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Anglican Church of Canada. Diocese of New Westminster. Synod
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Personnel records

Series consists of clergy index cards with name, mailing address, marriage certificate number and short biographic or position relating notes. Includes register of applicants for pension funds including name, birth date, marital status, date of ordination, and dates of service (1949 -1960). Includes also job descriptions of the Communications Officer, Programme Coordinator, and Stewardship/Financial Development Officer.

Anglican Church of Canada. Diocese of New Westminster. Synod

Parish correspondence files

Series consists mainly of in and out correspondence between Diocesan parishes and the Synod office. Includes parishes' boundaries records approved by the Executive Committee (predominant 1900 - 1960), property records, financial statements and annual balance sheets, request for loans, fund requests for reconstruction, expansion or relocation of churches, petition for licensing or resignation of clergy, handwritten memos and reports, letters of incorporations, by-laws and regulations of churches, parishes' partnership reports, deaneries' financial statements, reports on state of ministry (Bella Coola, Squamish, Kingcome Inlet), ministry evaluation, personal letters on various matters, clippings, printed material, graphic material, architectural drawings, cartographic material, cartoons.

Anglican Church of Canada. Diocese of New Westminster. Synod

Legal records

Series consists of property records, legal records, financial records, correspondence relating to property sales and mortgages, deeds of land. Includes a printed copy of the "Act to constitute the Bishops of British Columbia, Caledonia and New Westminster Corporations sole", as well as a printed copy of the New Westminster municipality by-law 1248, that enabled Bishop Adam U. de Pencier to acquire land for the purpose of a cemetery (1930). The agreement is known as "The Church of England Cemetery by-law 1930". Other legal records include mortgage payment agreements between Synod and Eldentrand Stroining (1980), Svend Aage Bach and Marie Immacolata (1981), and Mary Ann Dickhoff (1984). Includes also copies of mortgage agreements between the Diocese of New Westminster and the Society for the Property of Gospel (1913, 1915, 1923, 1924). Includes a list of parishes incorporations (1896 - 1931), bylaws relating to parishes' incorporations, a handwritten copy of the incorporation act of St. Thomas Chilliwack parish (1896). Series consists also of records relating to the following funds and trusts: E. Disney Farmer Memorial fund, J.C. Wetherell Estate trust, Rev. H. Bell-Irving Memorial fund, Bishops Endowment fund.

Anglican Church of Canada. Diocese of New Westminster. Synod

Journals of proceedings of sessions of Synod and related material

Series consists of handwritten, printed or photocopied minutes, proceedings and reports of the sessions of the Synod. It includes: handwritten minutes books (1881-1882, 1899-1901); the first printed report of Bishop A.W. Sillitoe (1882); photocopied extracts of Synod proceedings; published in the Churchman's Gazette (1886-1891), Monthly Record (1893-1897), and The Work in the Far West (1898) periodicals; the Official Yearbook of the Diocese (1910); printed copies of the Journal of the Diocesan Synod; minutes and reports of Diocesan Commissions and Committees, such as: financial reports, report of the department of Stewardship to the fifty eighth session of the Synod; convening circulars, orders and services.

Anglican Church of Canada. Diocese of New Westminster. Synod

General correspondence files

Series consists of records of activities, other than related to parishes. It includes correspondence (letters to clergy, deaneries, wardens,and laity); minutes, reports, copies of Act of Incorporation and the establishment and constitution of the Anglican Theological College; consecration of churches, forms and orders of installation or enthronement of Bishops; convocations; articles of Bishop D.W. Hambidge; audited financial statements; clergy openings announcements, within and outside the Diocese; Synod property records, insurance policies; manuscripts; newsletters, printed material; parochial statistics (1958). It includes also copies of the diocesan newspaper Anglican News (1959-1969) and Topic (1970-1971).

Anglican Church of Canada. Diocese of New Westminster. Synod

Financial records

Series consists of financial records, correspondence, reports. Includes records relating to Anglicans in Mission, Anglican United Campus Ministry, Anglican United Native Ministry, Diocesan Centennial Committee, the Diocesan Centre trust fund, accounting, budget, parish insurance and loans, pensions, and properties.

