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archival descriptions
Katherine Tynan collection
UVICSP SC315 · Collection · 1909 - 1925

The collection consists of three handwritten letters to Arthur St. John Adcock concerning her reviews of various books. Also included is a letter to Mrs. Smith.

Tynan, Katharine, 1861-1931
UVICSP SC314 · Collection · 1891 - 1902

The collection consists of two handwritten autograph notes, one with a quotation from "The Dancing Girl", and a typed letter, signed, to Mr. Connell, asking him to send "the little play" to Mrs. Tree.

Tree, Herbert Beerbohm, Sir, 1853-1917
Tish group collection
UVICSP SC313 · Collection · ca. 1961-1963

The collection consists mostly of blue "ditto" typescript reproductions of poems and prose by the groups contributors. They appear to be limited copies for consideration amongst the group participants. Also included is a corrected typescript copy of "Stacked-Verse"(Aug., 1962, 40 pp.) by Lionel Kearns. Among the contributors represented are George Bowering, Fred Wah, Judy Copithorne, Rona Haddon (Murray), David Bromige, Clark Coolidge, John E. Hill, James Reid, Dan McLeod, Linda Wagner, etc.

Tish group
UVICSP SC312 · Collection · [17--]-[18--]

The collection consists of engravings of English actors/actresses, many in the costume of a character. There are also some engravings of playwrights. All appear to have been excised from publications and are identified.

Jeremy Taylor fonds
UVICSP SC311 · Fonds · 1677

The fonds consists of a leather-bound notebook containing a handwritten compendium of various prayers from two books by Dr. Taylor. The identity of the transcriber is unknown.

Taylor, Jeremy, 1613-1667
Arthur Symons collection
UVICSP SC310 · Collection · 1906 - 1929

The collection consists of a handwritten letter to Henry Davray (1873-1944) concerning the foreign publication of Symons ' books and a holograph short critical assessment of Robert Browning. Also included is a copy of "Poetry World" (1929; Vol.1, No. 1) which contains a critical article: "Arthur Symons: English Decadent" by Richard Johns.

Symons, Arthur, 1865-1945
Leonard Strong collection
UVICSP SC309 · Collection · 1932 - 1933

The collection consists of five typed, signed letters to Raymond Marriott (perhaps a book seller or collector).

Strong, L. A. G. (Leonard Alfred George), 1896-1958
UVICSP SC308 · Collection · 1961 - 1968

The collection consists of a black portfolio containing seven cardboard sheets with holograph poems, all signed and numbered [#3 of 10 copies]. Included are: "fragment of Passages (33)" by Robert Duncan; "Dreams" by Jim Harrison; "Swan That Sings And" by Denise Levertov ; "The Connoisseur of Jews" by Jerome Rothenberg; "Poem" by Charles Simic; "Yen Yu" by Louis Simpson; and "To Do" by John Wieners. Also included is a typed letter on poetry (Jan. 1961) by Denise Levertov and a printed prospectus (Oyez) for "The Years As Catches" by Robert Duncan, which contains contributions from Denise Levertov "On Reading the Early Poems of Robert Duncan" and Charles Olson (untitled). Signed holographs issued by the Stony Brook Poetics Foundation in support of its publication program, probably during the Stony Brook Poetry Conference, at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, 1968.

Stony Brook Poetics Foundation
Seumas O'Sullivan collection
UVICSP SC307 · Collection · 1940

The collection consists of a mimeographed, signed letter from Starkey to Magee. In the letter, he thanks him for the note on "The Avatars", which he will print in his next issue (Jan.-Mar.). The letter accompanied a complimentary copy of his "Collected Poems".

O'Sullivan, Seumas, 1879-1958
Jack Squire collection
UVICSP SC306 · Collection · 1933

The collection consists of a handwritten letter to Francis Meynell (1891-1975).

Squire, John Collings, Sir, 1884-1958
Stephen Spender collection
UVICSP SC305 · Collection · 1934-ca. 1950

The collection consists of a handwritten letter and a typed, signed letter to Maurice Wollman. Both letters are concerned with Wollman's proposed poetry anthology. In the letters, Spender refuses to allow any of his poems to be included. There is also a portrait etching of Spender by Edgar Holloway. It is number eight of seventy-five signed copies (by the artist). It is in the style of Holloway's etching of T.S. Eliot.

Spender, Stephen, 1909-1995
William Soutar collection
UVICSP SC304 · Collection · 1932 - 1943

The collection consists of three handwritten letters to Helen B. Cruikshank. An enclosure of a quotation from Homer is included in the last letter. In the letters, he refers to Grieve (Christopher) [Hugh MacDiarmid], Eliot, Pound, and Joyce.

