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archival descriptions
Robert Seymour fonds
UVICSP SC390 · Fonds · 1830

The fonds consists of a volume of red leather with gold decoration. The title is printed in pencil on the inside of the front cover. There are thirty-nine clippings of the cartoons pasted in. A few have legends and another few are identified in pencil. Pasted to the front flyleaf is a holograph pass to the gallery of the House of Commons issued to Mr. Maude by Robert Ferguson on March 27, 1830.

Seymour, Robert, 1798-1836
Henry Albert Penn fonds
UVICSP SC389 · Fonds · 1916 - 1920

The fonds consist of copies of records, documents and photographs in the possession of Major Penn's Grand-daughter Sarah Beynon. They relate to Major Penn's Medals and certificates in the Bruce Brown collection.

Penn, Henry Albert, b. 1878
UVICSP SC388 · Collection · 1890 - 1910

The collection consists of photographs of Chinese methods of torture and execution. Only one photograph is dated (1891). Most appear to be from the Imperial period, with a few from the early Republican period.

UVICSP SC387 · Collection · 1940 - 1945

The collection consists of Gordon Head Special W/T Station (Y Station) photographs. The photographs depict daily operation at the Listening station. The photographs have been identified in the Peter Smith fonds. Y Station attached to HMCS Givenchy at HMC Dockyard, Esquimalt, a shore facility. Copyright expired. Please credit DND/National Archives of Canada, using specific photograph number.

Milton Campbell fonds
UVICSP SC386 · Fonds · [19--]

The fonds consists of 7 envelopes of architectural floor plans with photos of the building pasted on the outside. Used as architect's reference.

Campbell, Milton Donald
Frank Eeley Johnson fonds
UVICSP SC385 · Fonds · ca. 1945-2001

The fonds consists of a photocopy of pages from the "Regimental History of the 2nd Canadian Medium Regiment, R.C.A", bearing Johnson's holograph notes and comments, plus a photocopy of two page note tipped in the back of the book plus a photocopy of a covering letter from Johnson's executor. In addition, there is a clipping of his obituary and two copies of his Memorial program, together with a covering letter.

Johnson, Frank Eeley, 1914-2001
Brian Brett fonds
UVICSP SC384 · Fonds · ? - 2000

The fonds consists firstly, of correspondence from many well known writers such as Margaret Atwood, Doug Beardsley, bill bissett, George Bowering, Marilyn Bowering, Robert Bringhurst, Barry Callaghan, Lorna Crozier, William Deverell, Timothy Findley, John Glassco, Robert Harlow, David Homel, Patrick Lane, Dennis Lee, Charles Lillard, Dorothy Livesay, Susan Musgrave, John Newlove, Sharon Olds, Michael Ondaatje, P.K. Page, George Payerle, Al Purdy, Joe Rosenblatt, Jane Rule, Jane Urqhuhart, and Sean Virgo. It is arranged in alphabetic series. Secondly, there are prose and poetry manuscripts. These are roughly divided into poetry and prose, with some large sections of late drafts intact. Thirdly, there are materials relating to the Writer's Union of Canada, Writers in Electronic Residence, political press clippings, material about his libel trial, and miscellaneous printed material.

Brett, Brian
Colin John Partridge fonds
UVICSP SC383 · Fonds · 1958 - 2000

The fonds consists of material relating to the production of his books, including correspondence, drafts and proofs. The fonds include Partridge's children's novel Thunderbird (1979), campus centred satirical short stories: Civil Distubances (2000) and Partridge's edition of the novel Will Warburton (1981), by George Gissing. There are also 2 letters from Hugh MacDiarmid (1958), and lecture notes from Dorothy Livesay.

Partridge, C. J.
Gray Campbell fonds
UVICSP SC382 · Fonds · ca. 1930-2000

The fonds consists of the following file series: biographical/autobiographical; correspondence; articles; monograph; subject; Porthole Literary Agency; Porthole Press manuscripts; manuscripts by others; publication transfers; artwork; Gray Campbell certificates; audio tapes, and photographs. The artwork contains original works by the native artists George Clutesi and Sarain Stump.

Campbell, Gray, 1912-2000
Fireweed Press fonds
UVICSP SC381 · Fonds · 1968 - 1989

The fonds consists of 12 Series: Greentree Press; Publications with Related files; Small Format Broadsheets, Cards and Single Leaf Printings; Job Printing including: Publicity Brochures, Menus, Broadsides and Business Cards; Subject Files; Office Files; Fireweed Printing Samples; News Clippings; Photographs; Large Format Broadsheets; Certificate and Event Posters; Linocut Blocks. Correspondence is retained in the associated files.

Fireweed Press
P. W. Nelles fonds
UVICSP SC380 · Fonds · 1943 - 1946

The fonds consists of 2 photograph albums: Quebec Conference (1943); Japanese surrender of Hong Kong (1945).

