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archival descriptions
UVICSP SC290 · Collection · ca. 1825

The collection consists of a leather bound volume, consisting mainly of handwritten transcriptions of a selection of Rossini's works. They are taken from the operas "Italian in Algiers", "Tancredi", and "Otello". Also included is one selection from the Saverio Mercadante (1795-1870) opera "El Puerto Abandonada". All the words are translated into Spanish. The volume bears several labels of "Academia de Musica de J.N. Loretta."

Rossini, Gioacchino, 1792-1868
Emily Robertson fonds
UVICSP SC289 · Fonds · 1896

The fonds consists of a handwritten letter to an unnamed cousin. In the letter, she mentions her book “Letters and Papers of Andrew Robertson” ed. Emily Robertson.

Robertson, Emily
Sarah Purser fonds
UVICSP SC288 · Fonds · ca. 1900

The fonds consists of a handwritten letter from William O'Brien which contains a pen and ink cartoon; together with a handwritten letter from Walter Osborne, containing two pen and ink drawings.

Purser, Sarah, 1848-1943
Frank Prince collection
UVICSP SC287 · Collection · ca. 1940

The collection consists of a handwritten letter to John Lehmann, together with a handwritten, signed poem "The Hanging Church". Lehmann has written a note on the top of the letter "Yes, I like this", together with his initials.

Prince, F. T. (Frank Templeton), 1912-2003
E. J. Pratt collection
UVICSP SC286 · Collection · 1930

The collection consists of a menu "A Complimentary Dinner to Professor E.J. Pratt M.A., Ph.D., upon the occasion of the launching of 'The Roosevelt And The Antinoe'. It is autographed on the front cover by Hugh Eayrs, Charles G.D. Roberts, and Ned Pratt.

Pratt, E. J. (Edwin John), 1882-1964
Llewelyn Powys collection
UVICSP SC285 · Collection · 1935

The collection consists of a handwritten letter to Mr. Brann, together with a typed transcription. Also included is a typescript of an essay “Christian Churlishness”.

Powys, Llewelyn, 1884-1939
Postcards collection
UVICSP SC284 · Collection · ca. 1890-1970

The collection consists of theatrical photograph postcards; European postcards (mainly French and British); Canadian and American postcards; and British humorous postcards. Also included are Canadian and American photo booklets plus some Canadian photos and some that are unidentified.

Poetry (Chicago) collection
UVICSP SC283 · Collection · 1952

The collection consists of material relating to the fortieth anniversary issue of the magazine. Included are two copies of an advertising brochure; page proofs for the contents pages; and galley proofs of the poetry pages. Some of the poets included in the brochure do not have their work appear in the issue, others not in the brochure are added.

Poetry (Chicago)
UVICSP SC282 · Collection · 1910 - 1916

The collection consists of a handwritten letter (1910) to Mrs. Edgar (Pelham?) referring to her mother's death and asking " if you could see your way leaving me out of your anthology entirely." Also included is a handwritten "fair copy" of four Pickthall poems ( "Gold Dawn", Song from "Little Hearts", Song from "The Sleeping Fawn", and "Birds at Evening") together with a dealer's description on an envelope

Pickthall, Marjorie L. C. (Marjorie Lowry Christie), 1883-1922
Stephen Pettit collection
UVICSP SC281 · Collection · 1969

The collection consists of a letter to an unknown correspondent in Canada. In the letter, he mentions his wartime training in Canada. He also sends him his second book of poems and requests a brief review.

Pettit, Stephen Lewis Ingham
Derek Pethick fonds
UVICSP SC280 · Fonds · 1980

The fonds consists of a corrected typescript of "Mars Over Eden: a military history of British Columbia" (unpublished). Also included is a clipping (photocopy) of his obit from the Times Colonist, a clipping (photocopy) of a column by Charles Lillard "Pethick Deserves a Writer's Epitaph" and some correspondence relating to the bequest from Pethick's estate.

Pethick, Derek, 1920-1988
M. Eugenie Perry collection
UVICSP SC279 · Collection · ca. 1950

The collection consists of a corrected typescript of a one-act play for children titled 'The little gardeners'.

Perry, Martha Eugenie, d. 1958
Kenneth Patchen collection
UVICSP SC278 · Collection · 1945

The collection consists of a hand-printed statement of Patchen's pacifistic beliefs, which served as a preface to the Waldport Pamphlet “An Astonished Eye Looks Out Of The Air” (1945).

