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CA DMA CR-93 · Fonds · [188-] - 1991

The fonds consists of articles, newspaper clippings and miscellaneous historical manuscripts about Tamboline family members and other people and events in the Ladner area. One series of clippings is organized in four scrapbooks. The fonds also includes photographs of family members and friends, and homes and activities of the Tamboline family.

Tamboline (family)
Series · [ca. 191-]-1921
Part of Brunswick Cannery (Canoe Pass) fonds

Series consists of records belonging to Francis Griffin Bell and Dorothy Bell. Mr. Bell was manager of the Brunswick Cannery, Canoe Pass, 1902-1927(?) for the B.C. Packers Association. Prior to working as manager for the Association, Francis G. Bell was president of the Anglo-American Canning Co., which was bought by the Association in 1902. His daughter, Dorothy Bell, worked as a reporter beginning in 1915 for the Eburne Gazette, later in 1922 accepting a position on the editorial staff of McLean's Magazine.

Brunswick Cannery (Canoe Pass, B.C.)
Series · [192-?]-1940
Part of Margaret MacInnis and family fonds

Series consists of correspondence with the Canadian Pension Commission, 1934 to 1938, regarding reinstatement of Major MacInnis' pension; letter from the Minister of Pension and National Health acknowledging Major MacInnis' offer of service to Acting Minister of Defence, 1940; and a certificate of membership for C.W. MacInnis in the Masonic Order, Grand Lodge of Alberta A.F. & A.M., No. 7, Edmonton.

MacInnis, Carlyle William
E. T. Calvert family fonds
CA DMA CR-74 · Fonds · 1914 - [193-]

Fonds consists of family photographs and photographs of the customs office, swimming pool and other places in Boundary Bay and Beach Grove. The fonds also includes the original hand written work leddger, 1914-1921, that E.T. Calvert kept as customs agent at Boundary Bay.

Calvert, E.T.
Shorthand notes
Series · [ca. 1868-1902], 1941
Part of T. Ellis Ladner fonds

Series consists of historical notes written by T. Ellis Ladner's father, Thomas Ladner, in shorthand format. Series documents the social and economic life of the early settlements in Delta. Series includes a transcript of the shorthand notes.

CA DMA CR-73 · Fonds · 1874-1971

Fonds consists of copies of early land deeds for District Lot 141 (1874, 1880, 1920), a farmer's record book (1930), family photographs (1880s to 1947) and some newspaper clippings.

Green, Charles F. (family)
T.W. Forrest's Day Book
File · 1877-1880
Part of Ila McCubbin Embree fonds

File contains a small day book written by T. W. Forrest with daily entries recording expenses, income and events between 1877 and 1880. T.W. (Wesley?) Forrest was the father of Irene Forrest who was Lester Embree's first wife and Ivan embree's grandfather. Mr. Forrest farmed in Nova Scotia, where the day book may have been written, and at an unknown date moved to New Westminster.

Miscellaneous material
Series · [ca. 1880] - [19--?]
Part of Brunswick Cannery (Canoe Pass) fonds

Series of material found with other cannery records or at the Brunswick Cannery site. The material includes published reports regarding fishery matters, material used in cannery operations (labels an forms), and material that is of a personal nature that likely belonged to cannery workers. The latter includes booklets and letters in Japanese.

Brunswick Cannery (Canoe Pass, B.C.)
CA DMA CR-108 · Fonds · [ca. 1880]-1942

The fonds consists of records generated by the operation of the Brunswick Cannery on Canoe Pass from 1897 to 1926, under the ownership of the Brunswick Cannery Company, and after 1902, under the ownership of the British Columbia Packers Association and British Columbia Fishing and Packing Company Ltd. The fonds also includes records belonging to the Anglo American Canning Company Ltd. probably because the company's president, Francis Griffin Bell, became the manager of Brunswick Cannery for the Association in 1902. The fonds includes licenses, contracts, financial and fishermen's records generated by daily operations, plant inventories, and correspondence. The records are not complete. The records reflect its operation as a branch of the British Columbia Packers Association and therefore give insight into the operation of the Association. The fonds has been arranged into 9 series: annual reports, correspondence, financial records, fishermen's records, Francis G. Bell family records, legal records, miscellaneous material, personnel records, and plant inventories.

Brunswick Cannery (Canoe Pass, B.C.)
CA DMA CR-121 · Collection · 1880-1995

The Delta Museum and Archives manuscript collection consists of material acquired by the archives and museum that have no provenance or donor information, or do not constitute or belong to a fonds. The collection includes materials that are ephemeral in nature such as programmes, posters, pamphlets, directories, and scrapbooks; records of people, businesses and organizations in the form of ledgers, certificates, etc; and municipal government reports and publications. The collection documents community events and the lives of people in Delta.

Douglas J. Husband Discovery Centre
Accounts Journal 1883-1897
File · 1883-1897
Part of John and Douglas Honeyman fonds

File contains a journal kept by John and Helen Honeyman in which they kept record of household expenses at the Eden, Manitoba, farm and, beginning January 1, 1896, at the farm in Delta at Gulfside near Port Guichon. The entries list such expenses as groceries, dry goods, hardware, clothing, school supplies, trees and seeds, and entertainment. Farm expenses were kept separately and list equipment and hardware, worker's wages, seed, and threshing wages. The journal also lists revenue from butter sold in 1884.

