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CA VERN PH 7 · Fonds · 1919-1935

The F.G. Salt Photo Studios collection consists of 30 photographs produced by local photographer, F.G. Salt, between 1923-1927. The collection consists mainly of individual portraits and group photos, such as sports teams, theatrical casts, clubs and organizations. Also included in the collection are various scenics of Vernon and the surrounding area.

Lumb Stocks collection
CA VERN PH 6 · Fonds · 1921-1933

The Lumb Stocks collection consists of 51 photographs produced by local photographer, Lumb Stocks, between 1921-1933. The collection documents various aspects of the development of the city of Vernon. The collection includes scenes of the homes and businesses in Vernon, Coldstream, the BX, and around the Okanagan and Kalamalka Lake, as well as series of photos of the classes, teams and clubs of the Vernon Boys Preparatory School.

Vernon Photo Co. collection
CA VERN PH 5 · Fonds · [1908-ca.1925]

The Vernon Photo Co. collection consists of 103 photographs produced by the Vernon Photo studios between 1908-ca.1925. The collection includes portraits, group photos, Camp Vernon military personnel and activities, scenes of Vernon and area, local theatrical productions, celebrations, parades and festivals.

G.H.E. Hudson fonds
CA VERN PH 3 · Fonds · 1907-1916

The G.H.E. Hudson fonds consists of 201 glass negatives and 227 photographs produced by well-known commercial photographer, G.H.E. Hudson, between 1907-1916. Commissioned by the government to photograph aspects of Valley life for pictorial settlement brochures, Hudson's fonds documents everyday life and activities throughout the Okanagan Valley. The fonds includes portraits, group photos, local celebrations and events, Camp Vernon military activities, business stills of Vernon, Armstrong, Enderby and Lumby, a series of panoramas of the Valley, the Kettle Valley railroad construction, and views of the Okanagan Lake sternwheelers.

Hudson, G.H.E.
George A. Meeres collection
CA VERN PH 2 · Fonds · 1920-1964

The George A. Meeres collection consists of 917 photographs and 858 photographic negatives produced by commercial photographer, George Meeres, between 1920-1964. Consisting of 915 b&w, and 2 hand-tinted photographs, the collection captures moments of everyday life and events in the cities of Vernon, Armstrong, Enderby and Lumby. Includes individual and group portraits, stills of local businesses, street scenes, views of local scenery, holiday celebrations, theatrical productions, and local military activities.

Doug Kermode fonds
CA VERN PH 1 · Fonds · [ca.1928-1992]

The Doug Kermode fonds consists of 1973 photographs and 946 photographic negatives, produced by local photographer Doug Kermode from ca.1928-1992. Includes 2067 b&w, 124 colour and 6 hand-tinted photographs that chronicle the City of Vernon from the early 1930's to the late 1980's, covering every aspect of the community's development. From the fads and fashions of the time, to the people and events that make up the area's history, the fonds includes portraits, commercial documentation, news coverage, and aerial photographs. The portraits, which consist of both individual and group photos, include pictures of civic dignitaries, sports teams, military groups, local business staff, and fraternal organization members. The commercial photos consist of city views, city buildings, street scenes, the agricultural landscape, emerging industries, and institutions such as the Vernon army camp. The news coverage photos capture special events that made the local headlines, such as visits of royalty and heads of state, political events and natural or man-made disasters. They also chronicle many of the everyday community activities such as sporting events, civic functions, theatrical productions and holiday celebrations. Of particular note are the aerial photographs, which document the changing topography throughout the Okanagan, ranging from north of Salmon Arm, east to the Arrow Lakes and south to Osoyoos.

Kermode, Doug
E. Peter Venables fonds
CA VERN MS 9;1964.043;1967.020;1981.108;1984.561 · Fonds · [ca.1946-1965]

Fonds consists of the personal records and documents of Peter Venables from ca.1946-1965. Includes memoirs of his family's emigration to Canada and settlement in Coldstream, personal writings such as poems and essays, and various personal data items.

Venables, E. Peter
CA VERN MS 99;1983.035;1984.327;1990.055 · Fonds · 1899-1980

Fonds consists of the administrative records and documents of the B.C. Fruit Growers Association from 1899-1980. Includes quarterly and annual reports, minutes, convention portfolios, updates and reports, and miscellaneous industry facts, figures, and association announcements.

