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CA RMDC MA 105 A2024.000.003 · Collection · 1899 - present

Fonds consists of the records of the IOOF from 1896-2004. Includes history, constitutions & bylaws, minutes, correspondence, financial records, lists, grand encampment proceedings, publications, bible, newspaper clippings, ephemera, and photographs.

Fraternal Order of Eagles. Hall of Rossland Aerie No. 10
CA RMDC MS 38 A2017.003 · Collection · 1897-2011

The main Rossland School Board Collection contains documents ranging from 1897 to 1990, and is arranged in the following series:

  1. Minutes, 1905-1965
  2. Correspondence, 1906-1940
  3. Financial Records, 1917-1960
  4. Legal Records, 1908-1958
  5. Reports, 1903-1990
  6. Resumes, 1906-1938
  7. Report Cards & Examinations
  8. Certificates
  9. Lists
  10. Scrapbooks
  11. Ephemera
  12. Maps
  13. Specifications
  14. Clippings
  15. Photographs
CA SAM MS 155 · Fonds · 1997

Scope & Content: Fonds consists of incoming and outgoing correspondence by the Festival Coordinator regarding festival planning, minutes and agendas of the Executive Committee, financial records and budget statements, reports and summaries for the 1997 and 1998 festivals, promotional and advertising materials including sample buttons, passports, brochures and informational memos and press releases distributed to media outlets and businesses, assorted public relations and promotional documents including fundraising and sponsorship reports and summaries, photographs from the festival and related newspaper clippings. The fonds is arranged into the following series: Executive Committee Minutes, Financial Statements, Coordinator and Committee Reports, Event Planning, Promotional activities, Correspondence, Sponsorship and Fundraising, and Photographs.

Salmon Arm Grebe Festival
City of Rossland fonds
CA RMDC 2021-09-04/0 · Fonds · 1897-1951

The fonds consists of minutes, bylaws, ledgers, letterbooks, journals, tax rolls, assessment rolls, correspondence, financial statements, police records and other departmental records. Fonds includes minutes of the Rossland School Board (1924-1934) and records of the B.C. Provincial Police, Rossland Detachment.

Rossland (B.C.)
Donaldson, Clay family fonds
CA CVIC PR-0178 · Fonds · [ca. 1880-1920]

The fonds consists of photographs and miscellaneous files. Photographs depict members of the Clay and Donaldson families, and family friends including Edgar Fawcett and family, Alexander Ross, Mary Jane Hamilton, Mrs. William Prout and Hattie Chapman. Miscellaneous files consist of photocopies of Alexander T. Woolsey Donaldson's Boys Brigade cards, an in memoriam card for Joseph Wilson, and records relating to Alexander Dawson Donaldson.

Donaldson (family)
CA RMDC MS 99 A2023.000.020 · Collection · ca. 1950s-ca.2000

The Rossland Board of Trade has documents from 1896 - 1961, and is arranged in the following series:

  1. Certificate of formation
  2. Minutes
  3. Correspondence
  4. Financial records
  5. By-laws
  6. Reports
  7. Publications
  8. Membership Applications
  9. Lists
  10. Ephemera
  11. Maps
  12. Notes
  13. Clippings
Rossland Chamber of Commerce
Maureen Trotter fonds
CA QUE 2022.0035 · Fonds · 1977-2020

Fonds consists of records created or received by Maureen Trotter through her work for the Quesnel Women’s Resource Centre, the Amata Transition House Society, the National Action Committee for the Status of Women, and other local advocacy campaigns and community projects. Records include organizational correspondence, lobbying correspondence, meeting minutes, financial statements, operational notes and manuals, internal policies, photocopied journal articles, literature reviews, research notes, grant proposals, government reports, strategic plans, campaign brochures, talking notes, petitions, newsletters, programming schedules, and contact information lists. Interspersed within the records are copies of newspaper and magazine articles documenting each of these organization's achievements.