Patchen, Kenneth, 1911-1972
Cariboo maps collection
UVICSP SC277 · Collection · 1887

The collection consists of a plan showing the different routes connecting the Canadian Pacific Railway with the mining district of the Cariboo. Title on map: "Plan Shewing the different routes connecting the CPR with the Mining District of Cariboo by Proposed Railway." [1887]. Scale: 20,000 feet equals 1 inch. Higgins Lith. Co. The Colonist Victoria, B.C.

Ambrose Parsons collection
UVICSP SC276 · Collection · 1850

The collection consists of a leather bound manuscript (probably unpublished) with the page ends gilded. All of the contents are handwritten. The contents consist of a title-page; a dedicatory epistle to the Rev. R.W. Dibdin (4 pp., both sides); and the text (36 pp., rectos only). Inscribed on the flyleaf in pencil are the words ""Presumably the original MS and unique. It is probable that this is unpublished (not listed in NUC).

Parsons, Ambrose, 1815-1891
Capt. B. G. Parker fonds
UVICSP SC275 · Fonds · 1943

The fonds consists of a carbon typescript transcription of part of Parker's personal diary. It was possibly done by Parker himself. It covers the last part of his training in England and his involvement in the Sicilian/Italian campaign until he was wounded in action.

Parker, Basil G. ("Nip")
Herbert Palmer collection
UVICSP SC274 · Collection · ca. 1925

The collection consists of a handwritten letter to Hugh l'Anson Fausset about Palmer' s “Songs of Salvation, Sin, and Satire”.

Palmer, Herbert E. (Herbert Edward), b. 1880
Yukio Ozaki collection
UVICSP SC273 · Collection · 1920 - 1933

The collection consists of a 325 page carbon typescript autobiography (with 25 pages of endnotes) in translation. Personal and political reminiscences and observations covering childhood, period as a newspaper editor in Meiji (1879); Mayor of Tokyo, and political and parliamentary activities. The original text was written in 1920, and the translation, possibly edited by John Soffell, perhaps in the 1930's.

Ozaki, Yukio, 1858-1954
Michael Ondaatje collection
UVICSP SC272 · Collection · ca. 1969

The collection consists of a Xerox copy of the original typescript for projected publication, with a letter dated October 10th, 1969, (1 p. part holograph, signed) from the author to Alan Brilliant (Unicorn Press) about the possibility of publication of "The Man with seven toes" in the U.S. There is a carbon copy of Alan Brilliant's reply.

Ondaatje, Michael, 1943-
Anaïs Nin collection
UVICSP SC271 · Collection · 1957

The collection consists of a 2 page/1 leaf holograph note to Oscar Baradinsky (Alicat Books, Yonkers), envelope dated April 20, 1957

Nin, Anaïs, 1903-1977
Music miscellany collection
UVICSP SC270 · Collection · ca. 1820

The collection consists of a 29x24 cm bound songbook containing 66 pp./33 l. of holograph music and lyrics in French, Italian and German from various composers including Beethoven, Weber. Paper watermarked 1819.

UVICSP SC269 · Collection · 1931 - 1944

The collection consists of: a holograph postcard signed to George Bullock, Jan. 24, 1944; a 1 page tls to George Bullock, Feb. 1, 1944; a 2 page hls to Marjorie Pollard, Nov. 19, 1931; a 1 page hls to Marjorie Pollard, April 6, 1932, and a 1 page hls to Marjorie Pollard, Nov. 21, 1933.

Murry, John Middleton, 1889-1957
May Morris collection
UVICSP SC268 · Collection · ca. 1910

The collection consists of a 1 page hls [n.d.] to Buxton Forman re: forwarding of prospectus of William Morris's collected works.

Morris, May, 1862-1938
Franz Moos fonds
UVICSP SC267 · Fonds · ca. 1970s?

The fonds consists of 5 unpublished typed works in German: Karneval zu Kopenhagen. 108 pp. (play); Morus,72 pp. (play); Der Herrensohn, 189 pp. (novella); Noma, 139 pp. (novella); Skizzen,195 pp (sketches).

Moos, Franz
George Moore collection
UVICSP SC266 · Collection · ca. 1922-1925

The collection consists of a 2 page hls, Feb. 4, [192?], to "Miss Rosenbloom" re: his works and Rosenbloom's writing and a 1 page hls, Oct. 26, 1925, to Frederick MacCurdy Atkinson (with envelope).

Moore, George, 1852-1933