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archival descriptions
Fonds · 1884 - 1992

Fonds consists of the records of Skidegate United Church, its predecessors, Spencer Memorial Church and Spencer Memorial United Church, Queen Charlotte United Church, Sandspit United Church, Seaview United Church and Seaview Community Church, and Tasu United Church. Records include Baptism registers (1884-1992), Marriage registers (1884-1984), and Burial registers (1884-1969); Membership records (1953-1990); Board and Committee records (1939-1991); Women’s Group records (1920-1980); Sunday school records (1966-1980); Financial records (1955-1985); Special Events records (1971-1984); Annual statistics (1967-1989); Outreach programs records (1969-1985); Building and Property records (1966-1987); a history of the United Church in the Queen Charlotte Islands (1985).

Haida Gwaii Pastoral Charge (Skidegate, B.C.)
Fonds · 1897-1914

Fonds consists of Baptismal register (1902-1914); Membership records (1902-1914); and Congregational meetings minutes (1897-1906).

Ainsworth Presbyterian Church
Ahousat United Church fonds
Fonds · 1904-1963

Fonds consists of the records of Ahousat United Church and its predecessor, Ahousat Presbyterian Church. Records include Baptism register (1919-1957), Baptismal Certificate stubs (1935-1937), Birth records (1904-1944), Marriage registers (1923-1957), and Death records (1904-1957); Indian Court proceedings (1914, 1955); Communion roll (1951-1954), Membership roll (1958-1962); Church Board minutes (1951-1963), Congregational meetings minutes (1953-1963), Christian Temperance Union of the Ahousat Indians pledge and constitution (1951); Christian Education building dedication (1963); Cash book (1952-1962).

Ahousat United Church
Fonds · 1910-1959

Fonds consists of records of the Presbyterian and United Church congregation at Albion. Records include Board of Manager/Stewards minutes (1910-1953), Congregational meetings minutes (1910-1953, 1959), Building Committee minutes (1910); Ladies' Aid records (1931-1953), Woman's Association minutes (1948-1953); Treasurer's Account book (1952-1959).

Albion United Church (Maple Ridge, B.C.)
Fonds · 1909-1996

Fonds consists of records of Aldergrove Presbyterian Church, Aldergrove United Church, including Aberdeen, Pine Grove, Patricia and Mount Lehman United Churches, Murrayville Pastoral Charge and Aldergrove-Mount Lehman Pastoral Charge. Records include Baptism registers (1909-1979), Marriage registers (includes civil) (1961-1984) and Burial registers (1944-1979); Communion rolls (1914-1932); Joint Official Board records (1963-1966), Session minutes (1914-1970), Stewards minutes (1940-1979), Official Board minutes (1970-1976), Congregational Meetings minutes (1938-1977) and Christian Education Committee minutes (1967-1972); Woman's Association minutes (1939-1949) and cash books (1935-1948), Woman's Missionary Society minutes (1938-1957), Women's Federation minutes (1955-1961), United Church Women Executive minutes (1962-1977), U.C.W. Afternoon Unit minutes (1962-1970), U.C.W. Evening Unit minutes (1962-1970) and U.C.W. Morning Unit minutes (1966-1970); Men's Club minutes (1959-1968), correspondence (1961-1966) and Program Committee reports (1960-1965); Sunday School class lists (1962-1973); Mission Band minutes (1947-1950); and Annual reports (1945-1996).

Aldergrove United Church (Langley, B.C.)
Fonds · 1875-1926

Fonds consists of records from Duncan, Cowichan and Saltspring Island Circuit, Maple Bay Methodist Church and Alderlea Methodist Church (Duncan, B.C.). Records include a Marriage register (1920-1926); Official Board minutes (1895-1912) and Trustees minutes (1875-1926).

Alderlea Methodist Church (Duncan, B.C.)
Alfred Edward Cooke fonds
Fonds · 1918-1952

The fonds consists of lectures, essays, correspondence, publications, and clippings relating to Jehovah's Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventism, Theosophy, Roman Catholicism, Christian Science, Spiritualism, British-Israelism, and faith healing.

Cooke, Alfred Edward
Fonds · 1935-1988

The fonds consists of minutes, reports, general files, and printed material of the British Columbia Provincial Council, as well as minutes and other records of the Metropolitan District Council, the New Westminster and Fraser Valley District Council, the Vancouver District Council, and the Vancouver Island District Council.

As One That Serves. British Columbia Provincial Council
Fonds · 1894-1946

Fonds consists of Baptismal registers (1894-1945), Marriage registers (1898-1942), Burial registers (1898-1934); Membership rolls (1898-1928), Attendance register (1899-1911), Communion register (1925-1928), Confirmation registers (1898-1938); and Worship Service register (1899-1946).

Augsburg Lutheran Church (Hagensborg, B.C.)
B.C. Freeman fonds
Fonds · 1889-1980, predominant 1890-1935

The fonds consists of the following series: Writings, correspondence, and other records, 1889-1980; Glass plate photographs; and Photograph albums of Ethel May Freeman, 1919 onwards. Freeman's writings and correspondence provide an expression of the attitudes and worldview of the missionaries in Northern B.C. during his career. The photographs are also informative, as an illustration of the relations between the indigenous peoples and the church, and their relations with white missionaries and hospital staff in the region of Port Simpson in the early 1900s.

