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archival descriptions
Hume Family Fonds
Fonds · 1862-1980

Consists of the memoirs of Horace Hume, John F Hume Jr. and Freeda Hume Bolton, Photographs of various ships, Scrapbooks containing information and photographs highlighting John Hume Sr's life, pictures drawn by John F Hume Jr. and various Newspaper articles.

Hume Family Fonds
CA BCA PR-1324 · Fonds · 1862-[ca. 1906]

The fonds consists of Clement Francis Cornwall's diaries recording life at Ashcroft Manor and as a senator in 1872 in Ottawa. It also contains Cornwall's bench books from ca. 1891 to 1906.

Cornwall, Clement Francis, 1836-1910
CA JHS A.2006.001 · Collection · 1862 - 2003; primarily 1960s - 2003

Fonds is arranged into 7 series: Congregation Emanu-El board minutes; Congregation Emanu-El financial matters and synagogue constitution; Congregation Emanu-El correspondence; Congregation Emanu-El publications; Fundraising; Victoria BC Jewish Federation; Synagogue matters.

Barer, Ralph David
CA JHS A.2012.017, A.2013.018 · Fonds · 1862-1864

Fonds consists of material documenting early BC Jewish history. Fonds is arranged into two series: Congregation Emanu-El manuscripts; and Letters from Abraham Blackman to his brother Morris, Jewish merchants in colonial British Columbia.

Keenlyside, John
John Mennie fonds
Fonds · 1862 - 1937, predominant 1930 - 1937

Fonds consists of various photographic materials and a small number of textual records. Glass plate negatives document totem poles, house fronts, street scenes, church groups, school groups, weddings, the local store and maritime subjects in Alert Bay. Textual records include a Christmas card from Alert Bay Radio and two small pamphlets of photography instructions printed by "J. Mennie, Developing & Printing Service." The oldest negative dates from 1862, though the identity of its photographer is unknown.

Mennie, John
Thomas McMicking fonds
CA BCA E/B/M225 · Fonds · [Transcribed 19- (originally created 1862)]

The fonds consists of a newspaper account of Thomas McMicking's Overlander journey along with his brother Robert.

McMicking, Thomas, 1829-1866
Reverend Thomas Crosby fonds
Fonds · 1863 - [199-], predominantly 1863 - [191-]

The records in this fonds pertain to Rev. Crosby’s missionary activities and personal life in British Columbia, Canada. Personal life and missionary activity records include: photographs, bibles, hymns, scriptures, and one textile object.

Crosby, Thomas
UVICSP SC131 · Collection · 1864 - 1884

The collection consists of 735 items, the majority of which are drawings and watercolours produced by Bayne on a European sketching tour in 1864-65 made possible by the Soane Medal award in 1864. Bayne spent four months in France (August-December 1864), sketching Romanesque and Gothic churches at Amiens, Soissons, Noyon, Angers, Toulouse, and along the Loire. Bayne travelled to Spain where he spent three months (Jan. - March 1865) documenting sites in the Pyrenees he believed would soon be lost to warfare and neglect, recording stained glass windows and other architectural details of Gothic and Romanesque structures, and visiting sites with important Moorish architecture. Bayne's Spanish work is the most comprehensive of the collection. He also made careful notations on his drawings and sketches with a complete numbering system, identification of the city, structure and facade, and the date of the work. From Spain, Bayne travelled to Naples where he spent about a week in Sicily. He went on to Greece and Turkey for a month (April - early May 1864), apparently going from Athens to Salonica and south to Constantinople. Many of the drawings are missing from this series, but show his interest in Byzantine churches and Islamic architecture in Greece and Turkey. He returned to Naples for a four month tour of Italy (May - August 1864). The collection includes a few drawings from Pompeii, panoramic views of Rome, architectural drawings of Renaissance and Medieval structures from Rome, Venice, Milan, Florence, Pisa, and Assisi, and sketches of architectural details such as stained glass in Assisi and the Baptistery doors in Florence. In September, 1864, Bayne was in Germany, but only a few of these drawings remain. The information about them is limited as they are dated or numbered, but the sites are not recorded on most. After Bayne accepted a position with the East India Railway Company in 1866, he moved to Calcutta, India. Part of the collection includes sketches he made on tours in India, and illustrates Muslim and Hindu structures in Benares, Delhi, Allahabad, Madras, Ahmadabad, Bombay, Brindabun, Chitor, Moorabad, and Calcutta. At least four structures in India are attributed to Bayne: the East India Railway offices (1881-84), the Huseinabad Clock Tower at Lucknow (1881-85), the Mayo Memorial Hall at Allahabad (1879), and the Thornhill and Mayne Memorial Library at Allahabad (1878). The presentation drawing for the latter structure is included in the collection as a donation from the Port Alberni Historical Society. The other items in the collection include a photograph of Bayne, several covers of his original European notebooks, and two certificates, one of which commemorates his achievement in passing the Voluntary Architectural Examination in 1864 with distinction, and the second certifying his election as an Associate of the Royal Institute of British Architects.

