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Napolean Peter Casorso fonds
CA KEL Add. MSS. 50 · Fonds · 1885-1997, predominate 1922-1987

Fonds has been arranged into eight Series. Each series has been broken down by subject and filed chronologically, either by date or alphabetically. The fonds reflect the material kept and collected by Pete Casorso. The records date from 1885 - 1997, but are predominantly from 1922 - 1987, the year after his death. The fonds focuses on the business and financial records kept by Pete Casorso. The files represent his business interests whether it is Mountview Sawmills Ltd. Pioneer Ranch, Casorso Brothers Ltd. and the many properties he owned or co-owned, mining interests (especially Lexington Mines Ltd. and Notre Dames Des Mines). Also included are records relating to insurance and legal indentures, personal records such as correspondence. Many of the records are handwritten and offer a glimpse into the life and times of Pete Casorso, Kelowna pioneer, farmer and businessman. on contents. Fonds has been arranged into 8 series: They include 1) Financial: Bank Statements, Securities, and Income Tax, 1885-1986; 2) Real Estate: sorted by Lot number, 1930-1987; 3) Correspondence: general 1912-1979; 4) Business Records: general, Mountview Sawmills Ltd., Farm Management, Pioneer Ranch, Mining including: Lexington Mines Ltd., Notre Dames Des Mines Ltd. 1907-1987; 5) Legal: Wills, Patent, Indentures 1922-1987; 6) Insurance: Property, Life and Automobile 1926-1981; 7) Personal: Correspondence and Family History, note: some restrictions 1926-1983; 8) Ephemera: Fruit and Vegetable industry, mining, miscellaneous 1919-1982.

Casorso, Napolean Peter, 1888-1987
Kelowna Rowing Club fonds
CA KEL Add. MSS. 50 · Fonds · 1907-1956

Fonds consists of a binder of Kelowna Rowing Club Annual General Meetings and Minutes from 1952 to 1956 incomplete; lists of rowing races winners from races in 1907 to 1928; Jim Panton's Sportcast 1952, Kelowna Rowing Club letterhead and laser copies of photographs.

Kelowna Rowing Club
CKOV fonds
CA KEL Add. MSS. 50 · Fonds · 1930-1980

Fonds consists of records, published material, radio agreements and licensing, and other papers pertaining to Okanagan Broadcasters and CKOV radio station in Kelowna in particular. Includes: Okanagan Country magazine with feature stories on CKOV, J.W.B. Browne, and Jim Browne Jr.; CKOV publications, lexicon, and newspaper articles; CKOV history; radio rates and news broadcast; listener correspondence; Prospectus, Letter of Operation Details, Financial Records; lease and agreement papers; application for FM license; framed papers and certificates; "Imagine Please: Early Radio Broadcasting in B.C."; "Birth of Radio in Canada; Signed On"; "The C.A.B. Story"; "Canadian Radio Yearbook 1946"; minute books; corporation record book. Fonds also includes 7 photo albums and scrapbooks. See complete listing and description of the Jamie Browne file on document included in the file. Fonds has been arranged into 10 series. They include 1) CKOV history; 2) Legal documents 1931-1965; 3) Financial statements 1934, 1937, 1938, 1955, 1965; 4) Correspondence 1935-1941; 5) Minutes of staff meetings 1947-1949; 6) Radio scripts 1933, 1934, 1950; 7) Letters and poems from CKOV listeners 1956-1959; 8) March of Dimes and Rivers of Milk programs 1942; 9) Ephemera: 10) Audio Cassettes.

CKOV (Radio station : Kelowna, B.C.)
CA KEL Add. MSS. 50 · Fonds · 1940-1965

Fonds consists of 7 Junior Chamber of Commerce of Canada National Awards Contest scrapbooks. The scrapbooks contain newspaper articles on Kelowna and the Jaycees, Lady of the Lake Pageant; photographs, correspondence, Reports to Presidents, brochures about the City of Kelowna and the Jaycee Creed. Ephemera includes The Buzzer newsletters,and a Longs Super Drugs calendar 1965. Wooden cover scrapbook of photographs includes photographs of signs Welcoming You to Kelowna and signs saying "Japs Go Home". Also includes photographs of The Junior Chamber of Commerce Annual Convention in Penticton 1944; the Jay Bee Hike up Terrace Mountain June 1944; and the building and the Lady of The Lake performance on the 1945 Beauty Barge. Fonds consists of 3 series: 1) Junior of Chamber of Commerce of Canada National Awards Contest scrapbooks for Tourism Promotion 1949; Unit Constitution 1957-1958; Outstanding Jaycees 1960-1961; Public Relations 1961-1962; Community Betterment 1961-1962; Outstanding Junior Chamber 1961-1962; 2) scrapbook of photographs; 3) Ephemera 1963-1965.

