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Personal papers
CA CVM 002 · Series · 1939- [ca 1980]
Part of Alfred and Agnes Flett fonds

Series consists of business and personal correspondence, stationery with their letterhead, newspaper and magazine clippings about the Fletts and media accreditation ephemera. Some of the records refer to royal visits where the Flett were present as photographers.

CA NVAN F44-S6 · Series · 1967-1998
Part of Harbottle family fonds

This series contains records and photographs related to trips taken in the car, vintage car club activities, and photographs of the car itself.

[File] Hershey Auto Show
[File] Vintage Car Club Memorabilia
[File] Car Photographs
[File] Calgary Trip
[File] Photos of Final Sale

Harbottle, Jeffery Percival
1934 British Empire Games
NWMA IH 1994.76-A · Series · 1934
Part of Noel Oxenbury fonds

The 1934 British Empire Games were the second of what is now known as the Commonwealth Games. They were held at the White City Stadium in London, England from August 4–11, 1934, apart from the cycling at Fallowfield Stadium, Manchester, and the swimming, which took place at the Empire Pool in Wembley. Seventeen national teams took part, including the Irish Free State.This series consists of photographs, programmes, a certificate, correspondence, and miscellaneous items related to the 1934 British Empire Games.

1936 Olympics
NWMA IH 1994.76-B · Series · 1936
Part of Noel Oxenbury fonds

Noel Oxenbury participated at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, Germany. She competed for the 100 metre backstroke event, but was eliminated the first round. This series consists of newspaper clippings, photographs, speech, and correspondence related to the 1936 Olympics.

1938 British Empire Games
NWMA IH 1994.76-C · Series · 1938
Part of Noel Oxenbury fonds

Noel Oxenbury competed at the 1938 British Empire Games in Sydney and won a gold medal in the 4×110 yard freestyle relay alongside Phyllis Dewar, Dorothy Lyon, and Mary Baggaley. She also placed fourth in the 3×110 yard medley relay with Baggaley and Joan Langdon and competed in the 110 yard backstroke. Due to the onset of World War II, the games were not held again until 1950.This series consists of newspaper clippings, photographs, a diary, and miscellaneous items related to her participation at the 1938 British Empire Games.

1960 Olympics
NWMA IH 1994.76-D · Series · 1960
Part of Noel Oxenbury fonds

Noel Oxenbury served as the chaperone for Canada’s female team at the 1960 Olympics in Rome, Italy.
The series consists of newspaper clippings and a photograph related to 1960 Olympics.

CA CCOQ F42-S01 · Series · 1986
Part of District of Coquitlam fonds

The series includes working files related to properties in the Maillardville area that were assessed for heritage value by external contractors in 1986. The files include photographs taken by the assessors, a copy of the typed assessment of each property, and related documents added by Planning and Development staff over the years. Related documents include copies of land titles maps, permit applications, copies of reports to Council, correspondence, copies of Bylaws, engineering reports, copies of assessment cards, copies of news clippings, and colour photographs.

Foundation Group Designs Ltd.
25th anniversary exhibition
Series · 1972 - 2004
Part of Limners fonds

This series consists of records created in the planning and carrying out of the Limners’ 25th anniversary at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria in 1996. It includes planning records and a photocopy of the exhibit guest book.

75th Anniversary
CA JHS A.2012.015-011 · Series · 1948-2007
Part of Congregation Beth Israel fonds

Series contains files compiled and created for the preparation of Congregation Beth Israel’s 75th anniversary.

