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archival descriptions
CA JHS A.1998.009, A.2008.003-001 · Series · 1931-2001
Part of National Council of Jewish Women, Vancouver Section fonds

Series consists of minutes of National Council of Jewish Women, Vancouver Section meetings and meetings of the National Council of Jewish Women of Canada of which Vancouver members participated. Minutes of national and international meetings are also included in this series, as are minutes from other Canadian branches. Minutes of local Branches and groups include: the Board of Directors, Vancouver Branch; the Executive of the Board of Directors; the Hannah Soloman Branch; the Irene Samuels Branch; Professional Women’s and Technical Branch. Local committee minutes include the Hearing Screening Committee and the Golden Age Committee.

Minutes of local Branches and sections may also be found embedded in other series such as series 12 (Program, project and subject Files) and series 3 (President’s subject files). These groups include: Chana Szenes; Reva Gerstein; Tikvah Branch; Eleanor Roosevelt Branch; Mozah Zemans Branch; Bride’s Group; Evening Group; Afternoon Group.

CA JHS A.2001.001-001 · Series · [1931-ca. 1986]
Part of Tracy Ames collection

Series consists of photographs and audio cassette tapes collected in preparation for JFSA’s 50th anniversary video and commemorative book.

CA JHS A.2008.016, A.2011.018-001 · Series · [ca. 1918-1994]
Part of Nemetz family fonds

Series contains photocopies of 10 photographs albums and scrapbooks from Nathan Nemetz. The original albums were photocopies and returned to Nathan Nemetz; the location of the originals in now unknown.

CA JHS A.2009.003-001 · Series · 1916 - 1917
Part of Seidelman family fonds

This series contains letters written by Private Edward Joseph Seidelman to his family from July 1916 until his death in October 1917. The letters were written when Private Seidelman was stationed in Camp Hughes, Manitoba; Seaford, Sussex, England; and “Somewhere in France”. The series also contains Private Seidelman’s death certificate and letters from the Canadian and British government to his family after his death. Published material includes a published obituary from the “Daily Province”, Vancouver, British Columbia and a Western Universities Battalion newsletter from Camp Hughes, Manitoba, published October 21, 1916.

CA JHS A.2010.033, A.2012.013-001 · Series · 1952 - 2010
Part of Marjorie Groberman fonds

This series contains Marjorie's activities with Hadassah Wizo and the recognition she received from the Jewish community and the general community.

CA JHS A.2009.018-001 · Series · 1959-1989
Part of Dr. Morris Levine fonds

The series consists mainly of poetry that Dr. Morris Levine wrote over the years. Also intermixed with the poetry is some general correspondence, family correspondence, some work records, and a partial draft of a personal memoir (69-B-1, File 7).

Community publications
CA JHS A.1999.013-001 · Series · ca. 1950-ca. 1980
Part of Altman family collection

Series consists of an extensive number of community publications of a variety of community organizations and events.

Community publications were removed and filed into the JHSBC Community Publications collection. Each publication from this collection was labeled with its accession number prior to removal from the Altman family collection.

CA JHS A.1993.005, A.2008.008, A.1999.006, A.2000.012, A.2000.015, A.2009.006-001 · Series · 1942 – 2013
Part of Hadassah-WIZO Council of Vancouver fonds

Series contain newsletters, magazines, and commemorative books, created by local and national chapters of Hadassah-WIZO.

CA JHS A.2009.008-001 · Series · 1962-2000
Part of Congregation Har El fonds

This series consists of publications, including: calendars; newsletters; and the Har El Star.

CA JHS A.1999.003-001 · Series · 1949-1982
Part of Vancouver Jewish Community Fund and Council fonds

Series consists of submissions from various communal organizations applying for funding support. These submissions contain information about and from the applicant organizations including financial statements, program descriptions and reports. The series contains applications from some of the following organizations: B’nai B’rith Hillel, Habonim-Zionist Society Agency; Jewish Family Service Agency, Jewish Home for the Aged-Brier Home, Peretz School, Talmud Torah (Vancouver and New Westminster) and others as listed below.

CA JHS A.2009.003-002 · Series · 1889 - 1975
Part of Seidelman family fonds

This series contains letters to and from members of the Seidelman family, especially members in Winnipeg and Minneapolis; records relating to Harry Seidelman’s career; financial records; receipts; published articles concerning Seidelman family members; and schooling records. The series also includes letters to and from William Seidelman, Sr. from the 1889 and 1890s; some of the letters come from Seattle. The CD-R contains family records digitized by the family ca. 2007. Some of the originals of the digitized records on CD-R are part of the fonds.

CA JHS A.1998.009, A.2008.003-002 · Series · 1934-2003
Part of National Council of Jewish Women, Vancouver Section fonds

Series consists of general correspondence regarding Branch activities including planning and implementation of local, national and international projects, liaison with the National Council of Jewish Women of Canada and the International Council of Jewish Women, and policy statements to the provincial and federal government in matters such as abortion and human rights.

Textual records
CA JHS A.2008.016, A.2011.018-002 · Series · 1936-[2007]
Part of Nemetz family fonds

Series contains a variety of textual records from the Nemetz family and Dayson family, including files from Hebrew Free Loan Association, scrapbooks, certificates, newspaper clippings, and ephemera.