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archival descriptions
Collection · 1886-1991

Collection consists of minutes, financial and administrative records, records relating to Minoru Chapel, correspondence and pamphlets, and records of celebrations and events.

JEH fonds
CA FTST MS 27 · Fonds · 1886-1895

Fonds consists of a diary written by JEH from 1886-1895.

Fonds · 1886-1933

Fonds consists of Baptismal register (1911-1932), Marriage registers (1903-1933), Burial register (1911-1932); Circuit register (1886-1901), Membership certificates (1909-1912); Official Board minutes (1875-1930), Trustee minutes (1888-1930); Ladies Aid minutes (1916-1923), Woman's Association records (1917-1927), Women's Missionary Society minutes (1890-1899, 1911-1921); Sunday School records (1886-1894, 1899-1924); Young Peoples Fellowship (1926-1932).

Wesley United Church (Vancouver, BC)
Charles Mair fonds
CA FTST MS 14 · Fonds · 1886-1929

Fonds consists of personal and business records of Charles Mair from 1886-1929. Includes correspondence, financial records, legal records, list, and publications.

Mair, Charles, 1838-1927
Fonds · 1886-1952

Fonds consists of records from Nanaimo Indian Mission. Record series include: Baptism, marriage, and burial records (1886-1952) and Sunday school records (1892-1912).

Nanaimo Indian Mission (Methodist)
Fonds · 1887-2010

Fonds includes records of First United Church and its predecessors, First Presbyterian Church and the Turner Institute. Fonds consists of the following series: Baptisms (1919-2005), Marriages (1897-1996), and Burials (1948-2004); Membership records (1943-1968); Board and Committee records (1897-2007); Superintendent’s records (1934-1984); Administration – General (1955-2007); Personnel records (1952-1984); Women’s Group records (1894-1971); Men’s Group records (1960-1972); Sunday School records (1893-1968); Youth Group records (1952-1955); Financial records (1916-1992); Annual Reports (1917-2004); Building and Properties records (1929-1987); Worship Bulletins (1952-1988); Choir records (1924-2005); Communication records (1976-2007); Radio Ministry records (1954-1983); Outreach and Social Action (1969-2010); Welfare Industries records (1954-1979); Camp Fircom records (1954-1980); Visitor registers (1930-1974); Photographs; and Reference Materials (1935-2004).

First United Church (Vancouver, B.C.)
R. M. Ballantyne collection
UVICSP SC148 · Collection · 1887 - 1893

The collection consists of two handwritten letters to his wife, Jeanie on personal matters, together with one envelope. There is also a handwritten letter to an unknown man telling him he cannot supply him with a copy of one of his books, but is supplying a photo.

Ballantyne, R. M. (Robert Michael), 1825-1894
Cariboo maps collection
UVICSP SC277 · Collection · 1887

The collection consists of a plan showing the different routes connecting the Canadian Pacific Railway with the mining district of the Cariboo. Title on map: "Plan Shewing the different routes connecting the CPR with the Mining District of Cariboo by Proposed Railway." [1887]. Scale: 20,000 feet equals 1 inch. Higgins Lith. Co. The Colonist Victoria, B.C.

UVICSP SC222 · Collection · 1887

The collection consists of a holograph letter to Sir Theodore Martin on literary and personal matters.

Halliwell-Phillipps, J. O. (James Orchard), 1820-1889
Fonds · 1887-1925

Fonds consists of records relating primarily to St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, but also relating to successor congregations St. Andrew's United Church (1925-1927), and St. Andrew's-Wesley United Church (1927-1947). Fonds includes the following record series: Baptism, marriage and burial records (1889-1947); Membership records (1897-1903, 1927-1931); Board and committee records (1888-1930) Women's group records (1887-1932); Sunday school records (1888-1939); Youth group records (1912-1919); Annual reports (1891-1929); and Newsletters (1865-1871).

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church (Vancouver, B.C.)
Charles Gladstone fonds
Fonds · [ca. 1888-1895]

Fonds consists of a diary. It appears the diary was written by Josephine Gladstone between 1888 and 1895. The content of the diary includes: Bible references, notes on events, money annotations, stories, songs, personal annotations, and transcription of correspondence written/received by Josephine and her relatives. The correspondence includes several letters to and from missionary G. Hopkins.

Gladstone, Charles, d. 1955
NWMA IH 1984.69 · Fonds · 1888-1959

Fonds consists of ten minute books of the New Westminster School Board. Names that appear throughout the fonds include W.B. Townsend, John Hendry, Reverend Robert Jamieson, E.A. Davidson, Nettie Dockrill, John McKenzie, F.W. Howay, J.W. Creighton, Robert Lennie, John Peck, T.J. Trapp, and Robert H. Gray.
Chronological List of School Board Minute Books:

Book 1: 2 August 1888 – 29 December 1897
Book 2: 30 September 1898 – 24 December 1902
Book 3: 14 January 1903 – 10 October 1909
Book 4: 25 October 1907 – 30 March 1911
Book 5: 3 April 1911 – 20 July 1911
Book 6: 13 July 1911 – 23 December 1919
Book 7: 12 January 1920 – 20 December 1931
Book 8: 21 January 1932 – 13 January 1943
Book 9: 13 January 1943-12 December 1951
Book 10: 10 January 1952 – 14 January 1959

New Westminster School Board
John Houston Fonds
Fonds · 1888-1910

Consists of Correspondence from Houston as the mayor of Nelson, Business statements, Membership certificates from the Prince Rupert board of Trade and a Free Miner's certificate, Interim receipts, a funeral notice, train and steamboat tickets and a Newspaper article about Houston.