A to L

Series consists of the following newsletters and pamphlets:

Abella, Rosalie -- Women and the prospects for employment. -- n.d.
Adamson, Edith -- For conscience sake : taxes for peace not war. -- 1986
Adamson, Peter -- Women work twice as hard as men. -- 1980
Alliance for Non-Violent Action -- Pornography, rape, war. -- n.d.
American Friends -- U.S. in Lebanon. -- n.d.
American Friends Service Committee -- Questions, answers on the Soviet threat and national security. -- 1982
Anonymous -- Cultural aspects of violence in society. -- n.d.
Anonymous -- Political assumptions of feminist therapy. -- n.d.
Anonymous -- Why institutions don’t stop rape. -- n.d.
Anonymous -- Law and practice: South Island Women for Economic Survival. -- n.d.
Anonymous -- Uranium and radiation. -- n.d.
Arkin, William -- On Impact: Modern warfare and the environment: A case study of the Gulf War. -- 1991
Arkin, William -- Naval accidents, 1945-1988. -- 1989
Ashford, Mary Wynne -- U.N. end of the decade for women meeting. -- n.d.
B.C. and Yukon Regional Conference -- Women’s alternatives for negotiating peace. -- n.d.
B.C. Coalition of People with Disabilities -- Violence and women with disabilities. -- 1992
B.C. Energy Coalition -- On the road with the B.C. Energy Coalition.-- 1980
B.C. Hydro -- Hey, Hydro! The answers to questions often asked of BC Hydro.-- 1980
B.C. Ministry of Solicitor General -- Sexual assault awareness. -- 1988
B.C. Ministry of Women’s Equality -- Stopping the violence: A safer future for B.C. women. -- 1992
B.C. Police Commission -- Preventing sexual assault.-- n.d.
Barbara Schlifer Commemorative Clinic -- Your rights: An assaulted woman’s guide to the law. -- 1991
Barlow, Maude -- Women and arms control in Canada. -- n.d.
BC Association of Specialized Victim Assistance and Counselling Programs -- Non-disclosure of victims’ personal information to specialized victim assistance programs: implications for women and children victims of sexual assault, child and relationship violence. -- 1998
BC Association of Specialized Victim Assistance and Counselling Programs -- Records management guidelines. -- 1998
BC Association of Specialized Victim Assistance and Counselling Programs --Restorative justice and criminal justice reform in British Columbia: identifying some preliminary questions, issues and concerns. -- 1998
BC Association of Specialized Victim Assistance and Counselling Programs --Discussion paper on the Supreme Court of BC decision in R. v. O'Connor. --1994
BC Association of Specialized Victim Assistance and Counselling Programs --Discussion paper on the Supreme Court of Canada decision in R. v. Carosella. -- 1997
BC Association of Specialized Victim Assistance and Counselling Programs --Discussion paper on the Supreme Court of Canada decision in R. v. Ryan. --1997
BC Association of Specialized Victim Assistance and Counselling Programs --Preliminary information paper on the Supreme Court of Canada decision in R. v. O’Connor. -- 1996
BC Voice of Women -- Report of the Tenth Annual Conference. -- 1973
Beardsley, Jan -- Introduction to action research. -- 1987
Beaubien, Paul -- Thought island on peace. -- n.d.
Becker, Pam -- The domestic dispute in post-war Canadian magazines. -- 1996
Beitel, Garry -- My choice is peace. -- n.d.
Bertin, Leonard -- Nuclear winter. -- 1986
Bertrell, Rosalie -- Early war crimes of World War II. -- 1984
Bowker, Marjorie Montgomery -- What will the Free Trade Agreement mean to you. -- 1988
Bridges Employability Program -- Survivor’s handbook: a resource guide. -- 1994