The fonds has been arranged by the archivist into 6 series.
• Quesnel Women’s Resource Centre records (series 1)
• Amata Transition House Society records (series 2)
• National Action Committee on the Status of Women records (series 3)
• Quesnel child apprehension issue records (series 4)
• Records of other local organizations (series 5)
• Personal records (series 6)

Maureen Trotter
CA RMDC MS 22 A2023.000.017 · Collection · 1895 - 1952

The Hunter Brothers Ltd. collection contains documents from 1895-1959, and is arranged in the following order:

  1. History
  2. Correspondence
  3. Financial Records
  4. Legal Records
  5. Publications
  6. Lists
  7. Ephemera
  8. Clippings
Hunter Brothers Ltd.
William K. Esling Collection
CA RMDC MS 20 A2022.000.018 · Collection · 1919-1946

The William K. Esling collection contains documents from 1919-1946, with the collection arranged in the following order:

  1. Biography
  2. Correspondence
  3. Poetry
  4. Personal Writing
  5. Research Materials
CA QUE 2022.0035-2022.0035/4 · Series · 1992, 1995-2001
Part of Maureen Trotter fonds

Series contains records related to a child apprehension crisis which occurred in Quesnel from December 1997 to January 1998. During this crisis, the B.C. Ministry for Children and Families conducted an audit of the Quesnel social services office, which lead to a removal of an unprecedented number of children from their families. Records in this series were created or received during Trotter’s involvement in the Quesnel Child, Youth, and Family Network as well as her participation in a research project conducted to support affected mothers. This project was led by the B.C. Steering Committee of the National Action Committee on the Status of Women in association with the Quesnel Women’s Resource Centre.

Records created or received through the Quesnel Child, Youth, and Family Network include meeting minutes, newsletters, correspondence with government officials, annual reports, job postings, and the results of a family counselling needs survey conducted by the Network. Files also contain meeting minutes and correspondence related to the establishment of a Quesnel Family Resource Centre.

Records related to the child apprehension crisis itself include a report titled "Quesnel Community Gathering: Proceedings of May 19 and 20, 1998, and Open Space Event"; correspondence with government officials; press releases; special investigation reports and findings; handwritten notes; draft articles and write-ups; and contact lists. Newspaper clippings from the Cariboo Observer, the Province, Perspectives, the Vancouver Sun, the Globe and Mail, the Daily Courier, and the Radical which document the child apprehension crisis are interspersed between records. Several Provincial government reports are also included, such as a copy of Bill 47: Child, Youth and Family Advocacy Amendment Act (1995); a copy of The Risk Assessment Model for Child Protection in British Columbia, Ministry for Children and Families (1996); a copy of BC's Risk Reduction Service Plan Instruction (1996); and a Gove Inquiry Report Implementation Forum facilitation booklet (1996) with associated handwritten notes.

Records created or received through the NAC-BC Child Welfare Research Project include a research proposal, photocopied journal articles, Provincial government reports, literature reviews, correspondence with government officials, correspondence with academics, meeting minutes, newsletters, pamphlets, and Quesnel Community Development reports.

Personal records
CA QUE 2022.0035-2022.0035/6 · Series · 1979-2013
Part of Maureen Trotter fonds

Series contains personal records created by Trotter which are unaffiliated with her work for external organizations. Included is a 1985 study conducted by Trotter titled “The Needs of Rural and Native Women in the Interior of British Columbia” as well as Trotter’s resume, which is current as of the year 2006.

CA QUE 2022.0035-2022.0035/5 · Series · 1979-2013
Part of Maureen Trotter fonds

Series contains records created or received during Trotter’s volunteer work for the Quesnel Peace Action Group, Quesnel Environmental Society, Quesnel Social Justice Coalition, B.C. Network Against Two-Tier Healthcare, Quesnel Affordable Housing Action Committee, and Quesnel Climate Action Group.

Records include meeting minutes, meeting agendas, handwritten meeting notes, internal correspondence, lobbying correspondence, photocopied journal articles, literature reviews, handwritten research notes, informational booklets, pamphlets, posters, flyers, event planning notes, petitions, surveys, newsletters, membership contact lists, an alternative federal budget, a climate change toolkit, and housing development proposals. Most files also contain newspaper clippings related to each organization’s actions and achievements, or related to information about each specific cause, collected for research purposes.

Three photographs depicting a Peace March in Quesnel are located in file 2022.35/5/1/2d. Two additional photographs depicting the Quesnel community garden and a large bike rack are located in file 2022.35/5/6/1a.

