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archival descriptions
William D. West fonds
CA UVICARCH AR236 · Fonds · 1963-1984

The fonds consists of four designs for the University of Victoria flag (1978) and other graphics, including preliminary sketches for the Chief Dan George wood mural and posters advertising theatrical productions; designs and plans for theatrical sets and stages (1964-1983), including the Phoenix Theatre Building, the Roger Bishop Theatre, and the Chief Dan George Theatre.

West, William D., 1921-
Roy Watson fonds
CA UVICARCH AR235 · Fonds · 1960-1986

The fonds consists of minutes, reports, correspondence, publications and lists of faculty and staff members.

Watson, Roy E.L.
CA UVICARCH AR234 · Fonds · 1941-1984, predominant 1953-1974

The fonds consists of minutes, correspondence, fund raising records, financial records, conductors files, guest artists files, legal agreements, arrangements for tours, scrapbooks of clippings, and programmes.

Victoria Symphony Society
CA UVICARCH AR233 · Fonds · 1898-1956

The fonds consists of minutes (1898-1956) of meetings of the Shipyard Workers Union Local 238 (Boilermakers), and photographs of boilermakers and shipyard workers, ca. 1898-1940s.

Victoria Shipyard Workers Federal Union. Local No. 238
CA UVICARCH AR232 · Fonds · 1904-1979

The fonds consists of records of the Victoria Labour Council and is predecessors, the Victoria and District Trades and Labour Council and the Victoria Labour Council (of the Canadian Congress of Labour), including account books (1904-1959), charter (1942), correspondence (1912-1979), minutes and minute books (1909-1967), photographs (1959-1969), press clippings (1949) and roll books (1944).

Victoria Labour Council
Victoria Fair fonds
CA UVICARCH AR231 · Fonds · 1968-1972

The fonds consists of four series: publicity, grants, correspondence and finance. The publicity series consists of advertising (programmes and brochures), news releases, press clippings and publicity photographs. The grants series consists of correspondence and applications to the BC Cultural Fund, Canada Council, Intermunicipal Committee, and the Koerner Foundation. The correspondence series consists of correspondence and related documentation with or regarding Actors' Equity Association, Attendance, Board of Governors, Emily Carr Centenary, Greater Victoria Centennial 71, McPherson Playhouse, Ottawa trip, and Victoria Fair Council. The financial series consists of budgets and accounts for 1969, 1970, and 1971.

Victoria Fair
CA UVICARCH AR230 · Fonds · 1912-1963

The fonds consists of: Office files, 1952-1962; Account records, 1928-1956; Cataloging records, 1953; Circulation records, 1912-1963; and Collections records, 1952-1963.

Victoria College (B.C.). Library
Department of Biology fonds
CA UVICARCH AR228 · Fonds · 1937-1963

The fonds consists of: Requirements for a Biological Sciences Building, 1958-1963; and Laboratory marks, 1937-1958.

Victoria College (B.C.). Dept. of Biology
Building Committee fonds
CA UVICARCH AR227 · Fonds · 1957-1960

The fonds consists of: Minutes (1958-60), Survey and building reports (1957-60), and Correspondence (1959-60).

Victoria College (B.C.). Building Committee
Art Advisory Committee fonds
CA UVICARCH AR226 · Fonds · ca. 1962, 1981

The fonds consists of brochures listing a brief history, paintings, chalk drawings, graphics and other works; draft of the brochure listing the Victoria College Art Collection, oil paintings, water colors, chalk drawings and graphics, and sculpture; letter sent on October 26, 1981 by Dr. G.V. Downes in reference to the Art Exhibition records.

Victoria College (B.C.). Art Advisory Committee
Women's Centre fonds
CA UVICARCH AR225 · Fonds · 1972-2000

The fonds consists of office files and include budget, minutes, agendas, communication logs, policy files, posters and Women's Centre history. Also included are subject files which entail educational and activist undertakings relating to rallies, eating disorders, date rape, violence against women, women's rights, December 6 memorial vigil and racism.