Bridges Employability Program -- Victoria Status of Women Action Group. -- n.d.
British Columbia Council for International Cooperation -- Beijing and Beyond: How to become an activist Women’s rights. -- n.d.
Bunch, Charlotte -- Lesbian-feminist theory: Our right to love. -- n.d.
C.B.C. -- C.B.C. Ideas: Dissent and subversion. -- n.d.
C.I.D.A. -- Tribute 1: To a safer world environment. -- 1986
Caldicotte, Helen -- The medical implications of nuclear power.-- n.d.
Camp, Katherine -- On U.S. global intervention. -- 1985
Canada First -- Annual Report: Export of military goods from Canada. -- 1990
Canada. House of Commons -- Debate: Disarmament. -- 1984
Canada. House of Commons -- Arms Export of the Standing Committee on External Affairs and International Trade. -- 1991-92
Canada. Department of Justice -- After sexual assault: Your guide to the criminal justice system. -- 1989
Canada. Department of Justice -- The secret of the silver horse. -- 1989
Canada. Department of Justice -- What to do if a child tells you of sexual abuse.-- 1989
Canada-Palestine Committee -- An insight inquiry: Israel and torture.-- 1977
Canada-Palestine Committee -- The “Koening memo”: The secret document on handling the Arabs of Israel.-- 1976
Canadian Advisory Council on the Status of Women -- It’s your turn: A handbook for Canadian women.-- 1985
Canadian Association of Social Work Administrators in Health Facilities -- Domestic violence protocol manual: For social workers in health facilities.-- 1989
Canadian Catholic Organization -- Militarism: Obstacle to development.-- n.d.
Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility -- No nukes. -- 1982
Canadian Labour Congress -- Women’s Work: A Report. -- 1997
Canadian Peace Alliance -- Structure document. -- 1985
Carr, Betsey -- Voice of Women in Brussels: NATO turns a deaf ear -- n.d.
Cartwright, Peggy -- The baby buggy: A play. -- n.d.
Cassebolt, Carl and Steve Rauh -- Toward organic security: Environmental restoration or the arms race? -- 1986
Centre for Conflict Studies, University of New Brunswick -- No substitute for peace.-- 1982
Chantler, Terry R. -- Energy...and us. -- 1978
Chowka, Peter Barry -- A tale of nuclear tyranny.-- 1980
Citizens’ Inquiry into Peace and Security -- What makes Canada secure? -- 1990
Cole, Wendy -- “False” allegations of sexual abuse in custody/access disputes.-- n.d.
Committee for Prevention of Elder Abuse Elder abuse and neglect -- Abuse of aged -- n.d.
Committee on Nuclear Issues in the Community -- Nuclear issues in the Canadian energy context.-- 1979
Community Legal Assistance Society -- Presentation to Victoria community groups.-- 1989
Community Legal Assistance Society -- Test cases and interesting and important litigation.-- 1993
Comox Valley Nuclear Responsibility Society -- Canada’s peace-making and arms-making. -- n.d.
Covenant for a World Free of Nuclear Weapons -- Socially responsible buyers guide. -- 1988
D’Easum, Lille -- Hazards of the peaceful atom. -- 1970
Donato, Claudia -- Presentation for educational film concerning Guns: their fantasy vs. their reality. -- n.d.
Donnelly, Mary Rose -- A prophet is vindicated: James Gareth Endicott. -- n.d.
Douglas, Tommy C. -- Here come the supertankers!-- 1977
Dyson, Freeman -- Reflections: Weapons and hope. -- 1984
Early, France H. -- The Historic Roots of the Women’s Peace Movement in North America -- n.d.
East, Natania T. -- What happened to Canadian feminism after suffrage?: A look at the University Women’s Club of Victoria, 1920-1939. -- 1995
Ellis, Megan -- Prostitution: Reflections on demand.-- n.d.