The fonds has been arranged by the archivist into 6 sub-series:

• Quesnel Peace Action Group records (subseries 1)
• Quesnel Environmental Society records (subseries 2)
• Quesnel Social Justice Coalition records (subseries 3)
• B.C. Network Against Two-Tier Healthcare records (subseries 4)
• Quesnel Affordable Housing Action Committee records (subseries 5)
• Quesnel Climate Action Group records (subseries 6)

CA QUE 2022.0035-2022.0035/3 · Series · 1977, 1987-2000
Part of Maureen Trotter fonds

Series contains records created or received during Trotter's work for the NAC. Through the time period reflected in the series, Trotter served as a sub-regional representative on the BC steering committee as well as one of two BC regional representatives on the NAC national executive team. In these roles, Trotter assisted with lobbying, fundraising, membership tracking, event planning, communications, organizational structure changes, advocating for the needs of rural women, and advocating for international solidarity among women around the world.

Through her work for the NAC, Trotter participated in lobbying at the federal and provincial levels, including assistance with the creation of voter information guides, pamphlets, and questions to ask Provincial and Federal election candidates. In 1997, Trotter was published in the NAC Voter’s Guide, writing the chapter on women and postsecondary education.

Provincially, Trotter helped plan several BC-NAC regional conferences, including two conferences in Quesnel (November 1989 and September 1998). She also helped fundraise and create a database of BC-NAC member organizations across the province.

While not sent as an official delegate of the NAC, Trotter attended the 1995 United Nation Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, China. Trotter also helped organize and participate in the National Women's March Against Poverty, which took place in 1996.

Records in this series include annual reports, meeting minutes, meeting agendas, budgets, financial statements, internal correspondence, lobbying correspondence, fundraising correspondence, membership communications, campaign reports, press releases, contact lists, copies of journal articles, literature reviews, conference brochures, conference kits, a name tag, handwritten conference notes, reimbursement forms, receipts, nomination lists, indexes of resolutions, draft articles on feminist issues, campaign pamphlets, speech drafts, newsletters, membership lists, membership surveys, petitions, voter guides, lobbying questions, internal policies, organizational review proposals, strategic planning proposals, business cards, newspaper clippings, farewell cards, and a journal which accounts Trotter’s experiences during the Women's March Against Poverty. Five photographs taken during the 1995 NAC AGM in Ottawa are also included within this series, and are located in file 2022.35/3/2/03

Records related to the United Nation Fourth World Conference on Women include conference kits, participation guides, fact sheets, conference schedules, pamphlets from various international women’s organizations, flyers, handwritten notes and reflections on the conference, conference reports, and press releases, as well as newspapers, magazine articles, and newsletters discussing the conference and its aftermath.

The fonds has been arranged by the archivist into 3 sub-series:
• BC steering committee records (subseries 1)
• National executive records (subseries 2)
• United Nation Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, China (subseries 3)

CA QUE 2022.0035-2022.0035/2 · Series · 1979, 1985-1999
Part of Maureen Trotter fonds

Series contains records created or received during Trotter's work for Amata. The earliest records in this series pertain to a legal battle concerning 1982 and 1983 amendments to Amata's constitution in order to bar women considering an abortion from accessing Amata’s services. More recent records were created or received while Trotter served on the board of directors, where she worked to change the society’s organizational structure into a non-hierarchical collective. In this role, Trotter took meeting minutes, defined job descriptions, created staff evaluation policies, and participated in union negotiations.

Records include correspondence, meeting minutes, membership lists, contact lists, annual reports, financial statements, a Supreme Court of British Columbia legal order, newspaper clippings, different versions of Amata’s Constitution (1979, 1982, and 1983), funding contracts, the Amata board of directors manual, internal ‘house rules,’ handwritten notes, time cards, union negotiations, collective agreements, job descriptions, interview questions, conflict resolution policies, staff evaluation policies, strategic planning templates, a Writ of Summons with Statement of Claim, insurance records, employee benefits proposals, purchasing receipts, graphs describing program use, unfilled registration forms, and pamphlets.

CA QUE 2022.0035-2022.0035/1 · Series · 1982-2020
Part of Maureen Trotter fonds

Series contains records created or received during Trotter's volunteer work for the Quesnel Women’s Resource Centre Society. Trotter has been involved with the Centre since it was founded in 1979 and has served in various capacities on organizational and social change committees. Over the years, her work for the Centre has involved project development, writing grant proposals, media relations, taking meeting minutes, drafting internal policies, organizing events, training volunteers, supervising staff, creating write-ups for newsletters, monitoring research studies, and lobbying the federal, provincial, and municipal governments.

