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Cleaning and Loving It
File · 2000
Part of Margaret Dragu fonds

File contains photographs from Dragu’s “Cleaning and Love It” performance (2000) and also an article about the performance written up in the West End Review.

Audiovisual materials
CA SVE SD-02-02 · Subseries · 1981 - 2000
Part of Sara Diamond fonds

For access to a complete database of this subseries, please contact the archivist at the CDMLA.

Sara Diamond
Bryce Canyon
File · 1985-2000
Part of Margaret Dragu fonds

File contains original newspaper clippings for show reviews and book reviews. Publications include: The Toronto Star, Richmond News, St. Catharines-Niagra Pulse, (Pulse Niagra), The Georgia Straight, BC Book World, Vancouver Sun, Metropolis, West End Review, Globe and Mail, Kinesis, NOW, The Review, and other unspecified publications.

CA SVE SD-02-01 · Subseries · 1981 - 2000
Part of Sara Diamond fonds

Materials in this series include: promotional materials; photographs; scripts; correspondence; and documentation of exhibitions.

Sara Diamond
Sara Diamond fonds
CA SVE SD · Fonds · 1970s - 2000s

The contents of the Sara Diamond fonds spans her years in Vancouver as a member of the Revolutionary Workers League, Bread and Roses Collective, Amelia Productions, VIVO Media Arts Centre, and the Coalition for the Right To View. There are extensive materials related to Diamond’s Women’s Labour History Project, Code Zebra, curatorial projects, critical writing, educational materials, and independent video art.

Types of materials include photographic negatives (35mm) and prints, documents and publications (approx. 30m), audio recordings ( 200+ 1/4″ and compact cassette), video recordings (500+ 3/4″ Umatic, Betacam, Mini-DV), wearable art, and ephemera.

Sara Diamond
Administration and Finances
CA SVE FNVC-01 · Series · 1990-1999
Part of First Nations Video Collective fonds

Series consists of meeting minutes, grant applications and packages, mission statements, financial records, and goal setting vision documents created over the course of FNVC's existence.

CA SVE FNVC-01-03 · Subseries · 1993-1999
Part of First Nations Video Collective fonds

Subseries consists of grant packages and completed grant applications. Grant applications include summaries of FNVC activities and values over the years.

Renegade Library collection
CA SVE RL · Collection · 1996-1998

This box is the residue of mail art activity undertaken by Lois Klassen, during the years 1996-1998. In keeping with the project theme, all of the items meet two criteria: the creators identified them as "books" ; and, their creation was enabled by some kind of "collaborative" process. Each book item is labeled with a catalogue number that corresponds to information about it in the box's index, as well as in the original exhibition catalogue. The books found within the box are:

  1. Cobaterate This - E.F. Higgins III (USA)
  2. Song to the Spirit - Ruggero Maggi (Italy), Marilyn Dammann (USA), Keiichi Nakamura (Japan)
  3. A Book of Seals - Dottie (USA), Shmuel (USA)
  4. With You - Keiichi Nakamura (Japan), 82 artists from various countries
  5. Fertilized Eggs - David Dellafiora (USA), Keiichi Nakamura (Japan)
  6. Mail Art Scenarios for Possible Futures - Sophia Martinou (Greece), 96 artists from various countries
  7. Summer Rites - Guido Vermeulen (Belgium), Marilyn Dammann (USA), Richard Campbell (USA), Liza Leyla (Belgium)
  8. Workball - Serge Segay (Russia), John M. Bennett (USA)
  9. [Untitled] - Alfio Fiorentino (Italy), Anna Boschi (Italy)
  10. We Challenge You to Top This! - A1 Waste Paper Co. (England), Art Nahpro (England)
  11. A Little Book of Words and Pictures - Dotty Seiter (USA), Shmuel (USA)
  12. Madonna & Child - Elaine Rounds (Canada), Lois Klassen (Canada)
  13. [Untitled] - Baron (USA), John M. Bennett (USA), Robin Crozier (England), Fran Rutkovsky (USA)
  14. PIPS 1/98: Engelbox - Claudia Putz (Germany), 38 contributing artists from various countries
  15. The Little Book of Fruits and Vegetables - Rhonda (USA), Shmuel (USA)
  16. [Untitled] - David Cole (USA), Lavona Sherarts (USA)
  17. Books on Fire: the Documentation of the Renegade Library - Lois Klassen (Canada). Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba (Canada)
  18. Bar Stool - David Dellafiora (Australia), 38 additional mail art contributors (Australia)
  19. 21 Tulipa - Magda Lagerwerf (Netherlands), various other mail art contributors
  20. No Panic - Dietmar Vollmer (Germany)
  21. [Untitled] - Emily Joe (USA)
  22. VIDAL - Shmuel (USA), Hugo Rene Vidal (Argentina)
  23. Só Objetos de Uso Pessoal / Only Personal Things - José Roberto Sechi (Brazil), 355 listed participants
  24. Assembling Magazines - Stephen Perkins (USA), numerous contributors of publications in "assembling" format
  25. Draw - Marian Butler (Canada), Sylvia Legris (Canada), Judy Bowyer (Canada), Dena Decter (Canada), Lois Klassen (Canada), Jean Klimack (Canada), Catherine MacDonald (Canada), Vida Simon (Canada)
Renegade Library
CA SVE FNVC-04-02 · Subseries · 1996-1998
Part of First Nations Video Collective fonds

Subseries consists of records related to the development and execution of the FNVC Intensive Video Production course. The class of nine students produced video shorts which were collated into the video ''Si'Elu’taxw.

1985 - 1997
Part of Sara Diamond fonds

Sub-series consists of records from Diamond's time teaching at Capilano University (then Capilano College). Files include research for courses, course outlines, reading lists, notes for lectures, and documents relating to Diamond's initial job application.

Sara Diamond
Secret Kitchen
File · 1991-1997
Part of Margaret Dragu fonds

File contains articles about “Secret Kitchen” in publications such as Kinesis (1991), Kinesis (1995), and the Richmond News (1997). (This performance was also called “My Secret Kitchen” and “Welcome to the Secret Kitchen”.) Other materials in this file include: ‘Women in View Festival’ (January 1995) program guide; materials from Margaret Dragu's artist-in-residence at Artspace Market Hall in Peterborough; articles about “Momz’ Radio” (radio show) and Mothers Talk Back (book Dragu co-edited); Vancouver Performance Poets (1991 publication associated with the Fringe Festival); and photocopied photos from newspapers depicting parenthood.

Operational Files
Subseries · 1987 - 1996
Part of Sara Diamond fonds

Materials in this subseries relate to the general operations of the Women’s Labour History Project organization. Materials include: promotional materials; correspondence; information on video distribution; press; film releases; and background research.

Sara Diamond
CA SVE FNVC-03-01 · Subseries · 1993-1996
Part of First Nations Video Collective fonds

Subseries consists of contact lists maintained by FNVC. Contact lists include names and relationships as well as sign up lists from FNVC outreach and events.

Special Projects
CA SVE FNVC-04 · Series · 1992-1996
Part of First Nations Video Collective fonds

Series consists of records emerging from specific programs and projects executed by the FNVC including program schedules, planning materials, applications, and promotional ephemera. Some projects produced photographic and audiovisual materials.

CA SVE SD-05 · Series · 1983 - 1996
Part of Sara Diamond fonds

Series consists of records pertaining to Diamond's work as an arts educator. Diamond was employed by the Capilano College Labour Studies Programme between 1983 - 1990, and later worked at Emily Carr University between 1986 - 1992.

Materials primarily consists of background research for courses taught, and copies of assigned readings.

Sara Diamond