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archival descriptions

Sous-fonds consists of minutes, correspondence, subject files of reports, clippings, printed material. Includes topical material on a variety of social concerns; correspondence of the Metropolitan, Archbishop Douglas Hambidge, relating to activities of Committee; and minutes, correspondence and related material of the Social Concerns Committee of the Diocese of British Columbia which Canon Ragg also chaired.

Anglican Church of Canada. Province of British Columbia and Yukon. Social Concerns Committee
Sound recordings collection
Collection · 1951-1958

Collection consists of recordings of church services and ceremonies. Includes one recording of the Installation service of Primate Walter Barfoot on September 9, 1951; one program of Indian singing and the address of Reverend Stanley Higgs, one-time missionary to the Thompson Indians at Lyttton, held on December 1952; three recordings of St. Luke's Church final service held on January 26, 1958.

Slides collection
Collection · [190-?-ca. 1970]

Collection consists of lantern slides depicting church buildings in England and Ireland, illustrations of David Livingstone's stories, portraits of individuals, daily indoor and outdoor scenes, landscapes, texts, poems, hymns and prayers issued by General Board of Religious Education. Includes also more recent photographic slides which depict British Columbia church buildings and sites (Yukon's churches), events (the visit of the Archbishop of Canterbury to the Anglican College of Theology - 1964, the construction of the ATC chapel - 1963, activities of faculty and students at the ATC, church buildings in other dioceses in the Ecclesiastical Province of British Columbia.

Photographs collection
Collection · ca. 1875-ca.1990

The collection consists of photographs relating to the Provincial and General Synod, the Anglican Theological College and its predecessors, Columbia Coast Mission, individuals, dioceses of the Ecclesiastical Province, churches, B.C. Anglican Young Peoples Association (BCAYPA), B.C. Anglican Youth Movement (BCAYM).

Periodicals collection
Collection · 1859-1992

Collection consists of printed material.;Consists of periodicals issued by national and diocesan Anglican bodies, the Church Missionary Society and the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel. Periodicals vary in completeness.;National titles include: Anglican Journal (formerly Canadian Churchman), 1950- ; Anglican Magazine (formerly The Living Message and The Letter Leaflet), 1904-1907, 1941-1991; The New Era, 1903-1905, published by the Missionary Society of the Church of England in Canada (M.S.C.C.).;Diocesan titles include: for the Diocese of British Columbia, Columbia Mission Annual Reports, 1859-1883; The Parish Magazine, 1884-1886; The Challenge, 1944-1956; British Columbia Diocesan Post, 1963- ; for the Diocese of Caledonia, Caledonia Diocesan Times, 1960- ; for the Diocese of Cariboo, Diocesan News (formerly Cariboo Contact and Cariboo Chronicle), 1963- ; for the Diocese of Kootenay, The High-way, 1956- ; for the Diocese of New Westminster, The Churchman's Gazette and New Westminster Diocesan Chronicle, 1883-1892; Topic (formerly Anglican News), 1959- ; and various titles published by a missionary support committee in England from 1884 to 1941 including New Westminster Quarterly Paper, 1884-1885; New Westminster Occasional Paper, 1886-1889, 1895-1896; Monthly Record, 1889-1894; Work for the Far West, 1896-1910; Recent News from the Diocese, 1911-1941; New Westminster and Kootenay Missionary Association Annual Reports, 1903-1911; for the Diocese of Yukon, Northern Lights, 1913-1941, 1952- .;Missionary society titles include: The Church Missionary Intelligencer, 1901-1906; Proceedings of the Church Missionary Society, 1893-1928; The Mission Field (S.P.G.), 1862-1871, 1888-1898.

John Antle collection
Collection · [ca. 1950]

Collection consists of a copy and a photocopy of memoirs. Includes also newspapers clippings, one issue of The Log (1973), the magazine of the Columbia Coast Mission, and an excerpt from The Canadian Medical Association Journal (1951).

Collection · 1859-1972, predominant 1911

Collection consists of H.P.K. Skipton's manuscript "The Life of George Hills, first Bishop of British Columbia" with annotations, introduction and notes by Archbishop H.E. Sexton, and related correspondence; historical typed and printed material. Includes the printed Sermon preached by Bishop Hills at the farewell service celebrated before his departure (1859), as well as the tenth annual report of the Columbia Mission (1868); includes also the typed copy of "The early days of the Church of England on the Pacific Slope" by Walter N. Sage [s.d.]

Denis A. Godson collection
Collection · 1952-1954

Collection consists of 53 photographs whose subjects relate to Mr. Godson's time in residence at A.T.C. Includes Anglican Theological College staff and student group (1954) and snapshots taken at the Anglican Theological College from 1952 to 1954 of College and student activities.

Godson, Denis A., d. 1973
Biographical collection
Collection · 1847-1990

Collection consists of reference material Includes mainly newspaper clippings, printed and published material, and correspondence (correspondence from Reverend W.C. Bompas to the Reverend H.A. Naylor, 1896-1906). Includes also some original items created by individuals, such as: letters testimonial, certificates of ordination, handwritten diaries.

