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John William Fraser records

The series consists of receipts and invoices received by J.W. Fraser, including a three page invoice from Lanning, Fawcett and Wilson, 1917, that lists groceries, women's and men's clothing items, and cheesecloth and wallpaper used for covering walls inside homes. The records also include invoices for taxes from Delta Municipality, and Delta Dyking and Drainage Scheme, on Lots 158 to 161, dated November 15, 1909.

Fraser, John William

Shorthand notes

Series consists of historical notes written by T. Ellis Ladner's father, Thomas Ladner, in shorthand format. Series documents the social and economic life of the early settlements in Delta. Series includes a transcript of the shorthand notes.

Publication materials

Series consists of materials which Edna Ladner collected and edited preparing for the publication of her father's book, Above the Sand Heads. Series also includes an unpublished work of T. Ellis Ladner, recorded by Edna Ladner. The title of this unpublished work is On and By the River: Early Days in British Columbia.

John Muir's land deeds

Series consists of deeds, correspondence, and receipts related to John Muir's purchase and sale of property in Deloraine, Manitoba and Lulu Island (Richmond), BC.

Probate records of John Muir's estate

Records consist of legal papers and correspondence regarding the probate of John Muir's estate in Manitoba and British Columbia, particularly between lawyers and Agnes Muir, his daughter.

Muir, John, 1849-1939


Series consists of minutes of National Council of Jewish Women, Vancouver Section meetings and meetings of the National Council of Jewish Women of Canada of which Vancouver members participated. Minutes of national and international meetings are also included in this series, as are minutes from other Canadian branches. Minutes of local Branches and groups include: the Board of Directors, Vancouver Branch; the Executive of the Board of Directors; the Hannah Soloman Branch; the Irene Samuels Branch; Professional Women’s and Technical Branch. Local committee minutes include the Hearing Screening Committee and the Golden Age Committee.

Minutes of local Branches and sections may also be found embedded in other series such as series 12 (Program, project and subject Files) and series 3 (President’s subject files). These groups include: Chana Szenes; Reva Gerstein; Tikvah Branch; Eleanor Roosevelt Branch; Mozah Zemans Branch; Bride’s Group; Evening Group; Afternoon Group.

KEC Expansion Project

This series contains records related the KEC expansion project including permits, studies, site investigations, RFPs, contracts, and designs.


Series consists of materials pertaining to Dragu’s work as a writer of poetry, fiction, non-fiction (including personal essays), and chapbooks, as well as some of her drawings. These materials include writing drafts, reviews of her books, copies of pieces written for various publications, press releases and publicity related to her books, and a large number of chapbooks (which feature a mix of creative writing, drawings, and collage). There are also drawings, including comic strips, made by Dragu.


Series consists of photographs pertaining to the life and work of the creator. They depict the Dragu, her friends and family, performances, and everyday aspects of her life. These are photographs not already part of an existing series or subseries. They are a mix of colour and black-and-white.

Lydia Gruchy family photographs

Series consists of records relating to Lydia Gruchy’s personal life and education, and includes both photographs of her graduation class as well as photographs and textual materials relating to her family.


This series contains official documentation of Vancouver Community College events, including graduations, anniversary celebrations, student award ceremonies, employee recognition ceremonies, and music performances.

Art Practice

For Herbert Siebner, life and art were inextricably connected. The records he created in his private life as well as in his professional capacity as an artist form the series Art Practice. Records in this series include correspondence with family, friends, galleries, artists, and politicians; inventory lists; photographic prints, negatives and slides—subjects include friends, family, events and works of art; sketches; exhibition marketing materials; and personal writing. Throughout his adult life, Siebner wrote down his dreams, thoughts and philosophical ideas, sometimes by hand in notebooks, often typed on standard and legal sized paper. He retained carbon copies of these typed writings and outgoing letters. Many of the letters and personal missives are in German or a combination of German and English.
Series includes sub-series Limners.

Works on paper

Series consists of 40 works on paper. The bulk of these are hand coloured prints (some signed and numbered) but rarely include dates. Series includes pen and ink drawings, paintings and notably, a pencil portrait of a soldier created by the artist when he was a prisoner of war in 1945.

Other Environmental Organizations

Series consists of materials collected by Martin Keeley, and others, during his time as Executive Director of the Friends of Boundary Bay. The materials were generated from both his home in Point Roberts as well as the offices in Ladner, B.C. and Point Roberts, Washington. Martin Keeley participated and/or supported the six organizations included in this series. The materials correspond to Martin Keeley's time with the Friends of Boundary Bay.

Textual materials include correspondence, letters, minutes, notices, bulletins, financials, studies, research, court cases, newsletters, and brochures from six different environmental organizations. The organizations include the Boundary Bay Conservation Committee (BBCC), the Fraser Wetlands Committee (FWC), the Delta Naturalists Society (DNS), the B.C. Great Blue Heron Society, the Burns Bog Conservation Society (BBCS), and the Nature Trust of British Columbia.

The series has been arranged into the following sub-series and files:

  1. Other Environmental Organizations series
    1.1 Boundary Bay Conservation Committee (BBCC) sub-series
    1.1.1 BBCC Correspondence and Letters (to and from) file
    1.1.2 BBCC Minutes/Notices/Bulletins/Financials file
    1.1.3 BBCC Memberships/Policies/Financials file
    1.1.4 BBCC Research/Proposals/Studies file
    1.1.5 BBCC Court Case file
    1.2 Fraser Wetlands Committee (FWC) sub-series
    1.2.1 FWC Minutes file
    1.2.2 FWC Bulletins file
    1.3 Delta Naturalists Society (DNS) sub-series
    1.3.1 DNS Newsletters file
    1.4 B.C. Great Blue Heron Society (BCGBHS) sub-series
    1.4.1 BCGBHS Minutes/Financials file
    1.4.2 BCGBHS Correspondence file
    1.5 Burns Bog Conservation Society (BBCS) sub-series
    1.5.1 BBCS Minutes/Brochures file
    1.6 The Nature Trust of British Columbia sub-series
    1.6.1 NTBC Membership/Brochures/Correspondence file

Fraser for Life Administrative Records

Series consists of materials collected by Martin Keeley, and others, during his time as a member of the Fraser for Life Communications Society and executive director of the Friends of Boundary Bay. The materials were generated from both his home in Point Roberts as well as the offices in Ladner, B.C. and around Delta.

Textual material consists of financials, correspondence, letters, press releases, publications, court cases, minutes, notes, brochures, press clippings, and restricted materials that were generated by the Fraser for Life organization. The newspaper articles from this sous fonds have been removed from the textual material and placed in the Martin Keeley and Friends of Boundary Bay Newspaper Clippings Binders. These binders can be found on the Reference Library bookshelves.

Series has been arranged into the following files:

  1. Fraser for Life Administrative Records series
    1.1 Fraser for Life Financials/Sponsorship file
    1.2 Fraser for Life Correspondence/Letters (to and from) file
    1.3 Fraser for Life Press Releases/Publications file
    1.4 Fraser for Life Court Case file
    1.5 Fraser for Life Minutes/Notes/Brochures/Memberships file
    1.6 Fraser for Life Press Clippings file
    1.7 Fraser for Life Restricted Materials file

Civic ceremonies series

Series documents one of John Edwin Loucks' mayoral responsibilities: appearing at civic ceremonies. Photographs and slides in this series depict Loucks bestowing and accepting awards and delivering speeches. There is very little available information from the records about the events themselves. Records contained in this series also include some handwritten notes and a plaque.

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