Soutar, William, 1898-1943
Andrew Soutar collection
UVICSP SC303 · Collection · 1928

The collection consists of one handwritten and seven typed, signed letters to W. Harrison together with one typed, signed letter response. The letters are mostly concerned with the topic of spiritualism. Soutar refers to Henry Ford, Dawson Scott, Sir Oliver Lodge, Walter de la Mare, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Soutar, Andrew, 1879-1941
Gary Snyder collection
UVICSP SC302 · Collection · [19--]

The collection consists of a typed bread recipe. It is signed Gary Snyder [via Valery McCorkle].

Snyder, Gary, 1930-
Edith Sitwell collection
UVICSP SC301 · Collection · 1943 - 1957

The collection consists of a handwritten letter to J. G. Wilson (manager of Bumpus bookstore), sending him an early copy of her "Collected Poems"; and a handwritten letter to George Plank, together with its envelope, inviting him to "my very small tea party" and that she hopes "several of the other poets" will be there.

Sitwell, Edith, Dame, 1887-1964
Margaret Shepherd collection
UVICSP SC300 · Collection · 1987 - 1989

The collection consists mainly of Shepherd's unpublished typescripts concerning her family history in France and Italy, England, and Ireland: "The Illustrious De Verduns" (paperbound, corrected); "A Journey Into Time Past" (Beaumont family, paperbound); "The Diaries of my Grandmother, Margaret Emily Cooke [nee Verdin] (paperbound, corrected). Also included is a pamphlet "Joseph Verdin and Sons, Salt Proprietors" by Mary Rochester; correspondence (1989-1990) between the author, Gray Campbell (Gray's Publishing), Judge Monty Tyrwhitt-Drake, and Special Collections; a National Gallery photograph of "The Beaumont Family by George Romney" (painted ca. 1778-82); and some typed "De Verdun and Verdin pedigrees".

Shepherd, Margaret R. G. (Margaret Rohesia Gundred)
UVICSP SC299 · Collection · 1931

The collection consists of a typed, signed letter to J. R. Lowther, responding to Lowther's letter re natural history conditions in British Columbia.

Seton, Ernest Thompson, 1860-1946
Clement Scott collection
UVICSP SC298 · Collection · 1867 - 1880

The collection consists of a handwritten poem "Past and Present", signed by Scott at the end, and dated from internal evidence. The poem is accompanied by a handwritten note to Edward L. Blanchard (1820-1889).

Scott, Clement, 1841-1904
Florent Schmitt fonds
UVICSP SC297 · Fonds · 1902

The fonds consists of a handwritten score of "Musique Intimes: 1. Cloitre" by Schmitt. At the end, it is signed with the place (Montreux) and date. In pencil, on the top left hand corner beside the title, is the inscription "a Maurice Ravel" (1875-1937). There is also an ink inscription on the top right hand corner (in French) signed by Emile Verhaeren (1855-1916).

Schmitt, Florent, 1870-1958
Aram Saroyan collection
UVICSP SC296 · Collection · 1970

The collection consists mainly of a photocopied typescript of Aram Saroyan's "Cloth: an electric novel". Also included are a handwritten letter to Tom Clark re "Cloth" and mentioning Ted Berrigan, Paul Carroll, Steve Katz, and Philip Whalen; a corrected typescript signed by Tom Clark which seems to be intended as a preface to "Cloth"; clippings from "Poetry (Chicago)" of Aram Saroyan selection of material from Louis Zukovsky; and a clipping from Rolling Stone? of a picture of Randy Newman.

Saroyan, Aram
UVICSP SC295 · Collection · 1939

The collection consists of a handwritten letter to (Mr.?) Harben concerning Sanderson-Wells' book of poems ”Grist”.

Sanderson-Wells, T. H. (Thomas Henry), 1871-1958
UVICSP SC294 · Collection · 1932

The collection consists of a typed, signed letter to H. Calverley about the dramatisation of Sackville-West's novel “All Passion Spent”.

Sackville-West, V. (Victoria), 1892-1962
Peter Russell fonds
UVICSP SC293 · Fonds · 1947 - 1972

The fonds consists of a handwritten letter from Miron Grindea (Adam International); photocopies of typescript poems and translations (numbered and signed by Russell); reprint and photocopied typescript of two articles; photocopies of revised typescript and extracts from "Ephemeron" (also numbered and signed by Russell).

Russell, Peter, 1921-2003
John Ruskin collection
UVICSP SC292 · Collection · ca. 1890

The collection consists of a fragment of a handwritten letter to the poet Jean Ingelow (1820-1897). A few lines prior to his signature have been excised.

Ruskin, John, 1819-1900
Bernhard Rottlander fonds
UVICSP SC291 · Fonds · ca. 1920

The fonds consists of a black notebook containing a handwritten commentary on Immanuel Kant (1724-1804). The pages are numbered consecutively from 268 to 403. The entire text is in German.

Rottlander, Bernhard