The majority of records in this series relate to the purchase of private lands for the purposes of road building and road improvements such as expanding intersections. Sub-series 3, Land sales, relates to the sale of property in the municipally owned Brighouse Industrial Estate. Sub-series 6, Subdivisions, relates to legal issues including development case files concerning McDonald's restaurant, the Lansdowne/Woodwards development, and developments at Garry Point and Terra Nova. The series also includes several sub-series which document agreements between the City, and various businesses, organizations, and individuals, regarding property easements, right-of-ways and leases; and sub-series relating to the relocation of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company railway lines.

Richmond (B.C.). Law Department

Leisure Services subject files

Series consists of correspondence, memoranda, staff reports, maps, photographs, as well as copies of minutes, agreements, annual reports and published materials relating to the role of the Leisure Services Department in the administration, development and provision of leisure and recreational programs and facilities in Richmond. The bulk of the series consists of files created for parks, cultural and recreation facilities (e.g., Richmond Arena, Garry Point Park, Nature Park, Gateway Theatre, Richmond Arts Centre/Museum and Archives), clubs and associations (e.g., Swim Club, Minor Football, and Girls Softball Association), and societies, councils, committees and commissions (e.g., Recreation Advisory Council, Leisure Services Advisory Council, Gateway Theatre Society, Community Arts Council of Richmond, Steveston Historical Society, and Parks and Recreation Commission). Series also includes files created for particular studies and special events (e.g., Accessibility study, B.C. Summer Games, and Richmond 79 Centennial), as well as files of plans, reports, correspondence and memos regarding the development of trails and bicycle paths in Richmond.

Richmond (B.C.). Leisure Services

Dyke protection - ditches

Series consists of records relating to dyke protection and ditch maintenance. The records relating to dyke protection include agreements and other records relating to right-of-way and land transactions, tenders for protection work construction, maintenance agreements, reports on the state of existing works, records relating to planning and the progress of projects, correspondence with local residents concerning public works in their neighbourhoods, and correspondence with senior levels of government on the subject of public works funding. Records incorporated from an earlier record system relate to protection works all around Lulu and Sea Island. Later protection work files relate to general maintenance work or specific projects such as the Fraser River Flood Control Program (1968 Agreement, Project No.3, The Township of Richmond). Engineering surveys accompanying this particular protection work project cover various tracts of land along certain roadways in Richmond and provide some detail as to the placement of buildings along these roads (see finding aid map). The rest of the series relates to the general maintenance of drainage ditches, including the need for periodic flushing to maintain sanitary conditions, and the need for ditch water as a source for irrigation.

Richmond (B.C.). City Clerk's Office

Recreation Department subject files

Series consists of correspondence, memoranda, staff reports, and maps, as well as copies of agreements, minutes, annual reports, and budget statements relating to the role of the Recreation Department in the development, provision, and administration of recreational program and facilities in Richmond. The series consists of subject files created for: clubs, associations, and facilities (e.g., Richmond Minor Hockey Association, South Arm Recreation Centre, and Steveston Community Society); councils and committees (e.g., Human Resources Committee, Recreation Advisory Council, and Leisure Services Advisory Committee); and projects and events (e.g., McDonald Beach development, official openings of recreation facilities). Series includes alphabetical files from "H" to "S". The existance and/or location of files from "A" to "G" and "T" to "Z" is unknown.

Richmond (B.C.). Leisure Services

Lower Mainland Regional Planning Board

Series consists of minutes, correspondence, annual reports, surveys and reports relating to the Planning Department's involvement and interaction with the Lower Mainland Regional Planning Board for a period of ten years, from 1959 to 1969. These are not the official records of the Lower Mainland Regional Planning Board. Records in this series document the role of the Richmond municipal government and it's Planning Department; in the growth and development of municipal and regional planning, in the preparation of various LMRPB studies, and the development of planning legislation in B.C. Included in the series are minutes of Executive Committee meetings, records of the LMRPB Technical Advisory Committee, budget proposals, position and policy statments, correspondence regarding the appointment of Board members, and records documenting the preparation and final product of the various LMRPB studies, surveys, plans and reports.

Richmond (B.C.). Planning and Development Department

Tax ledgers

Series consists of tax ledgers relating to the treasury function of accounting for tax monies received by the Municipality.

Richmond (B.C.). Treasury

Tax sales

Series consists of correspondence, receipt books and forms including notice to registrar of titles, purchaser's certificates, notices to persons having registered interest, and certificates of post office registration, as well as other documents relating to the tax sale. The notice to registrar contains a description of the land, the assessed parties, the purchaser and the sale price.

Richmond (B.C.). Treasury and Financial Services


Series consists of correspondence, agreements, petitions, reports, and survey plans relating to the construction and maintenance of canals, canal crossings and flood boxes. Details of flood box construction agreements are documented for work at Finn Slough, Gilbert Road, South Horse Slough, Delta Fraser Throughway, Shell Road, the south end of No.2 Road, the north end of No.8 Road, the west end of Cambie Road and Mitchell Island. Ten case files relating to land expropriations for the Gilbert Road canal make up part of the series. File 1550 (Flood Control. -- 1948.) contains a detailed hour-by-hour account of the emergency response activities carried out in Richmond between May 29 and June 20, 1948 in an effort protect the municipality from the flooding of the Fraser River.

