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Project records
CA PMRCA 01 · Series · [197-?]-2010
Part of Rodney M. Booth fonds

Series consists of records relating primarily to Booth’s consulting work after retirement. Includes scripts, timecode descriptions, project schedules, speeches, reports, correspondence, and maps.

Edward White family fonds
Fonds · 1852-1869

Fonds consists of records relating to the Rev. Edward White’s ministry in southern Ontario and British Columbia. Fonds also includes records relating to his son, J.H. White, and his family. Record series include: Diaries (1852-1918); Family correspondence (1862-1932); J.H. White family photographs ([1870?]-[1967]); and Reference materials (1852-1995).

White, Edward (Rev.)
Fonds · 1859-1925

Fonds consists of records from Wallace Street United Church Wallace Street Methodist Church and Nanaimo Wesleyan Methodist Church. Records include Baptismal records (1903-1928), Marriage records (1900-1928), Burial records (1903-1928); Official Board minutes (1912-1925); and Sunday School records (1859-1933).

Wallace Street Methodist Church (Nanaimo. B.C.)
Fonds · 1874-2012, predominant 1962-2012

Fonds consists of the following sub-groups: UCW, BC Conference Branch (1949-2012, predominant 1961-2012); Cariboo Presbyterial (1959-2000); Comox-Nanaimo Presbyterial (1962-2010); Fraser Presbyterial (1961-2010); Kamloops-Okanagan Presbyterial (1962-2009); Kootenay Presbyterial (1960-1971); Prince Rupert Presbyterial (1962-1971); Vancouver-Burrard Presbyterial (1960-1995); Vancouver-South Presbyterial (1962-1997); Victoria Presbyterial (1874-2006, predominant 1962-2006); Westminster Presbyterial (1962-2006).

United Church Women. British Columbia Conference.
George Edgar fonds
Fonds · 1876-1925

Fonds consists of three record series: Church-related textual materials (1889-1919); Photographs ([189-?]-[191-?]); and Reference materials (1876-1925).

Edgar, George
Fonds · 1877-1928

The fonds consists of the following record series: Diaries (1886-1887, 1891, 1902-1928); Sermons (1877-1912); Scrapbooks (1878-[1899?]); and Notebooks (1877).

Cameron, Alexander Henry
Fonds · 1884 - 1992

Fonds consists of the records of Skidegate United Church, its predecessors, Spencer Memorial Church and Spencer Memorial United Church, Queen Charlotte United Church, Sandspit United Church, Seaview United Church and Seaview Community Church, and Tasu United Church. Records include Baptism registers (1884-1992), Marriage registers (1884-1984), and Burial registers (1884-1969); Membership records (1953-1990); Board and Committee records (1939-1991); Women’s Group records (1920-1980); Sunday school records (1966-1980); Financial records (1955-1985); Special Events records (1971-1984); Annual statistics (1967-1989); Outreach programs records (1969-1985); Building and Property records (1966-1987); a history of the United Church in the Queen Charlotte Islands (1985).

Haida Gwaii Pastoral Charge (Skidegate, B.C.)
Fonds · 1886-1959

Fonds consists of the following record series: Attendance records (1886-1942); Financial records (1888-1948); Historical accounts and other material (1887-1959); Resident case files (1891-1942); Annual reports (1926-1934); Meeting minutes (1896-1915); Property records (1908-1909); and Photographs (1901-1947).

Oriental Home and School
Fonds · 1886-1933

Fonds consists of Baptismal register (1911-1932), Marriage registers (1903-1933), Burial register (1911-1932); Circuit register (1886-1901), Membership certificates (1909-1912); Official Board minutes (1875-1930), Trustee minutes (1888-1930); Ladies Aid minutes (1916-1923), Woman's Association records (1917-1927), Women's Missionary Society minutes (1890-1899, 1911-1921); Sunday School records (1886-1894, 1899-1924); Young Peoples Fellowship (1926-1932).

Wesley United Church (Vancouver, BC)
Fonds · 1886-1952

Fonds consists of records from Nanaimo Indian Mission. Record series include: Baptism, marriage, and burial records (1886-1952) and Sunday school records (1892-1912).

