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CA DMA CR-145 · Fonds · 1955-1969

The fonds consists of a complete run of the weekly newspaper published by the Grants, including 99 issues of the Sporting News, 8 issues of the Delta Advertiser and 377 issues of The Delta News (1961).

Grant's Litho and Printing
Gibson family fonds
CA DMA CR-144 · Fonds · [ca. 1910] - 1981

Fonds consists primarily of records about William Gibson's agricultural awards between 1929 and 1937. The records are either photocopies or slides taken of certificates, newspaper clippings, correspondence, and displays, and photographs of William and his son Gordon Gibson accepting awards. The fonds also includes an interview on cassette tape with Gordon Gibson and his wife Jeane in 1981, and photographs of William Gibson, other family members, and scenes in Ladner and Delta.

Gibson (family)
George T. Baker family fonds
CA DMA CR-143 · Fonds · 1906-2009

Fonds consists of two financial ledgers kept by George Baker for his wheelwright, blacksmith, farm implement and hardware business (Ladner Carriage Works) between 1906 and 1909. The cover of one ledger is labeled "Day Book" and "T.J. Trapp & Co." and covers the year 1909. The second larger ledger is labelled "Day Book" and "G.T. Baker" and covers the years 1906 to the end of 1908. The fonds also includes family photographs and a family genealogy prepared by Linda Gimmel, George Baker's great niece.

Baker, George T.
CA DMA CR-142 · Fonds · 1945-1965

Fonds consists of the ledger listing share holders and payment and refunds for shares. The cash book (1945 - 1963) for the Association can be found in the George Wallace fonds (CR-96).

Delta Manor Co-operative Association
Berney family fonds
CA DMA CR-14 · Fonds · [191-?]-[192-]

The fonds consists of a family photograph album belonging to Gertrude Berney, photographs of the dedication of the cenotaph (1921), and photographs given to Harley Berney by Frank Beadleson.

Berney (family)
Chung family fonds
CA DMA CR-139 · Fonds · 1940-1988

Fonds consists of correspondence to and from Chung Chuck, Chung Chuck's candidate platforms for Chair of the B.C. Coast Vegetable Marketing Board and Reeve of Delta, photographs of Chung Chuck and family members, and newspaper and magazine articles about Chung Chuck. An oral history interview with Chung Chuck was done in 1974.

Chung, Chuck
CA DMA CR-135 · Fonds · 1908-1996

Fonds consists largely of photographs of Harry Maxwell's childhood, military service in the Fishermen's Reserve in WWII, and life as a fisherman; oral histories collected from Helen Maxwell which tell about growing up in Ladner, her mother Laure Clark's life, and Helen's career as a dress maker; and photographs of Harry and Helen's children, parents, home and friends. The textual records support the stories told by the photographs: Harry's military service records, birth and wedding certificates, and deeds to land purchases in Port Guichon.

Maxwell, Helen
Louise Fogg collection
CA DMA CR-135 · Collection · 1927-1979

The photographs show the small farms and family life of Delta Manor prior to the Second World War and its development as a suburb of Ladner in the 1960's. The photographs of children growing up in Delta Manor in the 1930's and in the 1960's are particularly featured and a set of photographs of the ground-breaking ceremony for the first St. David's Anglican Church building in Tsawwassen, which was located at 12th and 56th Street on land that was previously owned by the Brandrith family. The fonds also includes a copy of a letter from Alice Fogg to a friend in England that tells about the flood of 1935.

Fogg, Louise
CA DMA CR-133 · Collection · 1910-1916

The collection consists of 22 photographs that show in a variety of detail the operation and structures of a shingle mill and logging railroad in North Delta in the early part of the 1900's. The collection includes photographs of the owner, Wesley Thompson, his family, and mill workers. The donor also provided photocopies of clippings and genealogical information about the Thompson family, which are located in the Archives Reference files under Wesley Thompson.

Delta Shingle Mill
Robert Franks fonds
CA DMA CR-132 · Fonds · 1950-1964

The fonds consists of photographs that show the operation of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Franks' 14 acre turkey farm and their home on Summer Avenue (1st Avenue) in Tsawwassen. The largely b&w photos show the Franks working with their turkeys, from incubating eggs to sorting newly hatched turkeys (poults) to keeping mature breeding flocks. Photographs also show the drillling of a water well on the Franks' farm, trophies and prize winning turkeys, and portraits of Mr. and Mrs. Franks.

