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archival descriptions
Manuscripts and writings
CA PMRCA 06 · Series · 1919-1951, predominant 1925-1947
Part of Robert C. Scott fonds

Series includes articles published by the church; a personal diary dated 1919-1945; a typescript of My Captain Oliver dated 1947; and records of services held and evangelism at "Indian hospitals" (as they were then known) in Sardis and Nanaimo.

Coqualeetza Institute fonds
Fonds · 1888-1941

Fonds consists of Baptism, marriage and burial records (1887-1941); Subscriptions (1914-1925); School registers (1888-1911); and Extra-curricular group records (1934-1935). The missionary subscription lists include those of the Lower Fraser Circuit for the period 1914-1920, mainly listing subscriptions from the Coqualeetza Institute. Also, there are a few records of marriages in the civil register that took place in Alberni, B.C., most likely at the Alberni Indian Residential School.

Coqualeetza Institute (Residential school : Sardis, B.C.)
Edward White family fonds
Fonds · 1852-1869

Fonds consists of records relating to the Rev. Edward White’s ministry in southern Ontario and British Columbia. Fonds also includes records relating to his son, J.H. White, and his family. Record series include: Diaries (1852-1918); Family correspondence (1862-1932); J.H. White family photographs ([1870?]-[1967]); and Reference materials (1852-1995).

White, Edward (Rev.)
Fonds · 1925-2018

Fonds consists of records of Chilliwack Circuit (including records of some activities at Carman Methodist), Chilliwack Methodist Church and Chilliwack United Church. Records include Baptism registers (1904-1988), Marriage registers (1904-1980), and Burial registers (1905-1985); Membership records (1905); Board and committee records (1923-1992); Women's group records (1915-1987); Sunday school records (1906-1960); Youth group records (1923-1934); Correspondence/subject files (1969-1972); Congregational financial records (1960-1961); Annual reports (1952-2017).

Chilliwack United Church
Fraser Presbytery fonds
Fonds · 1958-2008

Fonds consists of the following record series: Fraser Presbytery and Executive meeting minutes (1959-2006); Correspondence of the Presbytery Secretary (1963-2003); Subject files of the Presbytery Secretary (1958-2004); Presbytery Secretary - church closures and mergers (1984-1996); Division and committee records (1958-1963 ; 1991-2002); and Financial records (1972-1983).

United Church of Canada. Fraser Presbytery
Reginald A. Redman fonds
Fonds · 1929-1983

Fonds consists of a single record series: Sermons (1931-1983). Sermon content reveals Redman's theology and political ideology, sometimes in response to social and religious movements over the course of more than 50 years.

Redman, Reginald A.
Fonds · 1925-2010

Fonds consists of records of the Rosedale congregation, namely, Rosedale Presbyterian Church (including associated points at East Chilliwack, Camp Slough, Cheam, St. Elmo, and Popcum), Rosedale Union Church and Rosedale United Church. The fonds also includes records of Rosedale Union Church Circuit and Rosedale Pastoral Charge. Records include Baptism registers (1910-1925), Marriage registers (1917-1969); Membership records (1911-1957); Stewards and Managers minutes (1911-1951); Congregational Meetings minutes (1911-1951, 1976-1994); Official Board, Session, and Unified Board minutes (1944-1990); Women's Group records (1949-1958); Sunday School minutes (1964-1979); Canadian Girls in Training minutes (1963-1967), Young People's Society minutes (1935-1937); Congregational financial records (1919-1958); and Annual reports (1989-2010).

Rosedale United Church (Chilliwack, B.C.)
Robert C. Scott fonds
Fonds · 1897-1978, predominant 1917-1960

Fonds consists of the following series: Vital records (1930-1960); Marine mission records (1919-1948); Committee and institutional records (1897-1958); Financial records and fundraising (1923-1957); Correspondence files (1917-1960); Manuscripts and writings (1919-1951); Published and collected materials (1918-1959); and Photographs (1915-1966).

Scott, Robert Clyde, 1879-1960
George H. Raley fonds
Fonds · 1893-1954

Fonds consists of a single series: Vital records (1893-1954). Some of the records are written on the reverse side of pages from a draft essay on Indigenous arts and industry.

Raley, George Henry, 1863 or 1864-1958
Fonds · 1904-1923

The fonds consists of the minutes of the Advisory Committee of the Japanese Mission, later called the Oriental Mission, 1908-1923; minutes of the Victoria District meetings, 1904-1911; and minutes of the Westminster District meetings, 1905-1923.

Methodist Church of Canada. Woman's Missionary Society. British Columbia Conference Branch
Jessie Oliver Collection
Collection · [190-?]-1988

Collection consists of materials relating to Oliver’s ministry and work with the First Nations people. Collection contains Photographs (1934-1938), Memorabilia ([190-?]) and Reference materials ([193-?]-1988).

Oliver, Jessie