Ellsberg, Daniel -- Call to mutiny: The notion that no nuclear weapons have been used since Nagasaki is mistaken. -- n.d.
Elmer, Jerry -- Power plants and weapons: The nuclear connection. -- ca. 1978.
Else, Jon -- The day after Trinity: J. Robert Oppenheimer and the Atomic Bomb. -- 1980.
Engineer, Soonoo -- Second thoughts on Iran and Afghanistan. -- 1980
Epstein, William -- Reviewing the Non-Proliferation Treaty. -- 1986
Federated Anti-Poverty Groups of B.C. -- Brief to Royal Commission on electoral reform and party financing. -- 1990
Federation of Women Teachers of Ontario -- Violence against women and children.-- 1991
Fedorowicz, Hania -- Canadian women: An untapped resource for peace and security. -- 1988
Ferry, W. H. -- By what right?: Peace Sunday sermon. -- 1980
Franklin, Ursula -- New approaches to understanding technology. -- 1984
Franklin, Ursula -- Peace as an ongoing issue. -- 1994
Friends World Committee -- UN Commission on Status of Women, Vienna. -- 1992
Furhling, Pierrs -- Uranium killed Joe.-- 1980
Genesis II -- Female sex offenders programming.-- 1987
Gilchrist, Madeleine -- Women for a meaningful summit. -- 1986
Gilchrist, Madeleine -- Women for a meaningful summit: Athens. -- 1986Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women -- GlAATW brochure Trafficking in women -- n.d.
Gofman, John W. -- Some medical causes and consequences of nuclear war. -- 1980
Gorbachev, Mikhail -- A world without nuclear weapons by Year 2000. -- 1986
Gorbachev, Milhail -- No nuclear weapons by 2000! -- 1986
Gose, Sally, Jenny Bazett and Shelley Reid -- Help yourself: health care resource directory for women in Victoria. -- 1981
Gough, Lyn -- Directory of women’s organizations. -- 1983
Great Peace Journey -- Preliminary report. -- 1985
Greenpeace -- Canada’s radiation scandal.-- 1990
Hall, Ross H. and Donald A. Chant -- Ecotoxicity: Responsibilities and
opportunities.-- 1979
Hancock, Maren -- The saga of the first Women’s Studies Programme at UVic. -- 1996
Hanson, Gordon and Robin Blencoe -- 97 ways for a woman to protect herself.-- 1986
Harding, Bill -- Nukenomics: The political economy of the nuclear industry.-- 1979
Helmer, Richard -- A physician’s view of nuclear war. -- 1982
Hero Comix Group -- Andrea and Lisa.-- 1987
Hitchens, Christopher -- Minority Report. -- 1985
Humphrey, Nicholas -- Four minutes to midnight. -- 1981
IDERA Clipping Service -- Development and disarmament. -- 1983
Japan Confederation of A&H Bomb Sufferers -- Hibakusha (nuclear victims). -- n.d.
Johnson, Leonard -- The U.S. and low intensity conflict in Central America. -- n.d.
Johnson, Russell -- Peacemaking in a global perspective. -- n.d.
Kurbatoff, George -- Ifs: The practical family manual.-- 1983
Lajoie, Sig, Father -- Acting together for justice. -- 1983
Laskey, Knoku -- How I survived Hiroshima. -- n.d.
Lawson, W.T. -- Youth and violence. -- ca. 1969
Leach, Elizabeth E. and Thelma Ruck Keene -- A broken peace: Questions and answers from the Gulf War. -- 1991
Leaning, Jonathan -- In the village: Photographs from Nicaragua. -- 1986
Lees-Haley, Paul -- Innocent lies, tragic consequences.-- 1988
Legal Services Society of B.C. -- Getting out: Escaping family violence.-- 1996
Legal Services Society of B.C. -- Wife assault: Information on your rights.-- 1988
Lesbians in BC -- Legal status of lesbians in BC. -- 1991
Lewis, W. Bennett -- Canada: The quality of life and nuclear energy.-- 1970
Loomer, Anne-Lise -- South-Asian women in Victoria: An oral history. -- 1997
Lown, Bernard -- Soviet-American Cooperation: A physician’s perspective. -- n.d.

