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archival descriptions
Pitt Meadows Day collection
CA PMM A1980.0011;A1987.0001;A1996.0001;A1997.0018;A1998.0002;A1998.0006;A1999.0013 · Fonds · 1938-ca. 1990

Collection consists of an 8 mm silent film of 1950s and 1960s Pitt Meadows Day celebrations as well as a VHS copy of the same. This collection also contains several photographs of Royal parties and various events surrounding the day. Also in the collection are records created by the Pitt Meadows Day Committee including two cash books for the years 1959 to 1989, minutes from 1970 to 1979 and miscellaneous papers for the 1980s and early 1990s, correspondence, programs, and ephemera.

Cook collection
CA PMM A1982.0003 · Fonds · 1982

Collection consists of a photocopy of a photograph of the Cook home and two oral histories.

CA PMM A1982.0004;A1996.0005;A1996.0006;A1996.0013;A1996.0031;A1998.0001;A1998.0007;A1998.0008;A1999.0001;A1999.0014;A2000.0002.0001 · Fonds · 1911-1982

Collection consists of maps depicting the following: the Fraser River Estuary and Heritage Sites, the Lower Fraser Valley, Pitt Polder, aerial views of Pitt Meadows, bike routes in Pitt Meadows, the Corporation of the District of Pitt Meadows, lower Fraser dykes, and an Auto Service Club road map.

Struthers collection
CA PMM A1984.0003;A1998.0009;A1999.0002 · Fonds · 1900-ca. 1949

Collection of material includes two items, a 1949 business license and a sample postcard, taken from the W.M. Struthers and Sons General Store as well as photographs of and by members and associates of the Struthers family.

Japanese Canadian collection
CA PMM A1985.0003;A1997.0004 · Fonds · 1940-1949

Collection consists of correspondence relating to Japanese Canadians in the Pitt Meadows area during the World War II years. Included is a photograph of the Japanese Meeting Hall on Advent Road.

CA PMM A1996.0031;A1997.0029;A2000.0009;A2000.0010 · Fonds · 1989-2000

Collection consists of oral history tapes and two handwritten histories of Pitt Meadows. Collection includes an oral history recording of Hazel Anderson (nee Park).

Gazette photo collection
CA PMM A1997.0021 · Fonds · ca. 1950-ca. 1970

Collection consists of 34 black and white photographs from the Gazette newspaper relating to people places, and events in Pitt Meadows and area.

CA PMM A1998.0003;A1998.0004;A1998.0005;A1998.0010;A1998.0011;A1999.0004;A1999.0006;A1999.0009;A1999.0012;A2000.0003;A2000.0012 · Fonds · ca. 1920-1995

Collection consists of colour and black and white photographs which depict people and events in the Pitt Meadows area. Subjects include, but are not limited to: Graybrook farm, McComb farm, McMyn farm house, schools and pioneers.