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Glasgow School of Art

This series is comprised of records from the Glasgow School of Art, and the Glasgow School of Art Club. The Club records consist of home programmes and syllabi for the School itself. The remainder of the records includes calendar sessions, annual art magazines, performance programmes and a student article all created by the Glasgow School of Art.

Art and gallery monographs

This series is comprised of monographs that relate to various artists works, as well as specific artist skills. In terms of artist skills, there is a monograph titled Modern Etchings, Mezzotints, and Dial points. This monograph was owned by Grace Melvin – a contributor to the creation of the Vancouver School of Art. The remainder of the monographs consist of commemorative albums, artist features, and a monograph titled: Eskimo Explorations 9: prints of [Eskimo] activities.

Gallery and exhibition records

This series is comprised of a number of different exhibition catalogues, retrospectives and art news. The range of records has content that related to Charles H. Scott, but there are also other records that focus on a wide variety of artists. For example, there is an outline of a Jack Shadbolt retrospective exhibition; a Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and Calgary Fine Arts exhibition catalogue; and an exhibition on Augustus John from the Royal Academy of Arts Diploma Gallery. Finally, there is a newspaper clipping addressing the joint exhibition that was put on at the University of British Columbia by Charles H. Scott and Grace Melvin in 1956.

Vancouver School of Art

This series is comprised of records relating to the Vancouver School of Art. One half of the series consists of curriculum information for the Vancouver School of Art in terms of school prospectuses and program guides (1938-1964). The remaining records within the series consist of photographs and news articles relating to the Vancouver School of Art (1948-1952). Specifically, many of the photographs display an exterior view of the Vancouver School of Art and Vancouver Education department, the remainder are photographs of students attending the Beaux Arts Ball, creating works in the Vancouver School of Art, and attending social functions at the School. Finally, a number of newspaper clippings related to the Vancouver School of Art are also included within this series as they are directly related to graduates and events associated with the school.

Charles H. Scott drawing sketchbooks

The series is comprised of 6 sketchbooks with loose and rough sketches drawn primarily in pencil, but also in charcoal, ink and pastels. The drawings consist of either figural, architectural or landscape imagery. Many of the landscape drawings are labelled as depictions of Wrangell, Alaska; the Charlotte Islands; Penticton; and the Okanagan Valley. 154 drawings are spread between the 6 sketchbooks included within the series.

Charles H. Scott teaching records

The series is comprised of records created by Charles H. Scott for the purposes of organizing and developing his teaching at the Vancouver School of Art. The series consists of 3 notebooks containing class lecture notes as well as his teaching and talks at [Anmore]. This series also consists of developmental outlines and reflections for courses Scott was planning to teach at the Vancouver School of Art.

Letia Richardson Charles H. Scott research

The series is comprised primarily of the research completed by Letia Richardson on Charles H. Scott. Specifically the series includes notes and outlines made by Letia Richardson on records created by and about Scott, as well as the records themselves. Furthermore, this series is comprised of Richardson’s lecture notes for a presentation she gave on Charles H. Scott, and correspondence with Melvin Scott – a relative of Charles H. Scott.

Charles H. Scott papers

The series is comprised of records created by and for Charles H. Scott. This series includes draft and script writing for a number of short stories written by Scott, along with the final drafts of the stories. Furthermore, the series consists of Scott’s notebooks where he makes journal entries, and in one particular instance, comments on his own retrospective exhibition in 1959. This series is also comprised of correspondence to and from William S.A. Dale, W.G. Duggan Gray, Moncrieff Williamson, the Canadian National Gallery, [Fred Ames] and R.H. Hume. Gifts given to Scott are also included within this series, as he was gifted the book All Creatures Great and Small from the author himself Ross Lort. Moreover, a picture for “Design Frieze of the Year” was gifted to Scott with a note stating from “Jake’s compliments”. Finally, the series contains newspaper clippings that focus on Scott’s exhibitions held in Vancouver. This series has been maintained in its original order and has been separated into file level description.

Lady Aberdeen ephemera

Series consists of items related to Lady Aberdeen, the creator of the Council of Women. Items included are a history of the Council of Women, correspondence from Lady Aberdeen, and published material created by Lady Aberdeen.