British Columbia Fruit Growers Association
City of Vernon fonds
CA VERN MS 98;1965.044;1973.076;1976.065;1978.013;1979.130;1980.155;1982.160;1983.031;1983.152;1984.138;1984.406;1984.742;1993.027;1995.059 · Fonds · 1892-1987

Fonds consists of the records and documents of the City of Vernon, detailing the City Council's internal and external activities and workings from 1892-1987. Includes correspondence, minutes, legal documents, reports, financial records, police records, Union of B.C. Municipalities Convention documents, lists, maps and plans, and miscellaneous ephemera.

Vernon (B.C.)
Waters family fonds
CA VERN MS 97;2000.003 · Fonds · [1880-1915]

Fonds consists of the records and photographs of Barbara Bass Waters (mother of Barbara Isobel Morris) from [1880-1915]. Includes two journals written by B.B. Waters, consisting of her personal remininences and a listing of family marriages, births and deaths. Also includes 13 loose photographs and 1 photo album of approximately 80 photographs detailing the daily life and activities of the Waters family while living at Thornbury and Kilmington Rectories.

Waters (family)
Rev. Augustine Mackie fonds
CA VERN MS 97;1984.739;1985.092 · Fonds · 1929-1937

Fonds consists of the personal records of the Rev. Augustine Mackie from 1929-1937 documenting his interest in nature and animals. Includes general notes (1929-1932) on the tracking of various migratory bird species and the dates they were spotted, as well as correspondence (1937) from the Natural History Museum in California regarding the identification of snake species.

Mackie, Augustine
CA VERN MS 96;1984.704;1994.048 · Fonds · 1892-1908

Fonds consists of the records and documents of the Bank of Montreal from 1892-1908. Includes correspondence, legal documents, and financial records which detail the establishment of the Bank of Montreal's offices in Vernon and Armstrong, the building of a bank manager's residence in Vernon, and the people who became Bank of Montreal customers.

Bank of Montreal. Vernon Branch
Campbell-Brown family fonds
CA VERN MS 94;1984.433;1996.007 · Fonds · 1915-1980

Fonds consists of the personal records and documents of various Campbell-Brown family members, collected from 1915-1980. Includes correspondence, research notes, personal writings, certificates, ephemera and family geneology tables documenting their family history and personal lives. Containing both original, copied and transcribed materials, the series includes a significant amount of information on the 'voice harmonium', an instrument invented by Colin Brown, grandfather of Hugh Campbell-Brown.

Campbell-Brown (family)
Bishop Sovereign fonds
CA VERN MS 93;1984.344 · Fonds · 1913, [ca.1958-1966]

Fonds consists of miscellaneous personal records of Bishop Sovereign from 1913, 1958-1966 which document his personal interest in the history of the peoples and places of B.C. The majority of the fonds consists of correspondence to and from the Bishop and various friends in regard to his personal research. Includes information on Rattlesnake Point, the Walter Moberly journals, Moberly's journeys through the Allison, Coquihalla, and Rogers passes, the life of Walter Dewdney, and Priest Valley School. Fonds also includes personal notes and jotting in regard to the aforementioned subjects, as well as some personal data ephemera, such as membership cards.

Sovereign, Arthur Henry, Bishop
CA VERN MS 92;1984.833 · Fonds · 1910-1946

Fonds consists of the business records of the Land & Agriculture Company of Canada from 1910-1946. Includes a hardbound sales account book (plus index) of the individual land sales to settlers in the valley. The index book contains the alphabetical listing of the buyer names, plus the page number on the sale is found in the account book. In the sales account book, each page lists the buyer's name, the lot(s) sold, the sale price and interest rate, a schedule of balances payable, and dates of installment payments. Fonds also includes copies of correspondence sent to various purchasers in regard to accounts payable.

Land and Agriculture Company of Canada
CA VERN MS 91;1983.014;1983.113;1983.035;1983.224;1985.198 · Fonds · 1928-1973

Fonds documents the personal and business life of Vernon Ellison, including his personal interests and activities, his cattle breeding farm (Kalwood Farms Ltd), and his fruit orchard business, from 1918-1973. Includes correspondence, personal writings, legal documents, financial records, permits, personal data documents, and ephemera.

