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CA VAG LR · Fonds · 1906-1990

The records within the Letia Richardson’s Charles H. Scott research fonds are comprised of Charles H. Scott’s primary and secondary source records she acquired in order to complete a book. The fonds is comprised of sketchbooks, notebooks, short stories, correspondence, newspaper clippings, exhibition and art gallery catalogues, and graphic records related to Charles H. Scott’s work. The fonds also consists of research and notes from Letia Richardson related to the writing of the book about Charles H. Scott. Moreover, the fonds is comprised of textual and photographic records from the Glasgow School of Art and the Vancouver School of Art; two institutions where Charles H. Scott either attended or helped found throughout his lifetime.

Richardson, Letia
Gary Lee-Nova fonds
Fonds · 1964-1985

The Gary Lee-Nova fonds is comprised of 20 notebooks that contain sketches, journal entries, mixed media creations, correspondence, notes on art techniques and personal artwork, and information related to exhibitions that have been created by Lee-Nova. Moreover, there are a large quantity of photographs including Polaroids of his work from the Harold Adams Innis and Herbert Marshall McLuhan Memorial Sculpture Exhibit; photographs from his work with Art City to build a kiosk and transport it to various areas in Vancouver; and a series of colour photographs from his exhibit work titled “Different points of view on some properties of media: Harold Adams Innis and Herbert Marshall McLuhan Memorial Sculpture”; and finally an acetate photograph booklet representing an art project by Lee-Nova. This fonds also contains material kept by Lee-Nova such as an article in Vancouver Magazine, an exhibition catalogue from the Glenbow Alberta Institute, and a poetry newsletter published by Vancouver monthly.

CA VAG GLN18 · Item · 1964-1966
Part of Gary Lee-Nova fonds

Centre to Centre All Ways is a notebook that is comprised of the sketches, notes and journal entries of Gary Lee-Nova. This notebook is primarily sketches that fill half of the notebook. Very few notes or entries are contained within this notebook as it was primarily used for rough sketches.

CA VAG GLN22 · Item · 1964-1965
Part of Gary Lee-Nova fonds

This newsletter is comprised of various poems created by Canadian poets. The poetry newsletter is created as a feature in Vancouver Monthly. On the back of the newsletter, Gary Lee-Nova has drawn a small sketch with the heading “…..Sunday……Nova”.

CA VAG GLN24 · Item · 1965-1969
Part of Gary Lee-Nova fonds

The item is comprised of a notebook containing Gary Lee-Nova’s notes and techniques on the topic of art creation. Within, there are uses of mixed media in the form of using label makers to add to previously made drawings. This notebook also includes short stories addressed to various people. Gary Lee-Nova’s preliminary sketches for his painting the Dreadnaught in 1966 are also evident in this item.

CA VAG GLN17 · Item · 1966
Part of Gary Lee-Nova fonds

This notebook is comprised solely of Gary Lee-Nova’s journal entries, ink sketches and notes. This notebook in particular reads much more like a traditional journal. Entries to the journal are dated and frequently refer to Gary Lee-Nova’s macrobiotic diet as well as his sleep patterns. Furthermore, the journal entries often focus on the weather and the artwork Lee-Nova was working on at the time.

CA VAG GLN12 · Item · 1967
Part of Gary Lee-Nova fonds

This notebook is comprised of Gary Lee-Nova’s journal entries, notes, and sketches in pencil and ink. Various notes within the notebook include a brief history of lacquer and its benefits in art production. The notebook also contains pastel images of a pyramid made from boxes. Although the hand writing and sketching is characteristic of Lee-Nova, it is important to mention that the books states that it was owned by a Gordon and Marylyn Payne of London, England, UK.

CA VAG GLN5 · Item · 1968-1970
Part of Gary Lee-Nova fonds

The notebook consists of notes and ideas for a number of Gary Lee-Nova’s sculptural projects. Within the sketches there is an example of a project where Lee-Nova was interested in creating a sculpture in the shape of a thick slice of bread; a heart shaped mirror on a lawn; and other various mirrored sculptures. This notebook also contains a story called Adventures of Box. The end of the notebook also contains references to an 8mm strip of film; this includes notes and comments.

CA VAG GLN10 · Item · 1968
Part of Gary Lee-Nova fonds

The Intermedia 1968 Bound Acetate Booklet is comprised of acetate photographs taken by Gary Lee-Nova and reflects artistic landscape, architectural and figural imagery. The Vancouver Art Gallery is also one of the architectural buildings included within this booklet. The booklet itself is contained within an envelope with the title written on it.

CA VAG GLN19 · Item · 1968
Part of Gary Lee-Nova fonds

This notebook is comprised entirely of newspaper and article clippings from the Canada 101 at the 22nd Edinburgh Festival, Scotland: An Exhibition of Contemporary Art. The clippings consist of publicity for the exhibition, and there are also notes within that comment on and record where all the newspaper articles relating to this exhibition have been posted.

CA VAG GLN6 · Item · 1968-1969
Part of Gary Lee-Nova fonds

This notebook outlines numerous sketches by Gary Lee-Nova that have been completed for the purpose of outlining new art projects. The notebook provides a view of the progression and thought processes of Lee-Nova in that the art projects are created and developed over multiple pages within the notebook. Lee-Nova also provides notes and commentary on the various themes that relate to the works Rainbow Falls; Psychology and Alchemy; and Earth, Air, Fire and Water are predominantly discussed in this notebook. The majority of images within this notebook were drawn in ink.