Nanaimo Indian Mission (Methodist)
Fonds · 1887-2010

Fonds includes records of First United Church and its predecessors, First Presbyterian Church and the Turner Institute. Fonds consists of the following series: Baptisms (1919-2005), Marriages (1897-1996), and Burials (1948-2004); Membership records (1943-1968); Board and Committee records (1897-2007); Superintendent’s records (1934-1984); Administration – General (1955-2007); Personnel records (1952-1984); Women’s Group records (1894-1971); Men’s Group records (1960-1972); Sunday School records (1893-1968); Youth Group records (1952-1955); Financial records (1916-1992); Annual Reports (1917-2004); Building and Properties records (1929-1987); Worship Bulletins (1952-1988); Choir records (1924-2005); Communication records (1976-2007); Radio Ministry records (1954-1983); Outreach and Social Action (1969-2010); Welfare Industries records (1954-1979); Camp Fircom records (1954-1980); Visitor registers (1930-1974); Photographs; and Reference Materials (1935-2004).

First United Church (Vancouver, B.C.)
Fonds · 1887-1925

Fonds consists of records relating primarily to St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, but also relating to successor congregations St. Andrew's United Church (1925-1927), and St. Andrew's-Wesley United Church (1927-1947). Fonds includes the following record series: Baptism, marriage and burial records (1889-1947); Membership records (1897-1903, 1927-1931); Board and committee records (1888-1930) Women's group records (1887-1932); Sunday school records (1888-1939); Youth group records (1912-1919); Annual reports (1891-1929); and Newsletters (1865-1871).

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church (Vancouver, B.C.)
Fonds · 1890-2012

Fonds consists of records from Hammond United Church and Maple Ridge Circuit Methodist Church, Agassiz, Westminster Junction, Pitt Meadows, and Websters Corners. Records include Baptismal register (1955-2012); Marriage registers (1920-2012); Burial register (1987-2012); Circuit register (1890-1940); Board and committee records (1908-2012); Women's group records (1943-1986); Men's group records (1960-1968); Sunday school records (1927-1968); Correspondence and subject files (1947-1963); Financial records (1911-2012); Policy and procedures (1996-2007); Annual reports (1958-2011); and Photographs and memorabilia (1982-2012).

Hammond United Church (Maple Ridge, B.C.)
Fonds · 1890-1958

Fonds consists of Baptismal register (1890-1958), Marriage Register (1900-1958), and Burial Register (1949-1957); Board and committee records (1890-1898); and Membership rolls (ca. 1920-1950).

Zion United Church (Vancouver, B.C.)
Fonds · 1892-2006

Fonds consists of records from Cloverdale Presbyterian Church (Surrey, B.C.), Cloverdale Methodist Church (Surrey, B.C.), Cloverdale United Church (Surrey, B.C.), Mud Bay (Elgin) United Church (Surrey, B.C.) and Hazelmere United Church (Surrey, B.C.). Records include Baptismal registers (1898-1985), Burial registers (1928-1992) and Marriage registers (civil) (1920-1986); Communion roll (1906-1918) and Membership records (1919-1921); Session minutes (1898-1982) and Board of Managers/Stewards minutes (1892-1990), Official Board minutes (1925-1952), Trustees minutes (1899-1904), Congregational Meetings minutes (1892-1954), Christian Education Committee minutes (1965-1978), Congregational Life and Work Committee minutes (1978-1981), Building Fund Account records (1972-1986), Manse Account records (1982-1986) and Memorial Account records (1972-1986); Ladies Aid minutes (1915-1929), Woman's Association Junior Circle minutes (1933-1939), W.A. Senior Circle Treasurer's Book (1945-1961), Woman's Missionary Society Evening Auxiliary minutes (1950-1961), W.M.S. Prayer Circle minutes (1939-1948), United Church Women Alpha Unit (1965-1968), U.C.W. Onward Unit minutes (1975-1991) and U.C.W. Sunshine Unit minutes (1985-1988); Young People's Union minutes (1952-1960) and Treasurer's Book (1952-1954); Congregational financial records (1940-1986); and Annual reports (1958-2006).

Cloverdale United Church (Surrey, B.C.)
CA PMRCA 01 · Series · 1892-1995
Part of Lydia Gruchy fonds

Series consists of records relating to Lydia Gruchy’s family correspondence throughout her life and after her death. Documents include education certificates and diplomas, photographs of the Gruchy family, news articles about Lydia Gruchy, the will of her father Charles Gruchy, family records, and letters of personal correspondence.

William Rickaby fonds
Fonds · 1896-1975

Fonds consists of four record series: Baptismal records (1941-1954); Correspondence (1938-1947); Memorabilia (1896-1975); and Photographs (1907-1972).