Ellison, Vernon Etherington
Vernon Club fonds
CA VERN MS 85;1984.079;1993.040;1997.017 · Fonds · 1911-1980

Fonds consists of the administrative records of the Vernon Club from 1911-1980. Includes minutes, financial records, legal documents, and registers which detail the establishment of, reorganization of, and internal activities of the club and its members.

Vernon Club
CA VERN MS 84;1990.059 · Fonds · 1924-1926

Fonds consists of the financial records of the Gateby Ladies' Club & Tea Rooms from 1924-1926. Includes a ledger containing the alphabetically indexed revenues and expenditures of the Club. Expenditures include expense accounts with various city businesses, general tea room expenses, maintenance fees, furniture and fixture purchases, light, water, telephone, and fuel expenses, as well as employee wages. Incoming revenues consist mainly of member subscriptions, boarders and the tea room profits. Also included in the ledger are a listing of the capital accounts of Miss B. Yeatman, owner and proprietor of the Gateby Ladies' Club and Tea Rooms.

Gateby Ladies' Club and Tea Rooms
CA VERN MS 83;1983.188 · Fonds · 1893-1895

Fonds consists of the financial records of the Okanagan Land & Development Co. from 1893-1895. Includes an account ledger containing entries detailing the company's revenue (sales, commissions) and expenditures. In many of the land sales, detailed land descriptions (lots, sub-divisions and block #s) are given.

Okanagan Land and Development Company
Vernon Anglican Church fonds
CA VERN MS 82;1983.188 · Fonds · 1913-1923

Fonds consists of the financial records of the Vernon Anglican Church from 1913-1924. Includes a general accounting ledger containing the daily and monthly financial revenues and expenditures such as: sundry church expenses, offering collections, repairs, rectory notes (loans), organ collections account, parish hall rentals, maintenance fund guarantees, Sunday School expenses, synod assessments, stipends and salaries, mission funds, insurance policies and premiums, choir expenses, and the church bank account balances. Entries are scattered throughout the ledger without any true chronology.

Vernon Anglican Church
CA VERN MS 81;1988.006 · Fonds · 1934-1937

Fonds consists of the financial records of the Okanagan Stationery & Book Co. Ltd. from 1934-1937. Includes financial statements and balance sheets documenting all revenue and expenditures, assets, liabilities, inventory on hand, and cash on hand. Fonds also includes some correspondence to and from the company in regard to their financial situation.

Okanagan Stationery and Book Company
CA VERN MS 80;1988.006 · Fonds · 1932-1936

Fonds consists of the financial records of the Hotel Holdings Co. Ltd. from 1932-1936. Includes income tax claims, financial statements (1935-1936), an annual financial report (1932), inventory lists by item and price, and a copy of a shares sale between Patrick Henry Murphy (hotel proprietor) and the partners of Gilbert Gordon Southwell & Charles Arthur Dunsmore.

Hotel Holdings Company
Vernon Box Co. Ltd. fonds
CA VERN MS 79;1988.006 · Fonds · 1933-1936

Fonds consists of the financial records of the Vernon Box Co. Ltd. from 1933-1936. Includes financial statements and balance sheets detailing all revenue and expenditures of the company. Fonds also includes some correpondence to and from the company manager, J.G. Strother in regard to the company's financial situation.

Vernon Box Company
H. Sigalet & Co. Ltd. fonds
CA VERN MS 77;1983.188 · Fonds · 1926-1946

Fonds consists of the business records and documents of the H. Sigalet & Co. Ltd. from 1926-1946. Includes correspondence, financial records and legal documents detailing the administration and operation of the company's logging and sawmills operations.

H. Sigalet and Company
G.A. Hankey and Co. fonds
CA VERN MS 76;1983.188 · Fonds · 1907-1930

Fonds consists of the administrative and financial records of the G.A. Hankey & Co. from 1907-1930. Includes correspondence, financial records, legal documents, and reports detailing the company's ownership, business transactions and financial decline. Fonds also includes records of the Point Grey Land & Investment Company, as collected by the G.A. Hankey & Co., a shareholder.

G.A. Hankey and Company