Kelowna Junior Chamber of Commerce
Bellevue Hotel fonds
Fonds · 1911-1943

Fonds consists of lists of inventory of wine spirits, cigars, furniture, groceries and hens & pigs 1913 - 1915; 6 guest hotel registers 1911-1913, 1913-1914, 1914-1917 and 1921-1943; menus, meal tickets, and other assorted ephemera produced by the hotel; and one letter of correspondence from F.W. Groves to W.R. Pooley in regards to the water supply at the Bellevue Hotel 1912.

Bellevue Hotel
Fonds · 1905-1964

Fonds consists of the administrative and financial records of the Associated Growers of B.C. from 1905-1964. Includes operating rules and regulations, memorandum and articles of association, correspondence, circulars, annual reports, information files, and ephemera. Includes also receipts and some accompanying correspondence for various Okanagan area co-operative associations from 1955-1960. Co-operatives include: Penticton Co-operative Growers, Winoka Co-operative Exchange, Westbank Co-operative Growers' Association, Vernon Fruit Union, Summerland Co-operative Growers' Association, Salmon Arm Farmers' Exchange, Similkameen United Growers' Co-operative Association, Dolph Browne Limited, Geo. E. Mabee, Haynes Co-operative Growers' Exchange, Walters' Limited, Oliver Co-operative Growers' Exchange and Osoyoos Co-operative Fruit and Vegetable Growers, Armstrong Farmers Exchange Ltd., Kaleden Co-operative Growers' Association, Monashee Co-operative Growers' Association, D. Chapman & Co. Ltd, Smith & Henry Trucking Ltd., Naramata Co-Operative Growers' Exchange, Pyramid Co-operative Association, The Brackman-Ker Milling Company Ltd., Crown Zellerbach Canada, British Columbia Fruit Board.

Associated Growers of British Columbia
C.S. Smith collection
Fonds · 1913-1914

The collection consists of water licences and maps pertaining to irrigation rights in the Kelowna area.

Fonds · 1959-2004

Fonds consists of a ledger containing the minutes from 1959 to 1967; "Societies Act" Certificates 1959, 1960, 1962, and 1964 of the Cedar Creek Fire Society. Fonds also includes a copy of the Okanagan Mission Review Summer 2004 newsletter containing part 1 of a story on the history of the first Okanagan Mission fire hall written by Jean Dangerfield, and 5 copies of the Mission South Slopes Residents Association newsletters 1998 to 2000. Added to the fonds in 2006 was the Cedar Creek Fire Truck log from 1961 to 1977 and the Okanagan Mission Review Winter 2004 newsletter containing part 2 of the story on the history of the first Okanagan Mission fire hall written by Jean Dangerfield.

Cedar Creek Fire Society
Fonds · 1920-1949

Fonds consists of the records of the Crown Fruit Company and the Laurel Cooperative Union from 1920-1949. Includes minutes, annual reports, resolutions, stock certificates, correspondence, inventories, notices, financial records and timebooks of the Crown Fruit Company and the Laurel Cooperative Union.

Crown Fruit Company
DeHart family fonds
Fonds · 1879-1976

Fonds consists of a letter to Diana DeHart from Date Leckie in 1976; and a letter and poem from poet Wilson MacDonald to Frank DeHart in 1931; a funeral notice for Diana DeHart, wife of Edwin DeHart 1879; 2 programs for the Kelowna Jubilee May 4th, 1955. The fonds also consists of copies of newspaper articles pertaining to F.R.E DeHarts family history, DeHarts involvement in the Fruit Industry and his interest in growing peonies. Also included are 56 photographs collected by the family.

DeHart (family)
Fonds · 1907-1967

Fonds consists of the records of Dorothea Walker and Primrose Upton from 1907 -1967. Includes a minute book; Kelowna Regatta programs; business receipts; event programs and a scrapbook of Kelowna newspaper clippings, and photographs.

Walker, Dorothea, 1877-1976
Doug Findlater fonds
Fonds · 1981-2003

Fonds consists of records of Doug Findlater from 1981-1999. Fonds documents his career as Senior Program Advisor with Canadian Heritage and Field Representative with the Secretary of State Citizenship Development. Fonds includes correspondence, newspaper clippings, and ephemera relating to the replaquing of the Okanagan Brigade Trail to include Aboriginal content and language, 1995-1999 . Fonds also includes correspondence and newspaper clippings relating to Doug Findlater's efforts to secure an Order of Canada/British Columbia for Yukihisa (Roy) Tanaka and Henry Arthur (Butch) Smitheram. Includes also reports, correspondence, newspaper clippings, and ephemera relating to the rights and conditions of Okanagan fruit pickers.

Findlater, Doug
Dr. W.H. Wilde fonds
Fonds · 1912-1977

Fonds consists of the records of Dr. W.H. Wilde from 1912-1977. Includes correspondence, writings by Dr. Wilde, articles about Dr. Wilde's work, and journals collected by Dr. Wilde which pertain to entomology. Fonds also includes photographs relating to orchard studies.