Nelles, P.W. (Percy Walker), 1892-1951
Ray Webber collection
UVICSP SC379 · Collection · 1859 - 1875

The collection consists of an hls of Paul von Holtei (1875) and an hls Friedrich Schiller 1780 (copy 1859).

Webber, Ray
Garnett Weston fonds
UVICSP SC378 · Fonds · 1970 - 1979

The fonds consists of poetry and prose typescripts, correspondence, and clippings.

Weston, Garnett, 1890-1980
Beverly Joan Mitchell fonds
UVICSP SC377 · Fonds · 1972 - 1992

The fonds consists of a 2 page tls by Frank Davey to Mitchell with comments on the TISH group and Mitchell's thesis. The letter accompanied the thesis A Critical Study of the TISH Group which is catalogued in Special Collections. Also included is an hls from Deborah Douglas.

Mitchell, Beverley Joan, 1930-
Ace Beach fonds
UVICSP SC376 · Fonds · 1944-1987

The fonds consists of a photocopy of Beach's typed copy of his report "Notes on the Battle of the Lake Trasimeno Line (1944). A statement on the covering page states "these have not been submitted to Higher Cmd for approval as some of the opinions expressed are unwise in the extreme." Also included is correspondence (photocopies of 2 typed letters in, together with photocopies of 2 replies) between William J. McAndrew, Directorate of History and Professor Beach (1986-87). The correspondence concerns the authorship of the report, as Beach's name was not attached to it, and questions about the activities of the 1st Canadian Armoured Brigade, which Beach served in.

Beach, Horace Dougald
F. E. Grubb fonds
UVICSP SC375 · Fonds · 1941 - 1999

The fonds consists of a carbon typescript of the statement made by Lt. Grubb, with his handwritten correction. Also included is typescript transcription made by D.M. Grubb, who has added his analysis of points in the statement. Lieutenant Grubb was Commanding Officer of H.M.C.S. Moosejaw when he made this statement, likely taken by a British Navy writer (who reported "H.M.S. Moosejaw). The incident happened off the coast of Scotland. It concerned dropping depth charges on a German submarine (H.M.C.S. Chambly) and the subsequent capture of its crew, 29 by "Moosejaw" and 8 by "Chambly" (ca. 11 were lost). Grubb also reports on his lack of success in interrogating the officers. The Statement was taken in hospital where Lt. Grubb was recuperating from pneumonia as a result of his experience.

Grubb, F. E. (Frederick Ernest)
William Dumaresq fonds
UVICSP SC374 · Fonds · 1961

The fonds consists of a carbon typescript of an unpublished prose satire “Only One Must Die”.

Dumaresq, William
Edgar Efrat fonds
UVICSP SC373 · Fonds · 1996

The fonds consists of page proofs (1st) for his book of reminiscences “The Black Shofar and other Vignettes”.

Efrat, Edgar S. (Edgar Shlomo), 1924-1996
Mary Henderson collection
UVICSP SC372 · Collection · 1884 - 1903

The collection consists of clippings about the theatre from various publications, mostly London newspapers. Also included are 44 leaves of handwritten entries about plays attended (1884-1888). It is not known who compiled the volume.

Henderson, Mary, 1920-1996
D. F. Aris fonds
UVICSP SC371 · Fonds · 1984

The fonds consists of a typescript (photocopy) about Group Captain J.R.D. "Bob" Braham, operations record book entries, photocopies copies of combat reports, together with a package of negatives of the photographs included in the typescript.

Aris, D. F.
Dorothy Robertson fonds
UVICSP SC370 · Fonds · 1943 - 1993

The fonds consists of a typescript "I Go (Not) Down To the Sea in Ships: Recollections of a Canadian Wren", photocopies taken from Dorothy Robertson's scrapbook, plus photographs and negatives.

Robertson, Dorothy
UVICSP SC369 · Collection · 1916 - 1918

The collection consists of a photograph album: "My Chronicle of the War," which contains photographs, clippings, pamphlets, cartoons and ephemera, concerning mainly the Canadian expeditionary army in World War I.

Westman, Florence M.
Philobiblion fonds
UVICSP SC368 · Fonds · ca. 1940-1990

The fonds consists of correspondence generated in course of business along with invoices and inventories. Some correspondence, such as that of Kathleen Raine, includes extended exchanges beyond that required for business purposes. Additionally, some manuscript material acquired by the business is included: i.e. Patrick Creagh, Derek Mahon, and Patrick McCartan's typescripts of letters from W. B. Yeats and Oliver St. John Gogarty.

Philobiblion (Victoria, B.C.)
UVICSP SC367 · Collection · 1877 - 1960

The collection consists of manuscript material (mostly in Latin) removed from the Seghers Book Collection, plus an annotated copy of Scripture class notes, plus ephemera.

Seghers, Charles John, 1839-1886
Joaquin Miller fonds
UVICSP SC366 · Fonds · ca. 1897

The fonds consists of a b/w photograph of Joaquin Miller.

Miller, Joaquin, 1837-1913