Bayne, Richard Roskell, 1827-1901
Frederic Seebohm fonds
UVICSP SC110 · Fonds · 1864 - 1909

The fonds consists of correspondence, mostly to Seebohm, plus a few notes and a photograph of "The Hales", birthplace of Colet. The material relates to his book "The Oxford Reformers" (1867, 2nd ed 1869).

Seebohm, Frederic, 1833-1912
James Wyld fonds
UVICSP SC239 · Fonds · 1865

The fonds consists of a one page signed letter from William [Ke...?], Dublin, to James Wyld MP, Charing Cross, on the claims of the Hudson Bay Company to Canada and British Columbia.

Wyld, James, 1812-1887
Halpern family fonds
CA SFU F-58 · Fonds · 1865 - 1990

Fonds consists of materials documenting mainly the personal life of the Halpern family but also includes some records relating to George's and Fanny's scientific and professional interests. Activities and topics documented include the Halperns' emigration to Canada, George's scientific research and business enterprises, his work with Brock House (a senior citizen's centre), Ida's community interests, and Fanny's medical career in China.

Halpern family
William Wood fonds
UVICSP SC127 · Fonds · 1866 - 1894

The fonds consists of Wood's private diaries of daily activities and spiritual thoughts and correspondence from family members relating to family and social life.

Wood, William
Barclay family fonds
NWMA MSS 190 · Fonds · 1866-1937

Fonds includes three scrapbooks, four envelopes of loose items, and a book. The three scrapbooks have been numbered 1,2, and 3. These three books include cut-outs from unknown publications, but also greeting cards and post cards received by the Barclays. Some of the content is related to Port Elgin. The envelopes contain ephemeral items which have been subdivided into: academic, commercial, military history, and other. The academic material primarily related to the University of British Columbia for the year 1919. Within the commercial ephemera there are two items published by New Westminster businesses: Barclay & Adams and the British Columbia Cigar Factory. There is also a series of cards published by the Singer Sewing Machine Co. The military history items consists of coloured plates from a British Heroes series and a Victoria Cross gallery. A few of the postcards in scrapbook have been scanned and described. The book is a copy of Todd's Lectures for Children awarded to Margaret Barbour in 1869. She lived with the Barclays. The book was published in 1866.

Barclay (family)
Clement Scott collection
UVICSP SC298 · Collection · 1867 - 1880

The collection consists of a handwritten poem "Past and Present", signed by Scott at the end, and dated from internal evidence. The poem is accompanied by a handwritten note to Edward L. Blanchard (1820-1889).

Scott, Clement, 1841-1904
Bick family fonds
CA VHEC RA012 · Fonds · 1868-2002

Fonds consists of photograph albums, loose photographs, books, memoir, table cloth and official documents relating to the lives of members of the Bick family. Fonds has been arranged into the following series: Werner Bick memoir series (2002), Prayer books series (1868–1933), Bick family photographs series ([1891?]–[200-]), Siegfried and Johanna Bick emigration documents series (1938–1939) and Household object series ([before 1979]).

Bick family
Fonds · 1868

The fonds is divided into 9 series and consists of personal documents, work diaries, personal transactions, and miscellaneious items.