Richmond (B.C.). City Clerk's Office

General journals

Series consists of a water works journal, and three cash books documenting the receipt of monies for the provision of municipal services.

Richmond (B.C.). Treasury


Series consists of financial ledgers created in the course of accounting for various financial transactions of the Municipality. The majority of volumes in this series consist of general ledgers, however, series also includes a transfer ledger, subdivision ledger and agreements ledger. Transactions documented in these ledgers cover the full spectrum of Municipal functions, from accounts payable to fire fighting, and from garbage collection to Workmen's Compensation Board.

Richmond (B.C.). Treasury

Dykes and drainage

Series consists of correspondence, petitions, financial statements and other financial records, agreements, reports, judgements, transcripts and survey plans arranged in subject files that relate to dykes and drainage in general as well as the various dyking district schemes. Some records, dating back to 1908, were absorbed from an earlier filing system into the later system. Dyking activities under the various early dyking commissions as well as later activities under municipal direction are documented. Topics include dyking and drainage works on Sea Island, Mitchell Island and in Steveston; changes to the Richmond Drainage and Dyking Act of 1936; the activities of the Fraser Valley Dyking Board after the 1948 flood; agreements and disputes involving dyking and drainage works in relation to land title and taxation; debentures and other financing matters; and construction and maintenance of dykes and drainage ditches.

Richmond (B.C.). City Clerk's Office

Administrator's subject files

Series consists of memoranda, correspondence, reports by staff and consultants, promotional materials, photographs and plans relating to the role of the administrator in planning and coordinating the activities of Municipal staff. Series includes records which demonstrate the extensive relationship between the City Administrator's Office (C.A.O) and the G.V.R.D. (Greater Vancouver Regional District), particularly in regards to negotiations between the City, as a public employer, and various labour unions representing civic employees, e.g., C.U.P.E (Canadian Union of Public Employees). Activities of the Administrator documented in these records include: establishing annual Municipal budgets; receiving reports; coordinating activities of City departments; monitoring the planning of special events, e.g., B.C. Summer Games, Captain cook Bi-Centennial celebrations; conducting performance evaluations; conducting salary negotiations for exempt staff; and participating in various regional and national administrative bodies, e.g., M.O.A. (Municipal Officers' Assocation), F.C.M. (Federation of Canadian Municipalities), L.M.M.A (Lower Mainland Municipalities Association), and U.B.C.M. (Union of British Columbia Municipalities).

Richmond (B.C.). Office of the Chief Administration Officer

Bylaw files

Series consists of certified copies of bylaws, photocopies of bylaws, correspondence, reports, and memoranda relating to the drafting, passage, application and interpretation of municipal bylaws. The series is arranged by bylaw number with one file for each municipal bylaw.

Richmond (B.C.). City Clerk's Office

Rezoning applications

Series consists of memoranda, correspondence, rezoning applications, site plans, copies of committee recommendations and copies of extracts from council minutes. Existing case files in this series are for applications which were rejected or abandoned. Records of rezoning applications that were carried through the bylaw process can be found in MR SE 66 (Bylaw files).

Richmond (B.C.). City Clerk's Office

Land Commission appeals

Series consists of case files of memoranda, correspondence, forms, copies of relevant council minutes, and other working papers relating to applications and appeals to the Agricultural Land Commission to have land removed from the Agricultural Land Reserve.

Richmond (B.C.). City Clerk's Office

Neighbourhood pubs

Series consists of correspondence, memoranda, public petitions, and development applications relating to the establishment of neighbourhood pubs. Records in this series relate primarily to social, zoning, and rezoning issues, related to allowing licensed establishments in residential areas, as well as the spacing between such establishments. Series also includes correspondence and results of a neighbourhood survey conducted in relation to neighbourhood pubs, as well as letters of complaint from members of the public. Relations between the city and the Liquor Administration branch of the provincial government are documented.

Richmond (B.C.). City Clerk's Office

Strata title conversion

Series consists of case files of memoranda, correspondence, certificate of approval forms, plan drawings, covenant agreements, affidavits, copies of council resolutions, and other working papers relating to applications for strata title conversion.

Richmond (B.C.). City Clerk's Office

Special use permits

Series consists of case files of memoranda, correspondence, plans (some on microfiche), copies of council resolutions, reports, application forms, and other working papers relating to the issuance of special use permits for the use of land in a manner outside existing zoning restrictions.

Richmond (B.C.). City Clerk's Office


Series consists of correspondence, reports, minutes, agreements, inquiries, contracts, maps, tenders and promotional literature relating to the provision of water services to Richmond. A large part of the series is made up of the minutes, reports, financial statements, and other records generated through Richmond's involvement with the Greater Vancouver Water District. Sea Island watermains and agreements between various levels of government with regard to the cost and maintenance of watermains also make up a large part of the series. The remainder of the series is made up of general records such as tenders, waterworks supply orders, records relating to easements for waterworks, ongoing maintenance, and water rate adjustments.

Richmond (B.C.). City Clerk's Office

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