Rickaby, William
CA PMRCA 03 · Series · 1897 1958, predominant 1945-1958
Part of Robert C. Scott fonds

Series includes records of the Coqualeetza Indian Hospital and Coqualeetza Fellowship, 1945-1957; of the Coqualeetza Institute and Albemi Indian Residential School, 1897-1900 and 1939-1944; of the Conference committee Sunday School in the Home, 1951-1958; and of Vancouver Presbytery, 1958.

Fonds · 1897-2002

Fonds is divided into six subgroups, comprising the records of Robertson Memorial United Church (including Robertson Presbyterian Church and Nakusp United Church), Glenbank United Church (including Glenbank Methodist Church), Arrow Park United Church, Nakusp-New Denver Pastoral Charge, Arrow Lakes-Slocan Pastoral Charge and Arrow Lakes Pastoral Charge. Subgroup 1 (Robertson Memorial United Church) records include Baptism records (1897-1920), Marriage records (1903-1975) and Burial records (1905-1918); Communion roll (1908-1913); Joint Board minutes (1925-1979), Session minutes (1957-1964), Board of Managers/Stewards minutes (1899-1932), Official Board minutes (1928-1991), Congregational meetings minutes (1897-1991) and Building Committee minutes (1987-1999); Records and correspondence re: Manse (1916); Ladies' Aid minutes and cash books (1912-1962), Woman's Missionary Society minutes (1954-1959), United Church Women minutes (1965-1990) and U.C.W. Evening Group records (1963-1969); Union Sunday School Secretary's notes (1903-1916) and Primary Sunday School records (1918-1930); Golden Age Club minutes (1968); 60th Anniversary records (1958), 75th Anniversary records (1975) and 100th Anniversary records (1998), Building Plans/Canvassing records (1955-1987) and Presbytery Visit records (1983). Subgroup 2 (Glenbank United Church) records include Marriage register (1920-1922); Circuit register (no date); Official Board minutes (1897-1932) and Trustees minutes (1910-1914); Ladies Aid minutes (1912-1931) and Woman's Missionary Society Cash book (1925-1950); Sunday School minutes (1911-1937); and Account book (1921-1932). Subgroup 3 (Arrow Park United Church) records include Annual Meeting minutes (1951-1963); United Church Women minutes (1961-1966) and cash book (1962-1966); Missionary Class records (1954-1959) and Sunday School minutes, attendance and cash books (1950-1961); Mission Band minutes and correspondence (1957-1958); and Account book (1964-1965). Subgroup 4 (Nakusp-New Denver Pastoral Charge) records can be located in New Denver fonds. Subgroup 5 (Arrow Lakes-Slocan Pastoral Charge) records include Baptism certificates and stubs (1969-1983) and Burial permits (1932-1955); Joint Official Board minutes (1964-1968) and Joint (Central) Board minutes (1970-1986); Correspondence/subject files (1954-1983); Annual reports (1955-1984); and "Emmanuel" (newsletters) (1981). Subgroup 6 (Arrow Lakes Pastoral Charge) records include Annual meeting minutes (1960-2002); and Annual reports (1985-1996).

United Church of Canada. Arrow Lakes Pastoral Charge
Fonds · 1897-1960

Fonds consists of records from Chinese United Church Mission and the Methodist Chinese Mission. Records include Marriage records (1917-1924); Official Board minutes (1963-1921); Woman's Auxiliary minutes (1909-1932), Woman's Missionary Society minutes (1940-1955), Woman's Missionary Society Chinese Mission Circle minutes (1920-1942); Sunday School minutes and roll (1909-1927); Canadian Girls in Training minutes (1927-1939), King's Daughters Group minutes (1927-1939), Explorers minutes (1938-1942), Bluebird Club minutes (1937-1940), Friday Group attendance roll (1897-1903); Chinese Mission Band minutes (1909-1960); Cash book (1899-1920).

Chinese United Church Mission (Victoria, B.C.)
Fong Dickman fonds
Fonds · [between 1898 and 1946]

Fonds consists of the following record series: Sermons ([between 1898 and 1946]); Correspondence ([between 1898 and 1946]), and Manuscripts ([between 1898 and 1946]).

Fong, Dickman
CA PMRCA 03 · Series · [between 1898 and 1946]
Part of Fong Dickman fonds

Series consists of manuscripts created and/or maintained by Rev. Fong Dickman. Records include a 65-page manuscript in traditional Chinese, narrating the story of a fisherman and a logger.

CA PMRCA 01 · Series · [between 1898 and 1946]
Part of Fong Dickman fonds

Series consists of records relating to Fong Dickman’s preaching at churches he served between 1898 and 1946. Records include handwritten sermons in traditional Chinese, some dated 1936.