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archival descriptions
Series · 1918, 1953, 1972-1997
Part of Anglican Provincial Synod of British Columbia and Yukon fonds

Series consists of printed material. Includes photocopy of petition to incorporate Synod (Prince Rupert, December 1918); includes also printed copies and their revisions of the Solemn Declaration, Act of Incorporation, Constitution, Canons together with the Constitution and By-laws of the Anglican Theological College of B.C.

Anglican Church of Canada. Province of British Columbia and Yukon. Synod
Denis A. Godson collection
Collection · 1952-1954

Collection consists of 53 photographs whose subjects relate to Mr. Godson's time in residence at A.T.C. Includes Anglican Theological College staff and student group (1954) and snapshots taken at the Anglican Theological College from 1952 to 1954 of College and student activities.

Godson, Denis A., d. 1973
Douglas Percy Watney fonds
Fonds · 1917-1986

Fonds consists of correspondence, minutes, reports, financial records, manuscripts, personal documents, clippings, printed material, graphic material, and architectural drawings. Includes manuscript sermon notes and Bible study course material prepared for parish groups, public school and public broadcasting; St. Anselm's Parish related records; minutes, copies of minutes and reports relating to various committees and the merger of the Anglican Theological College and the Union College; financial statements; appointment books, personal documents; memorabilia, clippings; printed material; photographs and an architectural sketch of a Church Centre to be built on the Endowment Lands.

Watney, Douglas Percy
Philip Timms fonds
Fonds · [ca. 1924]-1930

Fonds consists of photographs and slides depicting the exterior and interior views of Anglican Theological College buildings.

Timms, Philip Thomas
Photographs collection
Collection · ca. 1875-ca.1990

The collection consists of photographs relating to the Provincial and General Synod, the Anglican Theological College and its predecessors, Columbia Coast Mission, individuals, dioceses of the Ecclesiastical Province, churches, B.C. Anglican Young Peoples Association (BCAYPA), B.C. Anglican Youth Movement (BCAYM).

George H. Cowan fonds
Fonds · 1914-1917

Fonds consists of correspondence. Includes petition to the legislative assembly of British Columbia to incorporate, act and bill of incorporation; correspondence relating to the incorporation of A.T.C.; British Columbia and Yukon Church Aid Society memorandum assessing past and future work of the Society.

Cowan, George Henry
Godfrey Philip Gower fonds
Fonds · 1899-1971

Fonds consists of a mixture of official and personal material. Includes reports, particularly relating to aboriginal people's entitlements to the provincial land; minutes of the Provincial House of Bishops (1965-1969); correspondence; certificates and diplomas in original version; authenticated copy of the birth certificate; bulletins of services; newspapers clippings; printed material. The collection of photographs and slides includes subjects relating to meetings of General Synod; Anglican Theological College; individuals; Columbia Coast Mission;Diocese of New Westminster parishes, organizations and events; and Lambeth Conference. One album of photographs covers only the services of the General Synod held in Vancouver in 1965. Includes also an issue of Canadian Churchman (1928) which presents a synopsis of the organization of the Anglican Church in Canada and a map of missions and schools throughout the country.

Gower, Godfrey Philip
Fonds · 1906-1927

Fonds consists of minutes, legal records, correspondence, reports, printed material, constitution and by-laws, student records, and women's organization records. Includes records of the Administrative Council, the Committee of Students and the Woman's Aid of Latimer Hall.

Latimer Hall (Vancouver, B.C.)
Alexander John Doull fonds
Fonds · 1914-1934

Fonds consists of correspondence. Includes primarily manuscript letters addressed to the Principal William H. Vance of the Anglican Theological College.

Doull, Alexander John
Fonds · 1914-1924

Fonds consists of correspondence. Includes correspondence with Anglican Theological College officials, primarily with Principal W.H. Vance.

DuVernet, Frederick Herbert
Slides collection
Collection · [190-?-ca. 1970]

Collection consists of lantern slides depicting church buildings in England and Ireland, illustrations of David Livingstone's stories, portraits of individuals, daily indoor and outdoor scenes, landscapes, texts, poems, hymns and prayers issued by General Board of Religious Education. Includes also more recent photographic slides which depict British Columbia church buildings and sites (Yukon's churches), events (the visit of the Archbishop of Canterbury to the Anglican College of Theology - 1964, the construction of the ATC chapel - 1963, activities of faculty and students at the ATC, church buildings in other dioceses in the Ecclesiastical Province of British Columbia.

Fonds · 1909-1925, 1943-1948

Fonds consists of minutes, legal records, constitution and by-laws, reports, correspondence, women's organization records, clippings, guest book, curricula, and printed material. Includes records of the Governing Council, Principal's Office, faculty, Students' Literary Society, Woman's Guild of St. Mark's Hall, publications of the Hall, clippings (1943-1948) about Charles Allen Seager, first Principal of St. Mark's Hall. Includes the following series: Council; Principal's office; Publications of the Council; Faculty; The Woman's Guild of St. Mark's Hall; Students' Literary Society.

St. Mark's Hall (Vancouver, B.C.)