Aboriginal Gathering Place
CA DCA S-006 · Series · 1995 - 2012

Series consists of materials pertaining to the Aboriginal Gathering Place, which opened in April 2011 at the College's New Westminster campus. The Aboriginal Gathering Place is a venue for hosting traditional ceremonies, potlucks, and meetings. When not holding events, it is a quiet space to study, meditate, and meet fellow students.

In addition to proposal documents and a program for the space's grand opening (January 2012), this series also includes some records related to services for Indigenous students in the 1990s.

First Nations Advisory Committee
Academic writings
CA PMRCA PRIV 20.05 · Series · 1958-1967
Part of James A. Taylor fonds

Series consists of records relating to Taylor’s course work through the University of British Columbia, most of which he generated through a correspondence course in short-story writing, while living in Prince Rupert. Records also include some curricula for courses he designed and taught for the Canadian Institute of Speech in Prince Rupert.

Taylor, James A.
Account book
NWMA MSS 024-A · Series · 1911-1913
Part of Mecca Tea Rooms fonds

Series consists of an account book of the Mecca Tea Rooms.

Mecca Tea Rooms
Series · 1967 - 2008
Part of Ted Harrison fonds

Series consists of material related to accounting matters and consists of the following files: Accounting; and Ledgers.
This series is not to be considered a complete representation of Harrison’s accounts. Documents relating to accounts (excluding galleries and publishing) are found within their own files.

CA CCOQ F22-S03 · Series · 1977
Part of Margaret Krenbrink fonds

The series consists of material related to Margaret's Krenbrink's personal activism. Of note is a set of correspondence with Alderman Bewley regarding the issue of compact housing.

Krenbrink, Margaret
Address books
CA SFL MsC 58-13 · Series · [197-]-1980
Part of Hilary Brown fonds

The series consists of Brown’s personal address books which contain the contact information of friends and colleagues.

Brown, Hilary
Series · 1985 - 2006
Part of Early Music Society of the Islands fonds

Series includes the records of the Society’s incorporation, its constitution, and charitable status; annual general meeting files; minutes, correspondence and reports files; concert committee business and reports;
newsletters; and press releases, advertising development and articles regarding the Society.

Early Music Society of the Islands
CRICH 183 · Series · 1970-1994
Part of City of Richmond fonds

Series consists of policy statements, memoranda, correspondence, plans, and reports, relating to Planning Department administration. Records in this series document administrative functions including policy, program and operational planning, and the administration and development of regulations and bylaws. Includes records relating to liaison activities with council and municipal committees, commissions and task forces, as well as to external associations and planning groups, including the Greater Vancouver Regional District and other regional authorities.

Richmond (B.C.). Planning and Development Department
CA CCOQ F18-S07 · Series · 1992-1997
Part of Eagle Ridge Residents' Association fonds

The series consists of administrative records produced by the Association such as contact lists and membership lists.

Eagle Ridge Residents' Association
CRICH 281 · Series · 1992-1993
Part of City of Richmond fonds

Series consists of memoranda, minutes and reports relating to the establishment and operations of the Department of Community and Government Relations.

Richmond (B.C.). Community Social Development Department
Administration and Finances
CA SVE FNVC-01 · Series · 1990-1999
Part of First Nations Video Collective fonds

Series consists of meeting minutes, grant applications and packages, mission statements, financial records, and goal setting vision documents created over the course of FNVC's existence.

Administration files
Series · 1911-1991
Part of Synod of the Diocese of Kootenay fonds

Series consists of correspondence, minutes, reports, financial records, newsletters, notes, printed material, statistics, subject files, clippings, photographs, drawing. Series consists of classes 100 to 340 with files arranged alphabetically in series, including files relating to archives; associations; coat of arms; committees and commissions, including diocesan (Administration, Executive, Finance, Planning and Stipend Committees), national and provincial bodies and House of Bishops; conferences; constitution and canons; cooperation and liaison; councils; newsletters and publications, including the diocesan newspaper, "The High-way"; religious orders; statistics; Synods, diocesan, general and provincial; subjects and issues; theological schools, including Vancouver School of Theology; and tours and visits.

Anglican Church of Canada. Diocese of Kootenay. Synod