Freeman, Barnabus C.
Bamfield United Church fonds
Fonds · 1946-1978

Fonds consists of Baptismal register (1946-1974), Marriage register (1962-1977), Burial register (1968-1978); and Communion roll (1957-1975).

Bamfield United Church
Fonds · 1954-1969

Fonds consists of Stewards minutes (1955-1956); Woman's Association minutes (1954-1962) and United Church Women minutes (1962-1969). The Beaver Falls-Montrose Women's Group records are held in the St. Paul's United Church (Fruitvale, B.C.) fonds, covering a period from 1954 to 1969.

Beaver Falls-Montrose United Church (Montrose, B.C.)
Fonds · 1959-1990

Fonds consists of Official Board minutes (1960-1963), Church Board minutes (1980-1983), Congregational meetings minutes (1961-1966), Building Committee correspondence and reports (1959-1961); Property and Insurance records (1960-1988); Correspondence regarding Church closure (n/d); Accounts and ledgers (1976-1988), and Annual financial statements (1976-1990).

Beaverdell United Church
Bella Bella District fonds
Fonds · 1897-1900

The fonds consists of minutes of the Annual District meetings and the Ministerial Session, 1898-1900, and minutes of the Financial District meetings, 1897-1898.

Methodist Church of Canada. Bella Bella District
Boswell United Church fonds
Fonds · 1943-1947

Fonds consists of a Marriage register (1943-1947).

Boswell United Church
Fonds · 1933-1997

Fonds consists of Baptismal registers (1945-1972), Marriage registers (1935-1997) and Burial registers (1961-1972); Historic Roll (1939) and Communion Rolls (1952-1973); Church Council minutes (1933-1960) and Congregational Meetings minutes (1933-1960); Property Deed and Registration Receipt (1939); Sunday School Worship Orders and Attendance records (1941-1943); Financial reports (1967-1972) and Collection records (1933-1957).

Bowen Island United Church
Fonds · 1910-1997

Fonds contains the records of Brechin United Church and some Sunday School records of its predecessor, Brechin Methodist Church. Records include Baptismal registers (1957-1986), Marriage registers (1956-1963), Marriage registers (civil) (1962-1965), and Burial registers (1956-1981); Membership records (1952-1984); Session minutes (1958-1971) and correspondence (1957-1966), Stewards minutes (1957-1970), Official Board minutes (1932-1969), Church Council minutes (1969-1982), Congregational Meetings minutes (1936-1968), Congregational Life and Work Committee minutes (1966-1968), and Christian Education Committee minutes (1959-1965); Woman's Association minutes (1948-1961) and financial records (1958-1961), Woman's Association Evening Auxiliary records (1951-1961), and United Church Women records (1964-1989); As One That Serves (AOTS) records (1975-1982); Sunday School records (1910-1968); Choir minutes and accounts (1957-1971); Congregational Account books (1926-1959); Annual reports (1987-1997); Newsletters (1990-1997); and a Visitor's register (1953-1958).

Brechin United Church (Nanaimo, B.C.)
Fonds · 1955-1979

Fonds consists of a Marriage register (1955-1972); Communion roll and register (1955-1963); Session minutes (1955-1966, 1971), Stewards minutes (1960-1967), Joint Stewards/Session minutes (1967-1976), and Official Board minutes (1977-1979).

Brentwood United Church (Central Saanich, B.C.)
Fonds · 1954-1966

Fonds consists of Baptismal records (1954-1965), Burial records (1956-1961); Communion roll (1954-1962); Official Board minutes (1955-?), Official Board reports (1959-1961), Congregational meetings minutes (1956-1966), Building Fund Committee minutes (1955); Building Fund Committee correspondence and receipts (1960-1963); Annual reports (1962-1964).

Bridgeview United Church (Surrey, B.C.)
Fonds · 1921-1974

Fonds consists of the records of both the Townsite and Britannia Beach Congregations. Records include Baptism records (1923-1972), Marriage registers (1921-1974), and Burial permits (1949-1965); Official Board minutes (1932-1971) and correspondence and reports (1925-1958), Managers minutes (1934-1945) and correspondence (1954-1958), and Congregational Meetings minutes (1935-1958); Ladies Aid minutes (1926-1956) and financial records (1926-1966), Women's Guild minutes (1941-1958), Women's Guild membership records (1941-1956) and financial records (1947-1971); Sunday School records (1929-1940); Canadian Girls in Training minutes and membership records (1952-1953), Young People's Organization minutes (1956-1957); and Congregational financial records (1929-1955).

Britannia Beach United Church
Fonds · 1892-1925

The fonds consists of acts and proceedings of the Synod, minutes of Synod meetings, and minutes and reports of Synod committees. The fonds includes minutes and other records of presbyteries, including Cariboo, Kamloops, Kootenay, Victoria, and Westminster.

Presbyterian Church in Canada. British Columbia Synod
Fonds · 1930-1944

The fonds consists of minutes of the Soceity for 1930-1944, including annual reports of the hospital, financial statements, and some correspondence.

Burns Lake Hospital Society