John Houston
Fonds · 1888-1909, 1948-1949

Collection consists of materials which deal with two different subject areas of interest to Sutherland. One consists of microfilm records relating to the establishment of the Macdonald Institute, which later merged with two other colleges to form the University of Guelph. The other series consists of photocopies of records assembled by Sutherland for various research projects on the history of education.

George Fleming Wilcox fonds
Fonds · 1888

The fonds is divided into two series and consists of 66 postcards and 4 photographic postcards. All postcards feature correspondence addressed to Wilcox from various people when he resided in Virden, Manitoba and Salmon Arm, B.C.

George Fleming Wilcox
Jack Butler Yeats collection
UVICSP SC129 · Collection · 1888 - 1942

The collection consists of letters written by Jack B. Yeats to Sarah Purser (1888-1889) and to a Mr. Quinn, humorous sketches, and a sketchbook for "La La Noo" (1942).

Yeats, Jack Butler, 1871-1957
UVICSP SC022 · Collection · 1888 - 1920

The collection consists of a few of her letters plus her autograph (ca. 1908); her portfolio photographs and photo-postcards; theatre programs and clippings relating to her performances.

Campbell, Patrick, Mrs., 1865-1940
Fonds · 1988

The fonds is divided into seven series and consists of notices, prices, memos and copies of the minutes of the joint meeting of directors of the Okanagan Federated Shipping Association and Labour Negotiating committee.

B.C. Fruit Growers Association, Salmon Arm fonds
Seidelman family fonds
CA JHS A.2009.003 · Fonds · 1889 - 1975

The fonds contains records from various Seidelman family members, including Private Edward Joseph Seidelman, Harry Seidelman, and William Seidelman Sr. The records reflect the family’s daily life. The fonds includes photographs of the Seidelman family members and friends. The textual material includes letters written by Private Edward Joseph Seidelman while in the Army from 1916 to 1917. Also included are correspondence of Harry Seidelman and records relating to his employment as a sailor and as a partner at United Grain and Milling Co. Ltd. Other records include receipts, financial records, school certificates, newspaper clippings, and records relating to the family’s involvement in the Vancouver Jewish community.

Seidelman (family)
Ernest Dowson collection
UVICSP SC035 · Collection · ca. 1889-1900

The collection consists of transcripts of poems with holographic revisions and notes; correspondence from Dowson to Henry Davray, John Lane, Charles Sayle, Leonard Smithers, and Victor Plarr; copies and typed transcripts of letters from Dowson to John Lane, Conal O'Riordan and Henry Davray, and of letters from R.H. Sherard to O'Riordan about Dowson, after his death.

Dowson, Ernest Christopher, 1867-1900
Jacques Jewellers fonds
CA VERN MS 300 · Fonds · 1889-2007

Fonds consists of records documenting the business activities of Jacques Jewellers from 1893-1983. Includes financial records, watch repairs, clock repairs, jewellery repairs, secondhand and new watch sales, CPR watch inspection forms, dinnerware list for Queen Elizabeth II luncheon, legal correspondence, list of Canadian Jewellery Trade Marks, and ephemera.

Jacques Jewellers
Robert Reford fonds
Fonds · Digitized 2005 (originally created 1889-1891)

The scanned images in this fonds represent a selection of Robert Reford’s amateur photographs found in two albums from his time in British Columbia (1889-1891). The photographs were taken in various parts of British Columbia. They are presented in the order that existed in the original albums.

Reford, Robert
UVICSP SC113 · Collection · 1889 - 1934

The collection consists of manuscript material, consisting of a carbon typescript, corrected of "An Explanation" (being the preface to Shaw's edition of the Shaw-Ellen Terry correspondence); a manuscript of "Motives of Socialism"; and marked proofs for "Shaw Speaks on War" (a transcript of a short wave broadcast in 1937). Also included is correspondence with Elbridge Adams, Hubert Bland, William Archer, William J. Pickerell, and Harold Laski, together with correspondence from Janet Achurch to Hubert Bland. There is also a small amount of ephemera.

Shaw, Bernard, 1856-1950
Homer family fonds
NWMA MSS 304 · Fonds · 1889, 1949-1978

Fonds consists of records pertaining to the Homer family. There is a book on the genealogy of the Homer family There is a typewrtten document entitled "Memories of My Early Childhood Days in New Westminster, B.C." The document includes a description of the Bushby House, interactions with First Nation members, and Sir John A. Macdonald's visit to New Westminster of 1886. The fonds also contains an audio recording (a phonograph) recorded by Ethel Louise Homer discussing her father, J.A.R. Homer, and some newspaper clippings. The photographs are of early British Columbia settlers.

Homer (family)
Fonds · 1890-2012

Fonds consists of records from Hammond United Church and Maple Ridge Circuit Methodist Church, Agassiz, Westminster Junction, Pitt Meadows, and Websters Corners. Records include Baptismal register (1955-2012); Marriage registers (1920-2012); Burial register (1987-2012); Circuit register (1890-1940); Board and committee records (1908-2012); Women's group records (1943-1986); Men's group records (1960-1968); Sunday school records (1927-1968); Correspondence and subject files (1947-1963); Financial records (1911-2012); Policy and procedures (1996-2007); Annual reports (1958-2011); and Photographs and memorabilia (1982-2012).

Hammond United Church (Maple Ridge, B.C.)