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UVICSP SC079 · Collection · 1906

The collection consists of Mayo's manuscript proof copy as co-translator (with V. Tchertkoff) of "The End of the Age" by Leo Tolstoy, with her holograph revisions, and carbon typescript with holograph revisions of Mayo's "Note on 'The End of the Age'".

Mayo, Isabella Fyvie, 1843-1914
Edward German collection
UVICSP SC211 · Collection · 1907

The collection consists of a handwritten note to an unknown correspondent, in which he outlines the Shakespearian music that he has composed. Additions, in a different colour ink, (probably in a different hand) have been made at the beginning.

German, Edward, Sir, 1862-1936
George Barlow fonds
UVICSP SC149 · Fonds · 1907

The fonds consists of a handwritten letter to Miss Waithman in which he discusses his poetry and promises to have sent to her the missing volumes of his Poetical Works.

Barlow, George, b. 1847
H.G. Sherriff fonds
Fonds · 1907

The fonds consists of a diary spanning from April 20 to September 23, 1907 and a contract between Sherriff, his partner W. Phillip and E. Stuart Wood.

Sherriff, H.G.
Lily Yeats collection
UVICSP SC326 · Collection · 1907

The collection consists of a handwritten letter to an unnamed customer in which she states "I have just posted to you Katherine Tynan's poems". She also encloses two book-markers "painted by the girls. My sister teaches them painting & drawing".

Yeats, Lily, 1866-1949
H.P. Davidson fonds
Fonds · 1908

Fonds comprises a single record series: Student notes (1908).

Davidson, H.P.
Fonds · 1908- 1909

The fonds consists of contracts and blueprints. Included is a contract between the Minister of Public Works, the Honourable Thomas Taylor, and Solomon Cameron of the Westholme Lumber Company (January 11, 1909) of Prince Rupert to build plank roadways and sidewalks. Also included is a contract between the Department of Public Works and the Grant Bros. Company of Vancouver (February 8, 1909) for the completion of sewerage works (sewers, drains, and manholes) at Prince Rupert, BC. Blueprints for the sewer project are included as well.

British Columbia. Dept. of Public Works
Osoyoos Customs House fonds
CA OSOY MS 20 · Fonds · 1908 - 1909

Fonds consists of 24 items of correspondence for the period of June, 1908 to June, 1909. Subjects covered include livestock inspection and diseases.

Osoyoos Customs House
Frederic Seebohm fonds
UVICSP SC110 · Fonds · 1864 - 1909

The fonds consists of correspondence, mostly to Seebohm, plus a few notes and a photograph of "The Hales", birthplace of Colet. The material relates to his book "The Oxford Reformers" (1867, 2nd ed 1869).

Seebohm, Frederic, 1833-1912
John Houston Fonds
Fonds · 1888-1910

Consists of Correspondence from Houston as the mayor of Nelson, Business statements, Membership certificates from the Prince Rupert board of Trade and a Free Miner's certificate, Interim receipts, a funeral notice, train and steamboat tickets and a Newspaper article about Houston.

John Houston
Fonds · 1909-1910

The fonds consists of maps published by the Grand Trunk Pacific Development Company Limited between 1909 and 1910. It includes maps of Prince Rupert and Sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 and 8 of Prince Rupert.

Grand Trunk Pacific Development Company Limited
Herbert Geddes collection
UVICSP SC045 · Collection · ca. 1910

The collection consists of photographic glass-plate transparencies depicting life in Japan, including scenery, street scenes, workers, farming, fishing, silk production, stone carvers, wood carvers, metal workers, potters, and artists. These "Yokohama photographs" were sold to foreign tourists between about 1868 and 1912, before cameras and postcards were generally available. They have been described in: Meiji no Nihon: Yokomana shashin no sekai: Saishoku arubamu. Yokohama-shi Yurindo, 1990. (Meiji Japan in tinted album: the world of Yokohama photographs -- includes bibliographical references).

Geddes, Herbert, 1877-1970
May Morris collection
UVICSP SC268 · Collection · ca. 1910

The collection consists of a 1 page hls [n.d.] to Buxton Forman re: forwarding of prospectus of William Morris's collected works.