Fonds · 1914-1924

Fonds consists of correspondence. Includes correspondence with Anglican Theological College officials, primarily with Principal W.H. Vance.

DuVernet, Frederick Herbert
Fonds · 1980-1990

Fonds consists of correspondence, reports and minutes, printed material, clippings, sound recording material, drawings. The fonds consists of the following series: general correspondence, arranged chronologically; radio broadcasts; minutes, correspondence and memoranda of the General Synod; sound recordings, graphic and reference material. It includes correspondence (1979-1990; predominant 1988-1990) of personal nature: letters to the editors of newspapers, to politicians; minutes, correspondence and memoranda of Administration and Finance Committee, Budget Subcommittee, and Grants Subcommittee of the General Synod (1985-1992) received by Archbishop Hambidge as member of these committees; transcripts and audio tapes of two radio broadcasts - "Sunday Profile" (1964-1969) and "Strength for the Day" (1965-1968) aired every morning by the radio station CKNL; an interview with Archbishop Hambidge on controversial subjects , such as abortion, death penalty and prostitution is also included; photographs, drawings, reference material on different media which includes pictures of religious ceremonies and churches, Hambidge portrait drawings and church drawings, recorded messages to annual parish meetings, pamphlets from the Installation of D.W. Hambidge as Bishop of the Diocese of New Westminster (1980) and from the 13th Anglican Congress (1963), a videotape entitled "Our Moment in History" and produced by the Stewards-in-Action (1990-1992), transcript of Hambidge's Address to the Bishops on St. Barnabas Day in Prince Rupert, B.C (1978).

Hambidge, Douglas Walter, 1927-
Columbia Coast Mission fonds
Fonds · 1904-1988, predominant 1950-1985

Fonds consists of minutes, correspondence, reports, constitutions and by-laws, legal records, financial records, property records, personnel records, architectural records, photographs, parish registers (1913-1970), service registers, civil registers, guest books, ships' logs, hospital records, printed material, sound recordings, clippings, notes, and scrapbooks. Includes minutes of the Board of Trustees and various committees , particularly the Executive Committee records (1905-1985); correspondence of the Superintendents, primarily Alan D. Greene, the Secretary-Treasurer and the Chaplains, and annual reports (1930?-1982); registers - services, baptisms, confirmations, marriages, burials - refer to numerous geographic locations, but most of them are arranged by ship rather than place (1913-1976); the Log records (1908-1976); hospital records (1917-1945); John Antle records (1933-1962); Indian Log records (1927-1951); John Mellis records (1971-1980); architectural plans of ships and church architectural drawings (1950).

Columbia Coast Mission

Series consists of printed material. Includes typescript proceedings (1914 - 1926) with Constitution and Canons included; reports of various committees, convening circulars, treasurer's reports, auditors' reports, Act to incorporate the Vancouver School of Theology, archivist' reports. There were no proceedings for the 22nd session of the Provincial Synod held in Victoria, B.C. No proceedings were published of the 23rd meetings held 1974. The Registrar reported that "the Minutes of the 23rd Session of Provincial Synod were not available and therefore the notes taken by Bishop Somerville were to be the official record of that Synod" (Proceedings of the 24th session, October 18, 1976, Kelowna, B.C.)

Anglican Church of Canada. Province of British Columbia and Yukon. Synod

Sous-fonds consists of minutes, reports, subject files, printed material, and video. Includes reports and research material on a variety of ministry topics; Provincial and national church material; a video entitled "The Diaconite: Province of British Columbia April 1991", with script and study guide; and Episcopal Church material.

Anglican Church of Canada. Province of British Columbia and Yukon. Ministry Committee

Sous-fonds consists of three copies of "Anglican Resource Handbook for British Columbia and Yukon prepared by the Parish & Diocesan Concerns Committee under the authority of the Ecclesiastical Province of British Columbia of the Anglican Church of Canada First Edition Second Printing (October 1986)"; two copies of "Anglican Resource Handbook for British Columbia & Yukon prepared by the Program Committee under the Authority of The Ecclesiastical Province of British Columbia of the Anglican Church of Canada Preliminary Edition - April 1985" and one copy of an advertising supplement of the Toronto Globe and Mail, which was distributed by the Committee.

Anglican Church of Canada. Province of British Columbia and Yukon. Parish and Diocesan Concerns Committee
Series · 1918, 1953, 1972-1997
Part of Anglican Provincial Synod of British Columbia and Yukon fonds

Series consists of printed material. Includes photocopy of petition to incorporate Synod (Prince Rupert, December 1918); includes also printed copies and their revisions of the Solemn Declaration, Act of Incorporation, Constitution, Canons together with the Constitution and By-laws of the Anglican Theological College of B.C.

Anglican Church of Canada. Province of British Columbia and Yukon. Synod

Series consists of instruments of consecration in Canada and abroad, correspondence, booklets for the order of service of metropolitans and bishops (1936, 1951-1975, 1980-1992), list of changes in Canadian Episcopate, clippings relating to the enthronement (Bishop of Kootnays).

Anglican Church of Canada. Province of British Columbia and Yukon. Synod