Series consists of a scrapbooks collected by the Local Council of Women. There are four different books, dating 1936-39, 1952, 1962, and a large volume with dates ranging from 1936-1955. The scrap books include articles about the Council of Women clipped from newspapers, as well as other memorabilia, including annuals, ribbons, and photographs. The largest scrap book has an index, as well as photos.

Buildings and grounds series

Series consists of five sub-series: A. Renovation planning, [ca.1965]-1983; B. Restoration and renovation, 1989-2000; C. Restoration 125 Millennium Project, 1994-2003; D. Projects and campaigns, 2001-2008; E. Photographs of buildings and grounds, [after 1990 and before 2005].

Restoration and renovation sub-series consists of architectural plans and building photographs for Cridge Memorial Hall and the Church of Our Lord, Church of Our Lord Feasability Study records and report, 1992-1994, Restoration & Renovation Committee records, 1993-2000, and other records. The Restoration 125 Millennium Project sub-series consists of administrative and legal records, fundraising and financial records, Community Ministry Campaign files, architectural records, site plans, and project photographs. Includes architectural plans by Martin Golder, Architect, and engineers’ working plans used on site. Projects and campaigns sub-series pertains to church buildings and to Humboldt Valley development.

Committees and groups series

Series consists of four subseries: A. Youth groups, 1920-1949; B. Women’s groups, 1925-1999; C. The Missionary Guild, 1954-2006; D. Other committee and groups, 1930-2005.

Youth groups are the Beaver Club, 1920-1921, and the Young Peoples Department, 1923-1949. Women’s groups are the Ladies Aid, 1925-1983, the Mary and Martha Guild, 1964-1983, and the Women’s Auxiliary, 1983-1999. The Mary and Martha Guild and the Ladies' Aid group merged to become the Womens' Auxiliary in 1983. Women’s groups sub-series consists of minute books, account books, daybooks, financial records, reports, notes and other. Missionary Guild records include minute books, correspondence, photographs, donation records, financial records and publications. Correspondence is administrative and financial and includes letters from missionaries Muriel Harmon and Bob & Sue Pritchard.

Other committee and groups sub-series includes: Management Committee of Cridge Memorial Hall, 1930-1941; Rectory and Repair Fund, 1953-1959; Broadcasting and Radio Fund, 1959-1962; Music Committee, 1969-1971; Worship and Witness Committee, 1970; Building and Finance Committee, 1977-1981, Chancel Guild, 1986-1989, Library, ca.1990, Prayer Group, 1991-1994; COOL coffee house, 1997; Ministry of Verger, 1999-2001; Companionship Guild, 2000; Men's Breakfast, 2000-2003; Thrift Store, 2003-2005.

Ministry and programs series

Series consists of six sub-series: A. Services, 1895-2004; B. Marriage, baptism, confirmation and burial, 1874-2008; C. Sunday School, 1924-1939, 1989; D. Missions and outreach, 1975-1999; E. Publications, 1930-2003; F. Fellowship gatherings, after 1947, predominant after 1990.
Services sub-series includes bulletins, sermons, registers, service records and lectionary bible.
Missions and outreach series includes both local and international initiatives. Publications are directories and newsletters.

Administration series

Series consists of four sub-series: A. Vestry records, 1874-1996; B. Annual meeting records, 1962-2009; C. Administrative files, 1927-[ca.2000]; Financial records, 1874-1998.
Vestry records are minute books, Board minutes and other records. Administrative files include correspondence, membership files, secretary’s files, office and general files. Financial records are cash and account books, ledger and general files.

New Westminster Credit Women’s Breakfast Club

Series consists of a book entitled “History of the New Westminster Credit Women’s Breakfast Club.” The Breakfast Club was organized on August 5, 1934, with the purpose of promoting the interests of women who were employed in the credit profession. The book contains an account of what the club did on specific dates, written by different club historians over the years. The book presumably belonged to a member of the Local Council of Women.

Cecil Pickell series

This series consists of Cecil Pickell's diary, as well as a news release contains stories about the Bedaux 1934 expedition. Cecil Pickell was one of the trail cutters that went on the Bedaux Sub-Arctic Canadian 1934 expedition. Pickell was from Fort St. John. The Hudson’s Hope Museum records contain the stories and memoirs of Cecil Pickell. This series is arranged into one sub-series: Written pieces.

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