Franks, Robert
CA DMA CR-130 · Collection · 1940-[1959], predominately 1940-1942

The collection consists of photographs, manuals, and ephemera created or received by John Lionel Patterson during the Second World War while he was working at the flying training schools at Boundary Bay, B.C., and Caron, Sask., and later for Boeing Aircraft Co. in Seattle. The photographs, taken by Mr. Patterson, document the opening of the airport and flying training school at Boundary Bay, detail aspects of pilot training on the Link Trainer and in Tiger Moth airplanes, and show friends, coworkers and family during the two years at Boundary Bay. Manuals in the collection include the course outline for the flying training school, and operating instructions for the Link Trainer. The collection also includes an August 1942 volume of the "The Moth Monthly", an invitation to the official opening of No. 18, E.F.T.S., and a menu from the banquet for the first graduating class from No. 18, E.F.T.S.

Patterson, John Lionel
Margaret Arthur Berney fonds
CA DMA CR-13 · Fonds · ca. 1886-1973

Fonds consists of photographs of Margaret Berney's family and friends, students from King George V High School, May Day events, picnics, farms, etc.

Berney, Margaret, 1909-
Edith Curran fonds
CA DMA CR-129 · Fonds · 1890-1972

The fonds consists of photographs, cash and ledger books, and memorabilia belonging to Edith Curran. Many of the photographs are of Edith's family in England, as well as photographs of the farm in Delta Manor and vacations in Canada. An album belonging to Ernie Goubault, who lived with the Currans, contains scenes of Ladner and the farm. Of special interest are Edith Curran's cash and ledger books which provide uninterrupted detail about farming activities and household expenses for a period of 40 years (1931 to 1972).

Curran, Edith
CA DMA CR-127 · Fonds · 1961-2000

The fonds consists of the correspondence, minutes of meeting, president's reports, constitution and by-laws and financial records of the club. There are a few colour snapshots of members in 1997 and 1999.

Rotary Ann Club of Ladner
CA DMA CR-125 · Fonds · [ca. 1894-1905]

The fonds consists of 37 mounted photographs from an album, as well as 5 loose photographs. The photographs were likely taken by Edward Fawcett between 1894 and 1902 when members of the Fawcett family were establishing themselves in British Columbia. The photographs consist of family members and homes, friends and recreational outings in Victoria, Delta and Vancouver; interior and exterior shots of the Victoria drugstore; and scenes of travelling through the mountains by train. Several photographs show early activities and scenes in Ladner, particularly the winter flood of 1895.

Fawcett, A.E.
William Kuchma fonds
CA DMA CR-124 · Fonds · 1944-1967

The fonds consists of a navigation record and of a map which describe the 1945 Hamburg Bombing Operation.It also includes articles describing the events occurring during the Hamburg Operation as well as congratulatory letters addressed to William Kuchma for his distinguished flying medal. In addition the fonds includes photographs of Kuchma in his RCAF uniform.

Kuchma, William
CA DMA CR-123 · Fonds · 1983

The collection consists of slides and photographs of the Glenrose Cannery and St. Mungo Archaeological digs, and staff and drawings of the St. Mungo archaeological site. The material was used as a display at a talk on the archaeological digs given by W. Hastings in 1983.

CA DMA CR-122 · Fonds · [ca. 1890]-1914

Fonds consists of copies of William Henry and Edith Blanche Burr's farm diary for 1903; copies of letters written by Harry Burr between 1903-1914; property records relating to property owned by the Burrs and family photographs of scenes on the farm, the Hunt Club, and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Burr and other family members and a large matted portrait of Burrvilla.
Fonds is arranged in 4 series:
Property Records

Burr, W.H. and E.B. (family)
CA DMA CR-121 · Collection · 1880-1995

The Delta Museum and Archives manuscript collection consists of material acquired by the archives and museum that have no provenance or donor information, or do not constitute or belong to a fonds. The collection includes materials that are ephemeral in nature such as programmes, posters, pamphlets, directories, and scrapbooks; records of people, businesses and organizations in the form of ledgers, certificates, etc; and municipal government reports and publications. The collection documents community events and the lives of people in Delta.

Douglas J. Husband Discovery Centre
CA DMA CR-120 · Fonds · [ca. 1931-1995]

Fonds consist of financial records relating to the building of the East Delta Hall and the legal contract to transfer the land between David A. McKee and T.J. Robertson, a poster for the East Delta Hall Dance, an unnumbered print of a pen and ink drawing of the East Delta hall by Michael Duncan that helped with the fundraising for the rebuilding of the hall, and a film made in 1995 containing footage relating to the rebulding of the Est Delta hall. The fonds is arranged into four series: Legal Records, Financial Records, Promotional Material and Film.