Morris, May, 1862-1938
UVICSP SC388 · Collection · 1890 - 1910

The collection consists of photographs of Chinese methods of torture and execution. Only one photograph is dated (1891). Most appear to be from the Imperial period, with a few from the early Republican period.

NWMA MSS 347 · Fonds · 1860 - 1910

Fonds consists of photocopies of the minutes book of the Church Committee (1891-1898), the petition for consecration and the sentence of the consecration (1860), a journal of church proceedings (1865-1904) that contains a variety of documents pertaining to church affairs that have been pasted into the journal: photographs, newspaper clippings, and church publications such as orders of service and pew bulletins.

Holy Trinity Cathedral (New Westminster B.C.)
UVICSP SC202 · Collection · 1911

The collection consists of a handwritten letter to Viscount Dillon regarding the recent publication of this book and matters concerned in it.

Ffoulkes, Charles John, 1868-1947
Austin Cooper fonds
UVICSP SC178 · Fonds · 1876 - 1911

The fonds consists of a notebook inscribed "To: Mark Perrin Esq, Knockdrummin with Austin D, Cooper's Compliments --1876." The first page of text notes: "Copied from the Journal of Antiquarian Rambles in the County of Dublin by the late Austin Cooper F.S.A.& M.R.I.A." The notebook is illustrated with 3 watercolours and 5 ink sketches. Also included is further information on Lusk in several hands, including that of Mark Perrin. There are several notes on Lusk on enclosed loose leaves.

Cooper, Austin, 1759-1830
Thomas Kelly fonds
UVICSP SC238 · Fonds · 1886 - 1911

The fonds consists of one 22x17 cm scrapbook inscribed “Thomas Kelly, 23 Longwood Avenue, South Cuculan Road, Dublin” with newspaper clippings Kelly's “Streets of Dublin” (1911) pasted on 124 pages. Enclosed are 5 pages of holograph notes and 19 pp. of clippings (1886-1911).

Kelly, Tom, 1868-1942
Fonds · [Between 1893 and 1911]

The fonds consists of 45 glass-plate lantern slides showing scenes from Osterhout’s work with B.C. First Nations, including the Haida, Tsimshian, and Kwakwaka’wakw. The collection includes images of people, totem poles, and landscapes.

Osterhout, Reverend Smith Stanley
Agnes Deans Cameron fonds
CA UVICARCH AR023 · Fonds · 1908 - 1911

The fonds consists of one black paper photograph album comprised of photographs taken during Cameron's travels up the Mackenzie River with her niece, Jessie Cameron Brown, May to September, 1908, and photographs taken during Cameron's trip to Britain, 1909-1911. Some Canadian photographs were published in Cameron's book "The New North: Being Some Account of a Woman's Journey Through Canada to the Arctic" (1910).

Cameron, Agnes Deans
CA UNBC 2000.16 · Collection · 1906–1912

The collection consists of 9 photographs and copies of photographs showing scenes of Prince Rupert and area, groups of townspeople, a stone totem pole at Metlakatla, and a man poling a dug-out canoe probably on the Skeena River. It includes two newspaper clippings, one from the BC Saturday Sunset dated September 14, 1912 and another from The Globe dated Saturday March 23, 1907. The bound volumes of the Prince Rupert Empire newspaper were transferred to Special Collections. See accompanying note.

Prince Rupert Drydock and Shipyard
UVICSP SC054 · Fonds · 1912

The fonds consists of holograph diary by Hayward of his arrival in Quebec and train trip across Canada to Vancouver.

Hayward, William Matthew
CA FTST MS 25 · Fonds · 1907-1912

The fonds consists of textual records of Leask & Johnson Lumber Company. Includes correspondence and a telegraph manifold book and shareholders' register.

Leask & Johnson Lumber Company
Irene McMillan collection
CA CCOQ C19 · Collection · 1910-1912

The collection consists of two original photographs of the Coquitlam Football Club from 1910-1912. The collection also includes one copy print of the first photograph (C19.001) with typed annotations and two b&w copy prints of the second image (C19.002). The photographs include the names of the players as well as the names of the various trophies that appear in the photographs.