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CURRENT Symposium fonds
CA SVE CS · Fonds · 11 Jun. 2017 - 17 Sep. 2017

Fonds consists of administrative records, event documentation (photographic and moving images), artist information, and publicity created by CURRENT organizers and volunteers, from June to August 2017.

CURRENT Symposium
Performance and Video Art
Series · ca. 1950-2017, predominate 1974-2000
Part of Margaret Dragu fonds

Series consists of materials pertaining to Dragu’s performance art and video art, including her work as a dancer, choreographer, and actor. Records in this series include correspondence, photographs, performance programs, articles and reviews, press releases, ephemera, and other supporting documents related to the Dragu’s many exhibitions and performances. This series also consists of copies of Dragu’s video art and performance recordings. Video recordings of performances are available; a full media inventory is available on site.

Margaret Dragu fonds
Fonds · 1953-2017, predominant 1975-2000

Fonds consists of materials related to the life and career of Margaret Dragu, spanning her years as an artist in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver. These materials include audio-visual recordings of her many performances, photographs related to both her art and her personal life, and textual records ranging from correspondence and financial statements to creative writing drafts and chapbooks. There is also a substantial amount of newspaper clippings, programs, promotional materials, and general ephemera. Records in this fonds also document her collaborations with artists and organizations such as Tom Dean, Susan Macpherson, Randy Gledhill, The Western Front, and Breakthrough Films.

Types of materials in this fonds include: printed documents and publications, photographs (printed and digital), photographic negatives and slides (35mm), moving image recordings (MiniDV, DVD, VHS, Betacam SP, 3/4 inch videotape: U-matic, 16mm film, 8mm film), and audio recordings (audio cassette tapes).

Margaret Dragu
Deconstructed Dollhouse
File · 1996-2017
Part of Margaret Dragu fonds

File contains a range of materials including an Open Space studio program guide from 2017, for Performance Art Aktions where Dragu revisited “A Deconstructed Dollhouse”. There are also materials related to the show’s original 1996 performance including a script, theatre essays, photographs/contact sheets, photocopies of posters, and advertisements. File also contains a photograph by Eric Metcalfe depicting Dragu holding fruit/veg in the front of her skirt.

Gayblevision collection
CA SVE GBV · Collection · 1980 - 2017

The collection consists of episodes, specials, and much of the surviving raw footage from the 1980s TV series Gayblevision. The collection also contains writing and photographs documenting the history of Gayblevision. Gayblevision was Canada’s first TV series produced “by gay people for gay people”. It was broadcast on Vancouver Cable 10 through its West End Neighbourhood production centre (located in the West End Community Centre) between 1980 and 1986. Gayblevision is a priceless window into Vancouver’s LGBTQ communities during years of tremendous growth and upheaval, documenting the LGTBQ people, organizations, businesses and events that defined Vancouver West End’s Davie Village in the early 1980s. The series aired monthly on the first and third Tuesday of the month. In addition to regular episodes, Gayblevision also produced a series of in-depth specials.

The collection is divided into 3 series:

  1. Episodes and specials
  2. Textual records and graphic materials
  3. Oral histories
Terry Ketler fonds
CA SVE TK · Fonds · [197-] - 2015

Fonds consists of materials related arising from Terry Ketler's association with the Metro Media Society of Greater Vancouver (Metro Media), of which he was a founding member. Materials include photographs of Metro Media production activities (some in the form of contact sheets, some in the form of larger prints), a personal recollection of the history of Metro Media (written in 2015), and a summary of Metro Media's activities in 1971 and 1972. Also included in the fond are seven 1" video tapes, primarily documenting the Vancouver theatre company Savage Gods, and a Sony AVC-3400 DC 12V Portapac videorecorder.

Terry Ketler
Writing and Exhibitions
CA SVE SD-04 · Series · 1979 - 2014
Part of Sara Diamond fonds

Series consists of records pertaining to writing and exhibitions both produced by and featuring Sara Diamond’s work. Throughout the 1980s and early 1990s, Diamond’s writing was published extensively in Canada. Major topics include labour history in B.C., media art criticism, the anti-censorship movement, and artist-run centre culture in Canada. Throughout this, she curated screenings and exhibitions and produced exhibition essays.

Series also consists of writings about Diamond’s career, and exhibition catalogues for shows her work appeared in.

The series is divided into two subseries:
Textual and photographic records
Audiovisual materials

Sara Diamond
Meg Torwl collection
CA SVE MT · Collection · 1984 - 2013

The collection consists of a selection of Meg Torwl's artworks, and the documentation of her artworks, including video and audio, writings (poetry, scripts, and essays), performances, and drawings/paintings. It also includes publicity, biographies, resumes, and proposals. The collection also consists of materials of commemoration, written by people close to Meg following her passing, along with documentation of the 2013 BOLD Fest Woman of the Year Award, bestowed upon Meg posthumously. Finally, the collection includes photographs, primarily snapshots of Meg throughout her life along with her partner Adrienne Bradley. The collection is divided into 6 series:

  1. Media
  2. Documents
  3. Performance Documentation
  4. Drawings and Paintings
  5. Personal Binders
  6. Photographs

Further information about individual items can be found at:

Meg Torwl
Series · 1978-2012
Part of Margaret Dragu fonds

Series consists of photographs pertaining to the life and work of the creator. They depict the Dragu, her friends and family, performances, and everyday aspects of her life. These are photographs not already part of an existing series or subseries. They are a mix of colour and black-and-white.