Series · 1885-2010
Part of Edgar Dunning fonds

Series consists of original and copy prints, negatives, contact prints, and slides of images largely of Delta people, places and events. The largest accession (1979-026) consists of prints used in Edgar Dunning's The Optimist newspaper business. Many of these prints have been annotated with cropping and other marks. The majority of images have been taken by Edgar Dunning; other images were given to him because of his interest in preserving Delta's history.

Series · 1885-1949
Part of Whitworth family fonds

Series consists of correspondence among the Whitworth parents, children and relatives. The correspondence is in the form of greeting cards, letters and postcards and is arranged by file level accordingly. The correspondence often marks significant holidays, events and announcements as well as day to day activities and sentiments.

File · [ca. 1885] - 1920
Part of Ila McCubbin Embree fonds

This series consists of one photograph of Annie Forrest (ca 1920) enclosed in a small card, and one carte de visite album with twelve photographs and some ephemeral material. This album may have belonged to Annie Forrest, as it appears to contain three very small photographs of Miss Forest as a young woman. There is also carte de visite and other mounted portraits of young people, many unidentified. Those that are identified include Effie Wells, the Graham children, and Miss Turner.

Minutes of meetings
Series · 1888-1994
Part of Delta Agricultural Society fonds

Consists of the original minutes of the Delta Agricultural Society's board meetings and general meetings from 1888 to 1994. Includes names of elected officers, motions, some financial statements for the later years, etc.

Delta Agricultural Society
Edith Curran fonds
CA DMA CR-129 · Fonds · 1890-1972

The fonds consists of photographs, cash and ledger books, and memorabilia belonging to Edith Curran. Many of the photographs are of Edith's family in England, as well as photographs of the farm in Delta Manor and vacations in Canada. An album belonging to Ernie Goubault, who lived with the Currans, contains scenes of Ladner and the farm. Of special interest are Edith Curran's cash and ledger books which provide uninterrupted detail about farming activities and household expenses for a period of 40 years (1931 to 1972).

Curran, Edith
Series · [ca. 1890] -1983
Part of Edgar Dunning fonds

Series consists of publications, programmes, invitations, and other material collected by Edgar Dunning, often as the result of attending major municipal and community events in the capacity of editor and publisher of The Optimist. Edgar also collected historical documents which were given to him because of his interest in preserving Delta history.

CA DMA CR-122 · Fonds · [ca. 1890]-1914

Fonds consists of copies of William Henry and Edith Blanche Burr's farm diary for 1903; copies of letters written by Harry Burr between 1903-1914; property records relating to property owned by the Burrs and family photographs of scenes on the farm, the Hunt Club, and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Burr and other family members and a large matted portrait of Burrvilla.
Fonds is arranged in 4 series:
Property Records

Burr, W.H. and E.B. (family)
Series · [ca. 1890] - 1985
Part of Trevitt family fonds

Series consists of photographs of members of the Trevitt, Vasey and Gillanders families (Accession 1975-001, 1984-049, 1984-108); views of Trevitt Farm (accession 1984-050, 1985-062 and 1987-037); Delta High School 1941-1942 class reunion (Accession 1986-022, 1988-051 and 1988-023); John Trevitt's travels to and training in Nova Scotia, and on HMCS Capilano (Accession 1989-119), and scenes of Ladner (Accession 1988-005 and 1988-023).

Financial records
Series · 1891-1930
Part of Brunswick Cannery (Canoe Pass) fonds

Series consists of invoices, receipts, lists of outstanding accounts, ledgers, bank statements, and daily pack reports, largely resulting form the operation of Brunswick Cannery, 1898-1930, as well as the Anglo American Cannery, 1986 to 1902. Invoices include billings from suppliers in Vancouver and New Westminster as well as local suppliers of groceries, lumber, hardware, etc. in Port Guichon and Ladner, and from local individuals. The invoices show changes in canning techniques, for example, invoices from the American Can Company for new types of can. Brunswick Cannery also received memorandums of debits and credits assigned to the cannery for supplies received from and traded to sister canneries and the head office of B.C. Packers. The ledgers are in the form of Net Books and contain information pertaining to fishermen and cannery workers who have accounts with the cannery for boats, equipment, food and supplies.

Series includes receipts for moneys paid by the British Columbia Packers Association to persons to fish, wages, and work done, and to persons and companies for goods and services supplied to Brunswick Cannery. Hand written entries give names of those receiving money, the amount, and the type of work done, and therefore supply personnel information. Other incomplete sets of records include lists of debts owed to the Association by its employees, bank statements, and daily reports of pack.

Brunswick Cannery (Canoe Pass, B.C.)
Series · 1893
Part of Delta Agricultural Society fonds

Series consists of an award relating to members of the Delta Agricultural Society during it's tenure, specifically included in this series is the Chicago World's Fair award presented to Jubilee Farm in 1893 for their exhibit of 'Black Tartarian Oats.' Accession included in this series is: 2011-014.

Delta Agricultural Society