Anglican Church of Canada. Diocese of New Westminster. Synod

Diocesan officers and deaconesses files

Series consists of correspondence, reports and memoranda. Includes records relating to the appointment and resignation of the Registrar (1967-1988); a report of the weeding and rearrangement of Registrar's files (1975); appointment of diocesan Treasurer (1986); appointments and resignation to the office of the following Deaconesses: M. Steel (1951-1977), H. Hellaby (1952-1967), J.P. Prior (1959-1960), A. Crooks (1965-1976), J. M. Bradley (1966-1980).

Anglican Church of Canada. Diocese of New Westminster. Synod

Cut files

Series consists of extracts cut from copies of the minutes of the Diocesan Council (former Executive Committee); the Administration and Finance Committee (former Finance and Property Committee); the Programme Committee; the Strategy Committee; plus other sources: e.g. - Treasurer reports, Diocesan missions and Task Forces records. Also includes clippings collected to provide reference to minutes on matters dealt with by diocesan administration, such as: loans to parishes, Indian work, mortgage loans, group life insurance, fund raising,and allotted grants.

Anglican Church of Canada. Diocese of New Westminster. Synod

Clergy documents and registers

Series consists of clergy records, letters of consecration of bishops' elections in Canada and throughout the world, letters of confirmation of election of bishops, appointments of diocesan officials, licensing declarations, letters testimonial of good behavior of clergy or "Bene Discessit", letters of ordination, letters of "Si Quis", extracts from the minutes of the House of Bishops, oaths of canonical obedience, oaths of allegiance, sentences of dedication, mandates of induction, notices of relinquishment and consecration of churches, and various other documents. Also includes Registrar's register of episcopal acts (1879-1909) consisting of transcriptions of notarial act for consecration of Bishop Sillitoe, declarations and oaths of clergy (1905-1937), and photocopy of clergy licenses register (1959-1991). The first volume contains only declarations of allegiance, declarations of canonical obedience, declarations against simony, and declarations to perform office (1905-1931).

Anglican Church of Canada. Diocese of New Westminster. Synod

Synod of the Diocese of New Westminster fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1861, 1879-2001

Fonds consists of correspondence, minutes, reports, legal records, property records, financial records, clergy records, instruments of consecration, episcopal acts, statistics, parish profiles, manuscripts, notes, newsletters, printed material, clippings, architectural drawings, plans, graphic material, cartographic material, microfilmed material. Includes records of Diocesan administration consisting of: Act of incorporation, constitution and canons; Synod journals of proceedings; clergy documents and registers; cut files; diocesan officers and deaconesses files; financial records; general correspondence files; legal records; parish correspondence files; personnel records; procedures manuals. Includes also records relating to the activities and functions of Bishops, officers and offices. They consist of: Episcopal records; program officers records such as: Christian Education Coordinator; Communications Officer; Legal Assessor; Registrar; Treasurer; Youth Ministry Coordinator, Diocesan Programme Coordinator. Includes records of Diocesan Council and various boards, committees and task forces such as: Diocesan Council; Administration and Finance Committee; Bishop's Advisory Committee; Committee on Arrangements for General Synod; Communications Task Force; Diocesan Board of Missions; Committee on Seventy-fifth Anniversary of the Diocese of New Westminster; Diocesan Board of Religious Education; Diocesan Centennial Committee; Diocesan Centre Task Force; Diocesan Expansion Planning Committee; Diocesan Extension Campaign Committee; Diocesan Social Service Committee; Every Member Visitation and Canvass Committee; Financial Development Committee; Netten Report Committee; Programme Committee; Retreat Committee; St. Gabriel's Orphanage Committee; Strategy Committee; Task Force on Diocesan Standards for Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals; Architectural and Plans Committee; Ministry and Congregational Development Committee; Bishop's Advisory Committee on Appointments.

Anglican Church of Canada. Diocese of New Westminster. Synod