File · 2012
Part of Margaret Dragu fonds

File contains two CD-ROMs: (1) “2012 GGAVMA Event Photos”, (2) Canada Council - The Canadian Press images. There are also a range of items including photographs, newspaper clippings, correspondence, and Dragu’s acceptance speech.

[Pamphlets and programs]
File · 1986-2012
Part of Margaret Dragu fonds

File contains programs, pamphlets, and promotional materials from a number of Dragu performances and shows including: Marginalia: Getting Out of the House; Slits (group show); Cleaning and Loving (It); Richmond Art Gallery: 25 Years; Studio XX (women-centered technology society); Walking Woman - Passport (Richmond Art Gallery show); Douglas College arts event calendar; M:ST 4; 7a*11d (arts collective performing arts festival); The New Work Show (1986); Biking Woman: (No) Refuge From Metaphor (show); RecipcroCity (show); Western Front 1989 calendar; and Walking Woman (show posters). File also includes newspaper clipping about 2012 GG awards.

Series · 1975-2012
Part of Margaret Dragu fonds

Series consists of materials related to the promotion or evaluation of Dragu's work. This includes event posters, pamphlets, program guides, press releases, and newspaper clippings.

Personal Records
Series · 1950-2012, predominate 1978-2012
Part of Margaret Dragu fonds

Series consists of personal materials pertaining to the life and work of the creator. Contents include birth, marriage, and school records from Dragu’s childhood; contracts and “business” records related to some shows; certificates and other papers linked to Dragu’s work as a fitness trainer; awards-related records (including records pertaining to the Governor General’s Award); and personal correspondence. Series also includes several home videos. This series also includes several home movies by Dragu; these items are listed in a full media inventory that is available on site.

Art Biz
File · 2005-2012
Part of Margaret Dragu fonds

File contains Richmond Art Gallery event bill (”Biking Woman: (No) Refuge From Metaphor”); FOMD Laboratory program guide; and blank release forms and contracts.

Lady J (Mock U)
File · 2009
Part of Margaret Dragu fonds

File contains release and contract forms. Also contains materials related to the Rose Community Event — Dec 6, 2009 remembrance ceremony.

Recent Publicity
File · 2000-2009
Part of Margaret Dragu fonds

File contains newspaper clippings, artist profiles, performance bills and programs. There are also press clippings related to the Governor General’s award, the Ethel Tibbits Awards, and the Richmond Arts Awards.

Code Zebra
CA SVE SD-03 · Series · 2000 - 2008
Part of Sara Diamond fonds

Series consists of records pertaining to the new media project Code Zebra. Code Zebra was a multi-layered project which Diamond produced as a co-production with BNMI between 2001 - 2004. It investigated visual representation of relationships and social interactions. Elements of the project included performances, exhibitions, workshops, games, fashion shows, and software development. It included the performance series “Habituation Cages,” in which notable artists and scientists would spend 24 hours locked in a monitored room, with all their conversations and actions recorded. Much of the activity was documented on and explored within the interactive website

The series is divided into two subseries:

  1. Textual and photographic records
  2. Audiovisual materials
Sara Diamond
Code Zebra
CA SVE SD-03-01-002 · File · Predominantly 2000 - 2008
Part of Sara Diamond fonds

1 box of files. Contains journal articles and conference proceedings related to Code Zebra. The bulk of the reseach material is Diamond's own research that informed Code Zebra, and does not directly reference the project. Contains files related to production and planning of Code Zebra; these include grant applications to Telefilm, correspondence with partners in the project, and handwritten notes from Diamond. Contains short texts about animals which later appeared on the Code Zebra website.

Sara Diamond
Series · ca. 1967-2006, predominate 1987-2001
Part of Margaret Dragu fonds

Series consists of materials pertaining to Dragu’s work as a writer of poetry, fiction, non-fiction (including personal essays), and chapbooks, as well as some of her drawings. These materials include writing drafts, reviews of her books, copies of pieces written for various publications, press releases and publicity related to her books, and a large number of chapbooks (which feature a mix of creative writing, drawings, and collage). There are also drawings, including comic strips, made by Dragu.

Sex/War Public.
File · 2006
Part of Margaret Dragu fonds

File contains materials related to “The Dirty Show” (later called “Sex in the Time of War”) including: a curatorial statement, correspondence, and application paperwork.