University of Victoria (B.C.). Women's Centre
Robert T. Wallace fonds
CA UVICARCH AR224 · Fonds · ca. 1906-1996

The fonds consists of notes, correspondence, certificates, photographs, newspaper clippings, albums and artifacts relating to Wallace's life at Victoria College and the University of Victoria.

Wallace, Robert T.D.
CA UVICARCH AR223 · Fonds · 1954-1997

The fonds consists of minutes and financial reports, 1954-88; constitutions and bylaws, 1954, 1963, 1979, 1980, 1987; correspondence, 1979-87; financial statements, 1976-86; equity accounts, 1986-88; and meeting dockets, 1990-97.

University of Victoria Foundation
CA UVICARCH AR222 · Fonds · 1962-1963, 1968-1994

The fonds consists of three series: General office files, 1970-1982; Commonwealth Games, 1989-1994; and Operating budgets, 1962-1990.

University of Victoria (B.C.). Vice-President Finance and Operations
CA UVICARCH AR221 · Fonds · 1957-1992

The fonds consists of 6 series: Administration, 1965-1990; Committees,1970-1991; Facilities Management, 1957-1992; Project Files, 1968-1990; Properties, 1961-1988, and Solicitor's Opinions, 1970-1980. The Administration series includes correspondence, reports, and budget files. The Committees series includes Equal Rights and Opportunities, Traffic and Parking, and Bird Populations (Skylarks). The Facilities Management series consists of files on building projects and landscaping and often includes plans. The Project Files series documents building projects that have assigned numbers. The Properties series includes legal transactions relating to purchase, sale, or leasing property; it also documents legal disputes with contractors. The Solicitor's Opinions series documents issues relating to Labour Relations Board hearings.

University of Victoria (B.C.). Vice-President Administration
CA UVICARCH AR215 · Fonds · 1897-1979

The fonds consists of records documenting the establishment and development of the Centre. The chair's records include correspondence, minutes, terms of reference, and financial records. Material documenting the various research projects supported by the Centre include notes, rough drafts, interviews, photographs, newsclippings, index cards, authority files, questionnaires and coding sheets for projects of: R.H. Roy (research on George Pearkes), Sydney Jackman, Donald W. Munro, Daniel Koenig, John A. Munro (research on H.H. Stevens), D.C. Pitt, Clyde R. Pope, T. Rennie Warburton, Alan Gowans, and Leonard Thornton.

University of Victoria (B.C.). Social Sciences Research Centre
Communications fonds
CA UVICARCH AR206 · Fonds · 1983-1997

The fonds consists of the following series: General office files, 1966-86; Media releases, 1978-95; Newspaper clippings, 1957-88; Special lectures correspondence and posters, 1988-97; and Videocassettes of special events. Copies of videocassettes of special lectures have been catalogued with the Film Library collection.

University of Victoria (B.C.). Communications
University Committees series
CA UVICARCH AR202-AR202 · 1957-1987
Part of Faculty of Fine Arts fonds

Series includes records from committees of which the Dean of Fine Arts was a member, such as meeting minutes, agendas, notices, and accompanying material. These committees are: Senate Committee on Planning, Space Allocation Committee, Senate Committee on Entrance Requirements and Standards, Sub-Committee to Examine the Feasibility of a School of Physical Education (1976), and the CAUT Committee of Enquiry. Files are arranged chronologically by committee. Series also includes records of the Victoria College Fine Arts Committee, which became the UVic Graphic Arts Committee, which then became the University Art Committee. In 1964, with the establishment of UVic and move to the Gordon Head campus, the Fine Arts Committee was renamed the Graphic Arts Committee (GAC). In October 1973 the GAC was dissolved and a President's Committee, the University Art Committee (UAC) reporting to the Dean of Fine Arts, was established in its place. When the Maltwood Museum and Gallery moved to campus in 1978, a sub-committee of the Maltwood Museum and Gallery Advisory Committee, called the Art Acquisitions Advisory Committee, was formed. This new committee replaced the UAC in March of 1978. The records include committee minutes, budgets and purchase records, information on artists, and records about the permanent art collection. The records of the GAC and UAC are intermingled in some files. Files are arranged chronologically.