McKee Athletic Association
Curtis family fonds
CA DMA CR-12 · Fonds · [18--]-1991

The fonds consists mainly of two groups of records. One group was created as a result of Dr. E.J.Curtis' interest in the genealogy of the McKee family. The other is a compilation of material, some of which was arranged in 3 albums (see conservation note), that describes the activities and accomplishments of Edwin Johnson Curtis, his parents, and his children. The fonds includes photographs, correspondence, certificates, research notes, family trees, newspaper clippings and ephemera. The photographs contain many family portraits, scenes of early Ladner and Lowe Inlet, and depictions of family activities and holidays. Dr. Curtis corresponded with archives, genealogical organizations, and family members to obtain records and information about the family of his mother Isabella McKee, compiling this information in detailed handdrawn family trees. Original records include certificates of various family members' birth, death, marriage and accomplishments, and records of Dr. Curtis' war service, education, memberships, and professional competency and appointments.

Curtis (family)
Brent Nielson collection
CA DMA CR-119 · Collection · 1988

Collection created by Brent Nielson for a school assignment about the history and architecture of the building at 4858 Delta Street. The building was used as the Delta Municipal Hall form 1913 to 1969, and subsequently operated at the Delta Museum and Archives. The collection includes a 16 page report submitted to the Delta Museum & Archives by Brent Nielson. The paper includes a brief history of the building (errors are present in author's narrative), construction/restoration, floor plans, Ladner fire insurance plan, photographs, and bibliography & sources. Photographs include copies of historical prints obtained from the Delta Museum & Archives, and photographs of the exterior and interior of the building in 1988.

Nielson, Brent
CA DMA CR-118 · Collection · 1987-1988

File contains seven volumes of literary compositions of elementary school students in Delta School District #37 completed as part of the writers project. Volume 1 includes an introduction, acknowledgements and writings from Beach Grove, Chalmers, Devon Gardens, and English Bluff; volume 2 includes writings from Annieville, Cougar Canyon, Gray, and Jarvis; volume 3 is from Brooke, Gibson, and Pinewood; volume 4 is from Hawthorne, Heath, and Hellings; volume 5 is from Delta Manor, Ladner, and Richardson; volume 7 is from Cliff Drive, McCloskey, and Pebble Hill.

Delta Young Writers Anthology
Delta Choral Society fonds
CA DMA CR-117 · Fonds · 1914-1935

The fonds consists of a complete set of minutes, financial records, and programmes that describe the Society's operations between 1925 and 1935. The fonds also includes programmes for earlier musical groups such as the Glee Club, Male Choir, and Patriotic Choir, and the 1919 minutes for the Glee Club. The fonds includes the incorporation documents drawn up in 1935. Photographs of some of the productions are also part of the fonds. The fonds is arranged in the following series: Minutes of meetings, Legal papers, Financial records, Correspondence, Programmes, Music books, and Photographs.

Delta Choral Society
Edgar Dunning fonds
CA DMA CR-115 · Fonds · 1830-1983, predominant 1930-1980

The fonds consists of Mr. Dunning's family and business records; records accumulated as a member of various community organizations; and documents, manuscripts, and photographs resulting from Edgar's work for the Delta newspaper, the Optimist, and his interest in Delta community events and history. Family records include correspondence and legal records regarding the property on 48th Avenue and Delta Street, as well as financial and educational certificates. A large series of memorabilia includes invitations and other ephemera, which Edgar accumulated as publisher and reporter for the Optimist and as active community member. Business records are largely from the Optimist printing business, and include examples of print products such as invitations, programs, letterheads, tickets, municipal reports, etc., which were printed for local people and businesses of Delta. A small series of Optimist newspaper records include lists of subscribers from the 1940s. The fonds includes a sample of Edgar's writings for the Optimist on historical topics, plus a larger group of manuscripts that have been edited by him in his capacity as editor of the Optimist and as an interested and knowledgeable local historian. The fonds also consists of minutes of meetings, correspondence, reports, etc. accumulated by Edgar as a member of the Delta Community Band, various centennial committees, the Delta Historical and Museum Society, and other organizations. Edgar is a talented amateur photographer, and his photograph collection reflects his work as a reporter and his interest in the people and events of Delta. The fonds has been arranged in the following series: Centennial committees records; Delta Community Band records; Other society and committee records; Family papers; Manuscripts; Memorabilia; The Optimist (newspaper) records; The Optimist (printers) records; Photographs; Reference files.

Dunning, Edgar, 1910-2010