CA VAG GLN2 · Item · 1968-1972
Part of Gary Lee-Nova fonds

This notebook is comprised of photographs, correspondence, sketches, budgets and other ephemera relating to the Art City kiosk created by Gary Lee-Nova for the Art City project. The correspondence within this notebook consists primarily of requests to the community planning and development office along with other institutions in Vancouver asking their permission to place the kiosk within their respective establishments. This notebook is also comprised of mixed media work where Gary Lee-Nova has taken postcards and other magazine media depicting various cities, and has added elements to change the view of the image. Finally the photographs within this notebook are comprised of views of the Art City kiosk in various areas of Vancouver.

CA VAG GLN1 · Item · 1969
Part of Gary Lee-Nova fonds

This notebook is comprised of journal entries, sketches and plans for artwork by Gary Lee-Nova. Moreover, this notebook reflects the progression of Lee-Nova’s art projects. Many of the sketches within this notebook consist of plans for sculptural work; there are detailed diagrams outlining the construction of a hinged pyramid, rainbow sculpture, and a mirror and plywood sculpture. These sketches along with many others within this item are accompanied by notes and dimensions of the diagrams.

CA VAG GLN3 · Item · 1969-1970
Part of Gary Lee-Nova fonds

This notebook consists primarily of images and paintings created by Gary Lee-Nova. Each image is accompanied by notes. The graphic material is created from pen, watercolour and collage. Upon approaching the end of the notebook, Lee-Nova has included notes on an unknown film including the set up and type of film to be used.

CA VAG GLN7 · Item · 1969-1970
Part of Gary Lee-Nova fonds

The notebook is comprised of journal entries and drawings of Gary Lee-Nova. One sketch that predominates throughout this notebook is a sculpture titled Chain Letter. This sculpture is drawn from multiple angles and has notes about its creation and dimensions. The remainder of the notebook consists of notes, poems, sketches and a wide variety of Lee-Nova’s film, art and installation ideas.

CA VAG GLN15 · Item · 1970-1971
Part of Gary Lee-Nova fonds

The notebook consists of notes, journal entries and sketches. Within this notebook specifically, there are studies of various techniques for creating art and the beginning of an outline to project two separate films on two projectors simultaneously. This film outline also includes detailed notes on the project.

Rainbow Express
CA VAG GLN16 · Item · 1970
Part of Gary Lee-Nova fonds

Another notebook, the Rainbow Express consists primarily of mixed media created by Gary Lee-Nova; this mixed media is made up mostly of stamps and marker drawings; ink drawings; and notes on colour. This notebook is also comprised of film notes as they relate to the notes on colour. Finally, on the back of the book there is a passage that says “To May Wilson”.

CA VAG GLN9 · Item · 1972
Part of Gary Lee-Nova fonds

The notebook is comprised of a leaflet that contains journal entries by Gary Lee-Nova and sketches of a wire frame sculpture. The notebook itself contains many drawings in pastel. The remainder of the notebook is comprised of rough sketches in ink and pencil and also contains two glued fragments of film negatives – the visual representation of which can no longer be seen due to damage.

CA VAG GLN13 · Item · 1972
Part of Gary Lee-Nova fonds

The notebook consists of sketches with accompanying notes in ink and pencil. The sketches within this notebook include sculptural depictions of “caged yardsticks”, and also include a drawing of the Finn Monument with accompanying notes.

CA VAG GLN26 · Item · 1973
Part of Gary Lee-Nova fonds

Issue of Video Art is a publication of Arts Canada addressing the various approaches to the genre. Furthermore, this publication displays various art projects that have been created through video and film.

CA VAG GLN20 · Item · 1973
Part of Gary Lee-Nova fonds

Gary Lee-Nova’s thirteenth untitled notebook is comprised of notes accompanying drawings; painting techniques; and drafts of correspondence letters. In terms of the painting techniques, Lee-Nova discusses painting with epoxy at length, and comments on the importance of brush structure in painting.

CA VAG GLN4 · Item · 1974-1975
Part of Gary Lee-Nova fonds

The notebook consists of journal entries and outlines for art projects. Examples of these outlines include works titled Mix and Pain 7 Colour Spectrum; the Relationship of Temperature and Tonality; and a Plan for Yardstick Radio with Volt Bolts. This notebook is also comprised of every day transactions such as a shopping list and reminders. Lastly, this notebook includes the kiosk permit for one of the locations on display from the Art City project.

CA VAG GLN8 · Item · 1974-1976
Part of Gary Lee-Nova fonds

This notebook is comprised of information relating to Gary Lee-Nova’s various sketches and considerations for projects. This notebook primarily focuses on the creation of a triptych; contains notes on the considerations of primary colours; and provides a detailed commentary on painting in terms of the diagonal striped spectral field of colour. The latter also studies the context of relationships of colours and how they would apply to the triptych.

CA VAG GLN11 · Item · 1975-1976
Part of Gary Lee-Nova fonds

This item is a notebook binder that is dedicated solely to the work Different Point of View on Some Properties of Media: Harold Adams Innis and Herbert McLuhan Memorial Sculpture that was held at the Vancouver Art Gallery. The material within this notebook is comprised of correspondence, photographs, and related records concerning the production and exhibition of Gary Lee-Nova’s material at this event. The related records include delivery and waybill slips for Lee-Nova’s artwork. The photographs included within this notebook depict the artwork and sculpture that Lee-Nova created for this exhibition.