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archival descriptions
CA DMA CR-1 · Fonds · 1972-1977

Fonds consists of a Junior Leadership record book, a Secretary's record book for Richmond Delta Holstein 4-H Calf Club (with Hazel Wilson's name on it) and newspaper clippings about the 4-H Club.

Richmond Delta Holstein 4-H Calf Club
Fonds · 1904-1925

Fonds contains records of South Arm and Steveston Presbyterian Churches, and some records of the Steveston United Church, especially committees shared between the Steveston and South Arm Congregations before 1962. Holdings include: marriage registers, 1959-1986; burial registers, 1927-1929 and 1959-1988; membership records, 1918-1929 and 1969-1993; Session minutes, 1906-1964; Managers' and Stewards' minutes, 1904-1967; Official Board minutes, 1934-1969; Congregational minutes, 1904-1989; Council minutes, 1971-1993; minutes and records of subcommittees including the Building Committee, 1906, and South Arm U.C. Building Society, 1958-1959; the Joint Manse Committee, 1929-1963; Legal/property records (1958-1965); Records of women's and youth groups, including the Ladies' Auxiliary (Ladies' Aid), 1911-1952; Woman's Association, 1954-1962; Woman's Missionary Society; 1921-1932 and 1941-1960; the United Church Women, 1962-1969; the Excelsior Bible Class, 1913-1919; the Young People's Society, 1939-1943; correspondence and subject files, 1957-1988; worship service bulletins 1963-1993; financial records, 1953-1987; annual reports, 1960-1997 (1963 and 1985 missing); newsletters including the Celebrator, 1976 and 1988-1997 and Between celebrators, 1988-1993; Church directories, 1965-1982; and Sound and moving images, [198-?].

South Arm Presbyterian Church (Richmond, B.C.)
Joanne Black fonds
Fonds · 1984-2010

Fonds consists of two record series: Sermons (1984-2010) and Special services (1991-2005).

Black, Joanne
Edwin Searcy fonds
Fonds · 1974-2015

Fonds consists of records relating to Ed Searcy’s work in pastoral ministry, his studies, his teaching and writing, and his work in the wider church. Fonds comprises the following record series: Sermons (1974-2008); Lectures and addresses (2000-2007); Leadership-related records ([1991]-2003); Publications and manuscripts (1989-2015); Student papers (1974-2002); Audiovisual recordings (2001-2015); and Significant documents (1976-2015).

Searcy, Edwin
Fonds · 1957-2006

Fonds consists of the following record series: Vancouver-South Presbytery and Executive meeting minutes (1959-2006); Subject files of the Presbytery Secretray (1959-1973); Presbytery Secretary liaison with specific congregations (1957-1973); Correspondence of the Presbytery Secretary (1958-1975); Survey of nine churches in Vancouver-South Presbytery (1969-1973); and Presbytery Committee records.

United Church of Canada. Vancouver-South Presbytery
Fonds · 1956-2010

Fonds consists of baptism, marriage and burial registers, 1958-1990; membership records, 1968-1993; minutes and correspondence of Stewards and Session, 1958-1967; the Official Board, 1956-1968; General Board and Church Council, 1976-1991; the Congregation, 1957-1967 and 1976-1991; Trustees, 1959-1994; and committees, 1960-1966; Woman's Association and United Church Women, 1960-1967; As One That Serves, 1961-1963; property records, 1958-1967; church histories and documents, 1955-1997; financial records, 1959-1982; annual reports, 1959-1997; newsletters, 1965-1997; church directories, 1970-1996; and architectural records, 1961, 1968, and 1996-2010.

Gilmore Park United Church (Richmond, B.C.)
Fonds · 1925-2020

Fonds consists of Stewards minutes (1926-1932), Official Board minutes (1926-1934; 1987-2020), Congregational meeting minutes (1926-1934), Youth Ministry Task Force (2000), Brighouse Renwal Process Task Force (2003-2005), Property Investigation Committee (2007-2008), Constitution and by-laws (1999); Insurance records (2007-2020); Ladies' Aid Society minutes (1930-1933), Woman's Association minutes (1925-1961), Woman's Association Lulu Circle minutes (1929-1960), Woman's Missionary Society Lulu Circle minutes (1936-1939), Woman's Missionary Society Brighouse Circle minutes and roll (1935-1944).

Brighouse United Church (Richmond, B.C.)
R.A. Brooks collection
Collection · [ca. 1940-1950]

Collection consists of 81 b&w photographic prints of the Brooks heads and one of the Vancouver airport.