Robert Turner and Family
Maxwell family fonds
NWMA MSS 042 · Fonds · 1868, 1913-1945

The collection consists of programmes for the New Westminster Symphony Orchestra, report cards, newspaper articles,registration cards, ration cards, radio licenses, newspaper clippings, a roll of honor certificate, visitors book for the Girls Central School ,a dinner menu from 1958 honouring survivors of the Great Fire, and other miscellaneous ephemera. A copy of a print by Reed, a Canadian artist commemorated the marriage of Princess Elizabeth and Phillip Mountbatten and a book entitled a Poetry Book for Schools published in 1868 in London, England are also included.

Maxwell (family : New Westminster B.C.)
Minna Duckworth collection
UVICSP SC037 · Collection · 1869 - 1875

The collection consists of Duckworth's notebook containing holograph copies of three completed children's stories involving Aunt Minna and Aunt Netty, plus title pages for two more stories. The first and last stories were written by "Aunt Minna" and the third one by "Aunt Netty". The second story was planned for "Aunt Ena" and the fourth for "Cousin Julia". In addition, "Winky blinky" is inscribed in pencil on the last page.

Duckworth, Minna
CA SFU F-247 · Collection · [ca 1870] - 2002

Collection predominantly consists of photographic material (photographs, portraits, contact sheets, negatives, proofs, and slides) but also includes textual records such as clippings, publications, news releases, posters, and miscellaneous documents. It mainly comprises publicity material relating to the activities and topics documented by Media and Public Relations and that includes the photographing of SFU people, departments, organizations, places, and campus events for producing press releases, brochures, and other University publications.

Archives and Records Management Department
Collection · [ca. 1870]-1993

The collection consists of photographs depicting people, events, and the natural and built environment of the School District 69 area, including Parksville, Nanoose Bay, Errington, Coombs, Hilliers, and French Creek.

District 69 Historical Society
CA CCOQ C5 · Collection · 1870 - 2018

The Riverview Hospital Historical Society collection consists of the records collected and maintained by the Riverview Hospital Historical Society (RHHS). Through their museum and library, the RHHS acquired and stewarded records documenting the history of Riverview Hospital, the British Columbia School of Psychiatric Nursing, and the history of psychiatric care in British Columbia.

The collection consists of a range of documentary forms, including: reports, theses, newspaper clippings, newsletters, publications, correspondence, manuals, plans and drawings, directories, inventories, procedures, programmes, annuals, invitations, motion pictures, personal narratives, staff lists, minutes, study notes, scrapbooks, ephemera, and photographs depicting aspects of social and administrative life at the hospital and school.

The collection is arranged into ten series that reflect original collections maintained by the RHHS, and are organized by media type or content. See the Arrangement note below for more information.

British Columbia. School of Psychiatric Nursing
Port Essington collection
CA UNBC 2002.5 · Collection · [ca. 1870]-1986

Consists of copies of lot plans, a blueprint of the townsite of Port Essington, and an article on Port Essington from the 15 November 1984 edition of the Prince Rupert Daily News.

George Smith family fonds
CA WVAN 033 · Fonds · 1871-1994

The fonds consists of material relating to the personal and professional life of B.C. land surveyor George Smith, and his father Darius Smith who was a ferry captain for the West Vancouver Ferry Company. The material includes photographs, newspaper clippings, certificates, memorial information, booklets, postcards, maps, publications, papers, and diaries.

The fonds is arranged into the following series:
Series 1: Photographs
Series 2: Personal life
Series 3: Publications and maps
Series 4: Captain Darius Smith

Smith, George (family)
Bole family fonds
NWMA IH 1966.22 · Fonds · 1873-1966

The fonds consists of records of the Bole family. The fonds has the following series: professional records, family records, historical records, maps, ephemera, and publications.

Bole family
Fonds · 1874-2012, predominant 1962-2012

Fonds consists of the following sub-groups: UCW, BC Conference Branch (1949-2012, predominant 1961-2012); Cariboo Presbyterial (1959-2000); Comox-Nanaimo Presbyterial (1962-2010); Fraser Presbyterial (1961-2010); Kamloops-Okanagan Presbyterial (1962-2009); Kootenay Presbyterial (1960-1971); Prince Rupert Presbyterial (1962-1971); Vancouver-Burrard Presbyterial (1960-1995); Vancouver-South Presbyterial (1962-1997); Victoria Presbyterial (1874-2006, predominant 1962-2006); Westminster Presbyterial (1962-2006).

United Church Women. British Columbia Conference.