Records include newsletters, community calendars, pamphlets, flyers, programming schedules, meeting minutes, meeting agendas, program use metrics, coordinator reports, annual reports, organizational correspondence, lobbying correspondence, budgets, financial statements, financial audit reports, grant proposals, grant reports, project timelines, program evaluations, questionnaires, job descriptions, photocopied journal articles on feminist topics, literature reviews, event planning notes, petitions, purchasing receipts, internal staffing policies, volunteer orientation packages, mission statements, strategic plans, contact information lists, business cards, and thank-you notes. Also included are magazine and newspaper clippings related to both women’s issues as well as the achievements of the Quesnel Women’s Resource Centre Society.

Fonds · 1911-1985

The fonds consists of correspondence, cashbooks, employment ledgers, legal records, log load ledgers, timebooks, meteorological registers, fire danger records, reports, photographs and reference material. Fonds includes records (including photographs) accumulated and used by Crown Forest Coast Wood Products of Crown Zellerbach Canada Ltd., which purchased the Comox Logging and Railway Company in 1954.

Comox Logging and Railway Company
CA RMDC MS 23 A2023.000.003 · Collection · 1947-1995

Ranging from 1942 to 1997, the Red Mountain Ski Club Collection consists of:

  1. Constitution
  2. History
  3. Meeting Minutes
  4. Correspondence
  5. Financial Records
  6. Legal Records
  7. Reports
  8. Planning & Development
  9. Race Results
  10. Manuals
  11. Personnel
  12. Publications
  13. Newsletters
  14. Certificates
  15. Lists
  16. Posters
  17. Maps
  18. Ephemera
  19. Notes/File Notes
  20. Photographs
  21. Clippings
  22. Media
Red Mountain Ski Club
CA CVIC PR-0290 · Fonds · 1921-1998

The fonds consists of minutes, membership lists, financial records, subject files, show catalogues and newsletters of the Victoria Horticultural Society and its predecessors, the Victoria and District Cottage Gardeners Mutual Improvement Association and the Victoria and District Gardener's Association.

Victoria Horticultural Society
Andrew Reid fonds
CA WVAN 052 · Fonds · 2006

Fonds consists of photographs relating to the personal life and recreational activities of Andrew Reid and extended family members. Andrew Reid and his friends were avid skiers and hikers and many of the photographs are of skiing at Hollyburn Ridge hiking in the North Shore mountains, or days on the beach in West Vancouver. The fonds also includes images of Alta Lake in Whistler, excursions to Bowen Island, the West Vancouver Tennis Club, the Royal visit of George VI and Queen Elizabeth in 1939, Andrew Reid's place of work, Forst's Radio and Appliance in North Vancouver, and its staff, as well as construction of the Lions Gate Bridge.

Reid, Andrew
CA OBA OBA PR 133 · Collection · 1957-1980

One album of news clippings, correspondence, and ephemera documenting the development of recreational facilities and programs in Oak Bay from 1957 to 1980.

Lorna Elder
CA OBA OBA PR 135 · Collection · 1935 - 1965

Papers relating to Edna Hurley's involvement in St John Ambulance and the Air Raid Precautions (ARP) program in Oak Bay during the Second World War; papers relating to Edna Hurley's daughter Kathleen at Oak Bay High School, 1940s; architectural drawings.

Hurley, Edna
CA OBA OBA PR 177 · Collection · post-1918

Hampshire Road Methodist Church
• First World War Honour Roll for the Hampshire Road Methodist Church, ca.1918

Collett family papers
• Emma Collett’s Hampshire Road Methodist Church Sunday School certificate for,
• Dora Collett’s school and first aid certificates
• 5 Collett family photographs
• several printed books incl a Bible
• personal artifacts

Oak Bay United Church (Victoria, B.C.)
Haney family fonds
Fonds · 1890-1963

The fonds consists of correspondence, tax and assessment notices and receipts, financial records, certificates and ephemera of the Haney family, including records of R.J. Haney, Robert Verron Haney, Margaret Haney, Marjorie Haney Fulton, and R.J. Haney.

Haney (family)
Salmon Arm Scrapbook Fonds
CA SAM MS 95 · Fonds · 1980

Title is based on the submissions to the publication Salmon Arm Scrapbook. The fonds consists of submissions, a final draft, list of copied photographs, and correspondence. The fonds is divided into 32 series.

Salmon Arm Museum
CA RMDC MS 89 A2022.000.010 · Collection · 1899-1948?

Ranging from 1897 to 1948, the Rossland Curling Club includes
1) Meeting Minutes
2) Financial records.

Rossland Curling Club