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Fonds · 1892-2006

Fonds consists of records from Cloverdale Presbyterian Church (Surrey, B.C.), Cloverdale Methodist Church (Surrey, B.C.), Cloverdale United Church (Surrey, B.C.), Mud Bay (Elgin) United Church (Surrey, B.C.) and Hazelmere United Church (Surrey, B.C.). Records include Baptismal registers (1898-1985), Burial registers (1928-1992) and Marriage registers (civil) (1920-1986); Communion roll (1906-1918) and Membership records (1919-1921); Session minutes (1898-1982) and Board of Managers/Stewards minutes (1892-1990), Official Board minutes (1925-1952), Trustees minutes (1899-1904), Congregational Meetings minutes (1892-1954), Christian Education Committee minutes (1965-1978), Congregational Life and Work Committee minutes (1978-1981), Building Fund Account records (1972-1986), Manse Account records (1982-1986) and Memorial Account records (1972-1986); Ladies Aid minutes (1915-1929), Woman's Association Junior Circle minutes (1933-1939), W.A. Senior Circle Treasurer's Book (1945-1961), Woman's Missionary Society Evening Auxiliary minutes (1950-1961), W.M.S. Prayer Circle minutes (1939-1948), United Church Women Alpha Unit (1965-1968), U.C.W. Onward Unit minutes (1975-1991) and U.C.W. Sunshine Unit minutes (1985-1988); Young People's Union minutes (1952-1960) and Treasurer's Book (1952-1954); Congregational financial records (1940-1986); and Annual reports (1958-2006).

Cloverdale United Church (Surrey, B.C.)
Fonds · 1932-1989

Fonds consists of records from Port Kells United Church, West Langley United Church, Tynehead United Church, Clayton United Church and Fleetwood United Church. Records include Baptismal registers (1949-1988), Marriage registers (1951-1986), Burial registers (1951-1967); Membership records (1950-1988); Joint Official Board minutes (1932-1980), Joint Board Meeting minutes (1954), Stewards minutes (1953-1976), Official Board minutes (1953-1988), Congregational Meeting minutes (1953-1989), Annual meeting minutes (1956-1957), Church Building Committee minutes (1956); Official Board correspondence (1948-1987); Financial record books (1934-1988), Annual Financial report data and correspondence (1956-1987); Property records (1940-1980); Annual reports (1973-1987); Church bulletins (1982-1984); Newsletters (1973-1975); Congregational directories (1985-1986); and Photographs (1948-1958).

Port Kells United Church (Surrey, B.C.)
Fonds · 1958-2009

Fonds consists of records from Royal Heights United Church and Oak Avenue-Royal Heights Pastoral Charge. Records include Membership lists (1969,1983); Session minutes (1959-1980), Stewards minutes (1959-1970), Stewards building fund and budget campaign (1962), Unified Board minutes and organizational diagram (1986), Congregational meeting minutes (1985), Building Committee minutes, correspondence, architectural drawings and reports (1985-1987), Building Committee contracts (1980-1986), Building Committee correspondence (1985-1987), Building Committee building inspection (1962), Building Committee financial records (1985-1986), Pastoral Relations Committee minutes and reports (1969); United Church Women records (1961-1990); Sunday School register (1967-1969); As One That Serves minutes and reports (1960-1964); Canadian Girls in Training program materials (1985-1987); Congregational profile (1969), Single Point Charge proposal (1983); Annual reports (incomplete) (1963-1997); Architectural records (1962-1986).

Royal Heights United Church (Delta, B.C.)
Fonds · 1949-2010

Fonds consists of Official Board minutes (1949-1956); Woman's Association minutes (1954-1966), United Church Women minutes (1954-1966); Financial Statements (1995); Annual reports (1978-1996, 2009-2010).

Sunnyside United Church (Surrey, B.C.)
Fraser Presbytery fonds
Fonds · 1958-2008

Fonds consists of the following record series: Fraser Presbytery and Executive meeting minutes (1959-2006); Correspondence of the Presbytery Secretary (1963-2003); Subject files of the Presbytery Secretary (1958-2004); Presbytery Secretary - church closures and mergers (1984-1996); Division and committee records (1958-1963 ; 1991-2002); and Financial records (1972-1983).