University of Victoria (B.C.). Faculty of Fine Arts
Company One series
CA UVICARCH AR202-AR202 · 1971-1975
Part of Faculty of Fine Arts fonds

Series includes records relating to Company One's performances, programming, administration of grant funding, and closure, such as posters, correspondence, pamphlets and booklets, notes and outline for a play, final project report, and photocopied reviews from national tour.

University of Victoria (B.C.). Faculty of Fine Arts
CA UVICARCH AR202-AR202 · 1966-1975
Part of Faculty of Fine Arts fonds

The series includes two sub-series, Summer Session Planning and Noon-Hour Recitals. Noon-Hour Recitals involves records relating to the planning of concerts during the school year 1966-67. It includes correspondence with composers/lecturers, and posters for student and professional performances. The Summer Session sub-series includes files relating to the planning of summer course offerings in the School/Faculty's sphere: Music, Theatre, Art and Art History, Chamber and Early Music; as well as General planning files, and files on the Phoenix Players and Cultural Events.

University of Victoria (B.C.). Faculty of Fine Arts
Maltwood Museum series
CA UVICARCH AR202-AR202 · 1964-1977
Part of Faculty of Fine Arts fonds

Series includes files relating to the establishment and later closure of the Museum, its Budgets, Publications related to the Museum, and Advisory and Program Committees, with records such as correspondence and reports; also includes relevant news clippings.

University of Victoria (B.C.). Faculty of Fine Arts
Faculty of Fine Arts fonds
CA UVICARCH AR202 · Fonds · 1957-1996

The fonds includes records relating to the administration of events and courses other than the Faculty's regular course offerings, records illustrating the Faculty's role in University-wide administration and planning, and records of organizations directly or indirectly related to the Faculty. It includes the following series: University Committees, 1957-1987; Events and Summer Sessions Planning 1966-1975; Company One, 1971-1975; and Maltwood Museum, 1964-1977.

University of Victoria (B.C.). Faculty of Fine Arts
Department of Theatre fonds
CA UVICARCH AR201 · Fonds · 1963-1987

The fonds includes the following series: Departmental meeting minutes, 1964-69, 1972-82; Planning for Theatre building, 1975-81; Theatre production, 1963-83; Theatre production for Phoenix Summer Theatre, 1972-81, 1986-87; Theatre production for Senior Secondary Summer Theatre Workshop, 1966-82; Theatre production scripts, 1964-89; Theatre production photographs, 1965-83; Theatre production slides, 1963-86.

University of Victoria (B.C.). Dept. of Theatre
CA UVICARCH AR197 · Fonds · 1982-1985

The fonds consists of correspondence, "Bad Trick Sheet" newsletters, reports, clippings, petitions, questionnaires, a "Women as Animals" file depicting women in advertising, and a script for a slide show entitled, "Erotica: A Feminist Exploration." Files arranged in alphabetical order by title.

Women Against Pornography (Victoria, B.C.)
Winston C. Lucas fonds
CA UVICARCH AR196 · Fonds · 1974-1975

The fonds consists of 7 letters of Mary Lou Williams to Winston Lucas asking his assistance in distributing her new LP record recently released by Decca Record. Williams was a black jazz pianist and arranger-composer, who is often regarded as the only significant female instrumentalist in jazz. She was an important "swing" pianist with a distinctively understated, legato manner based on subtly varied stride and boogie-woogie bass patterns. She was also a major exponent of postwar modern jazz, and advanced the careers of many younger magicians.

Lucas, Winston C.