Wilde, W.H., 1923-
Eldorado Arms Hotel fonds
Fonds · 1950-1989

Fonds consists of the records of the Eldorado Arms Hotel from 1950-1989. Includes administrative records such as room rental control sheets, business forms, letterhead, envelopes, business cards, advertising and promotional materials, and hotel menus. Fonds also includes financial records such as business receipts, 1956, 1957 and 1982 and hotel price lists and inventories ca. 1980. Includes correspondence relating to a variety of subjects including hotel reservations and legal matters 1957-1983, and insurance records from 1953-1983. Fonds also includes a vinyl record arranged by Art Vipond.

Eldorado Arms Hotel
Kelowna Board of Trade fonds
Fonds · 1903-1919

The fonds consists of a minute book of the Kelowna Board of Trade.

Kelowna Board of Trade
Kelowna Club fonds
Fonds · 1900-1980

Fonds consists of the papers of the Kelowna Club. The fonds consists of six series: 1) Administrative records, bylaws, and rules [1900]-1965; 2) Correspondence 1926-1937; 3) Minutes 1934; 4) Legal documents 1931; 5) Financial records 1927-28; 6) Ephemera 1937-1974 and 1980, including a history of the Kelowna Club.

Kelowna Club
Kelowna Rotary Club fonds
Fonds · 1928-2002

Fonds consists of the records of the Kelowna Rotary Club from 1928-2001. Includes minutes, administrative records, correspondence, reports, financial records, copies of the club's bulletin THE SPUR, programs, pamphlets and other Ephemera, extensive notes on the club's history, photographs documenting the club's activities, audio interviews with club members, and videos relating to the club's community service activities. Also included in the Rotary Club's records are the records of the Pleasantvale Homes Society, a society sponsored by the Rotary Club to provide low income housing for local seniors.

Kelowna Rotary Club
Lake View Hotel fonds
Fonds · 1911-1912

Fonds consists of a hotel register for the Lake View Hotel from October 9, 1911 to January 12, 1912.

Lake View Hotel (Kelowna, B.C.)
Fonds · 1932-1981

Fonds consists of the records of the Laurel Co-operative Union from 1932-1981. Includes correspondence, minutes, inventory lists, reports, contracts, policies, building permits, shipper licenses, share certificates, receipts, architectural drawings and ephemera.

Laurel Co-operative Union
George Wall fonds
Fonds · 1916-1941

The fonds consists of correspondence, legal agreements and sales literature pertaining to farming in the Salmon Arm area and gold mining in the Dease Lake area.

Wall, George Frederick
J.W. Hughes fonds
Fonds · [1932-1963]

The fonds consists of mainly correspondence 1932-36, business records 1933-1936, financial and legal records 1933-1934, and Ephemera 1933-1963. The subject or content of each file relates to the fruits and vegetables he grew and general correspondence relating to the running of an agricultural business. The correspondence focuses on his specific interests: asparagus, raspberries, grapes and grape juice, gladioli, peonies, his jam, cannery and tannery businesses. Files and papers of J.W. Hughes, proprietor. Receipts from J.W. Hughes Ltd. Receipts made out to various Kelowna businesses and residents; telegraphs; business correspondence. Files focus on legal and financial correspondence including financial institutions, insurance firms, City of Kelowna, Black Mountain Irrigation District, North Glenmore Irrigation District, and South East Kelowna Irrigation District. The fonds also contains correspondence relating to business transactions with Grower's Wine Co. Ltd. and Victoria Wineries Ltd., and to companies throughout North America and England. J.W. Hughes was an active member of the Kelowna Rotary Club. Files have been arranged alphabetically by creator.

Hughes, J.W., 1887-
Janet E.V. Graham fonds
Fonds · 1934-1986

Fonds consists of the personal records of Janet Graham from 1934-1986. Includes correspondence, ephemera, personal writings and research on her family history. Most of the fonds consists of ephemera collected by Janet during her involvement with various Performing and Musical Arts councils in Kelowna.

Graham, Janet E.V.
Hugh Rose fonds
Fonds · 1899-1906

Fonds consists of the diaries of Police Constable Hugh Rose from 1899-1906. Diaries document daily police work in the Kelowna area at the turn of the twentieth century. Includes descriptions of crimes and complaints that Rose was investigating and the train robbery that took place in 1906.

Rose, Hugh
R.H. Stubbs fonds
Fonds · Photocopied 199- (originally created 1905-1913)

Fonds consists of personal and farming diaries and account books for R.H. Stubbs from 1905-1913. Diaries document daily farm and family life in the Kelowna area. Fonds includes eight diaries (six original diaries and two transcripts). Photocopies have been made of five of the diaries

Stubbs, R.H.
Fonds · 1911-1919

Fonds consists of the legal documents and financial records of the South Kelowna Orchard Company Limited from 1911-1919. Includes a share register ledger listing shareholder names from Kelowna and abroad 1911-1917. Financial records include annual reports from 1913-1917 and 1919 as well as a letter of audit from 1917.

South Kelowna Orchard Company