United Church of Canada. Fraser Presbytery
Edwin Searcy fonds
Fonds · 1974-2015

Fonds consists of records relating to Ed Searcy’s work in pastoral ministry, his studies, his teaching and writing, and his work in the wider church. Fonds comprises the following record series: Sermons (1974-2008); Lectures and addresses (2000-2007); Leadership-related records ([1991]-2003); Publications and manuscripts (1989-2015); Student papers (1974-2002); Audiovisual recordings (2001-2015); and Significant documents (1976-2015).

Searcy, Edwin
Fonds · 1946-2018

Fonds consists of records from Colebrook United Church as well as Strawberry Hill Pastoral Charge, whose records passed to the custody of Colebrook. Records include Marriage registers (1963-1989); Membership records (1949-1975); Session minutes (1949-1977), Stewards minutes (1947-1977) and correspondence (1958-1967), Official Board minutes (1951-1976), Church Council and Executive minutes (1973-2018), Congregational Meetings minutes (1946-2018), Worship Committee minutes (1977-1982), and Outreach Committee minutes (1977-1988); Woman's Association minutes (1946-1955); Sunday School Teachers meetings minutes (1969-1970); Choir records (1948); Financial records (1969-2000); and Annual Reports (1993-2000).

Colebrook United Church (Surrey, B.C.)
Fonds · 1967-1979

Fonds consists of seven series: handbooks series, 1976-1978; financial records series, 1972-1974; scrapbooks series, 1967-1978, which includes one scrapbook of newspaper clippings, handbooks, initiations, announcements, newsletters, and photographs; conferences series, 1967, which includes records created when the Club was initially organized; membership applications series, 1967-1979, activities series, 1971-1973, which includes records that document various interests and activities engaged in by members of the Club; and ephemeral series, which includes an undated constitution from the Cloverdale-Langley University womens Club, and an undated and unsigned certificate admitting the Langley-Surrey University Womens Club into The Canadian federation of University Women.

Langley-Surrey University Women's Club
Norah L. Hughes fonds
Fonds · 1940-1978

Fonds consists of records relating to Hughes' academic and pastoral work, as well as to her interest in the changing place of women within the broader church. Fonds contains three record series: Lecture notes [ca. 1960]; Preaching and speaking notes (1940-1978); and Reference materials (1927-1947).

Hughes, Norah L.
Fonds · 1925-2010

Fonds consists of a Baptism register (1949-1999), Marriage registers (1953-1986), and a Burial register (1952-1983); Historic roll (1951-1960) and a Communion roll and register (1938-1968); Session minutes (1945-1974), Board of Managers/Stewards minutes and records (1920-1959), Official Board minutes (1925-1975), Church Board and Executive Council minutes (1975-1988), Church Council minutes (1998-2009), Trustees minutes (1944-1954), Congregational Meetings minutes (1920-2010), Outreach Committee minutes and correspondence (1982-1984), Building Committee minutes (1946-1949), Finance Committee reports and statements (1856-1978), and Administrative plans (1975-1988); Woman's Missionary Society minutes (1947-1951), Women's Federation/United Church Women minutes (1958-1962), United Church Women minutes (1962-1972), U.C.W. Executive minutes (1970-1982), U.C.W. Annual meetings minutes (1970-1983), U.C.W. Sea Cliff Unit minutes/Woman's Association Sea Cliff Circle minutes (1959-1964), U.C.W. Beach Unit minutes/W.A. Beach Circle minutes (1959-1984), U.C.W. Marine Unit/W.A. Marine Circle minutes (1959-1984) and U.C.W. Skyline Unit minutes (1976-1989); Sunday School cash book (1957-1976); Historical documents (1920-1980); Treasurer's Account book (1932-1967) and Missionary and Maintenance Fund Accounts (1933-1947); Property records (1933, 1938); Annual reports (1958-1995); "Courier" (newsletters) (1982-1996); and Congregational Directories (1981-1988).

Crescent United Church (Surrey, B.C.)
Fonds · 1955-2007

Fonds consists of the following record series: Baptism, marriage, and burial records (1984-1996); Membership records (1983-2004); Board and committee records (1979-2007); Correspondence and subject files (1986-2006); Personnel records (1962-2001); Women’s group records (1955-1994); Men’s group records (1959); Financial records (1958-2001); Property records (1987-2007); Annual reports (1994-2007); Newsletters (1997-2001); Sunday school record book (1985-1999); Youth group records (1966-1998); Congregational scrapbooks (1955-2007); and Historical and reference material (1955-2001).

Oak Avenue United Church (Surrey, BC)