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              James H. Schofield fonds
              CA TCA 85-1 · Fonds · 1913-1938

              The fonds consists of correspondence to Schofield from friends in the army, letters and telegrams congratulating Schofield on election victory, and general correspondence and certificates.

              Schofield, James Hargrave Alcock, b. 1866
              CA TCA 1977-31 · Fonds · 1941-1952

              The fonds consists of minutes (1941-1945), correspondence relating to the appointment of A.D.Turnbull as MLA in the B.C. Legislature, and a programme of a 1952 dinner celebrating Prime Minister St. Laurent's visit to Trail.

              Rossland-Trail Liberal Association
              Fonds · 1858-1960

              The collection consists of fire insurance maps, townsite plans, topographical maps, subdivision plans, road maps, street grade maps, zoning maps, building plans, sewer maps, and mineral reference maps of Trail and area, including Rossland and Tadanac. Collection includes architectural plans of the warehouse and sales building of West Kootenay Power and Light Company.

              CA TCA 80-2 · Fonds · 1931-1972

              The fonds consists of visitors log and book, correspondence, account book, scrapbooks, and reference material of the Trail-Rossland Boy Scouts Association and the Second Trail Group Sir Francis Drake Rover Scouts.

              Trail-Rossland Boy Scouts Association
              Frank Beinder fonds
              Fonds · 1966 - 1994

              The records consist of newsletters from the various associations and organizations Beinder was involved with from the British Columbia School Trustees Association to Selkirk College, Royal Commission reports, speeches given by Frank Beinder at School board and college functions, histories of Douglas College and the development of the community college system in BC, clippings and correspondence. The audio and video cassettes are recordings of Beinder's speeches.

              Beinder, Frank
              CA RMDC MS 50 · Fonds · 1939-1989

              Fonds consists of textual records of the Rossland Public Library Association from 1939-1989. Includes history, minutes, correspondence, financial records, book purchases, legal records, reports, lists, ephemera, and clippings.

              Rossland Public Library Association
              William K. Esling fonds
              CA RMDC MS 20 · Fonds · 1919-1946

              Fonds consist of textual records of William K. Esling from 1919-1946. Includes biography, correspondence, poetry, personal writings, and research materials.

              Esling, William K.
              CA RMDC MS 43 · Fonds · 1896-2001

              Fonds consists of textual and photographic records of the West Kootenay Power and Light Company from 1896-2001. Includes mission statement, correspondence, financial records, stock certificates, legal records, applications, petitions, personnel, annual reports, reports, specifications, publications, certificates, maps, lists, ephemera, photographs, other information, and clippings.

              West Kootenay Power and Light Company
              Hunter Brothers Ltd. Fonds
              CA RMDC MS 22 · Fonds · 1895 - 1952

              Fonds consist of textual records of the Hunter Brothers Ltd from 1895-1923, 1933, [195-], 1959.

              Includes history, correspondence, financial records, legal records, publications, lists, ephemera, and clippings.

              Hunter Brothers Ltd.
              Red Mountain Ski Club fonds
              CA RMDC MS 23 · Fonds · 1933-1999

              Fonds consists of textual records of the Red Mountain Ski Club from 1933 - 1999. Includes constitution, history, minutes, minutes – executive, minutes AGM, correspondence, financial records, purchase orders, legal records, president’s manual, planning and development, lists, reports, managers report, race reports, proposals, studies, specifications, newsletters, certificates, press releases/notices/memorandums, personnel, job descriptions, programs, clippings, ephemera, maps, notices/file notices.

              Red Mountain Ski Club
              CA RMDC MS 35 · Fonds · 1960-1962

              Fonds consists of records of the Rossland-Trail Olympic Promotions Committee from 1960-1962. Fronds include constitution and bylaws, minutes, correspondence, questionnaire, financial records, reports, certificates, ephemera, maps, photographs, and clippings.

              Rossland-Trail Olympic Committee
              CA RMDC CA RMDC · Fonds · 1903-1906

              Fonds consists of the records of the IOOF from 1896-2004. Includes history, constitutions & bylaws, minutes, correspondence, financial records, lists, grand encampment proceedings, publications, bible, newspaper clippings, ephemera, and photographs.

              Fraternal Order of Eagles. Hall of Rossland Aerie No. 10
              CA RMDC MS 2 A2013.002 · Collection · 1928-1969

              Ranging from 1928 to 1969, Collection includes:

              1. constitution and bylaws
              2. history
              3. diary
              4. minutes
              5. correspondence
              6. financial records
              7. personnel records
              8. reports
              9. lists
              10. publicity
              11. press releases
              12. clippings
              13. ephemera
              14. plans
              Rossland Swimming Pool Society
              Rossland Club Collection
              CA RMDC MS 3 A2022.000.011 · Collection · [1898-1969]

              Ranging from 1898 to 1961, collection includes:

              1. constitution
              2. history
              3. minutes
              4. correspondence
              5. financial records
              6. legal records
              7. reports
              8. personnel
              9. lists
              10. register of guests
              11. liquor licences
              12. ephemera
              13. photographs
              Rossland Club
              CA RMDC MS 49 A2001.296 · Collection · 1936-[1976?]

              Ranging from 1932 to 1956, collection includes:

              1. constitution
              2. history
              3. minutes
              4. correspondence
              5. financial records
              6. legal records
              7. reports
              8. publications
              9. ephemera
              10. photographs
              11. clippings
              Rossland Cooperative Transportation Society
              CA RMDC MS 58 A2022.000.016 · Collection · 1896-[1942?]

              Ranging from 1896-1942, the Knights of Pythias collection includes:
              1) bylaws
              2) correspondence
              3) reports
              4) certificates
              5) publications
              6) membership list
              7) visitor register
              8) ephemera

              CA RMDC MS 75 A2022.000.004 · Collection · 1947-1951

              Ranging from 1900 to 1917, the Rossland Winter Carnival Collection consists of
              1) history
              2) meeting minutes
              3) correspondence
              4) financial records
              5) programmes
              6) postcards/photographs
              7) ephemera

              Rossland Sno Sho Committee
              CA RMDC MS 89 A2022.000.010 · Collection · 1899-1948?

              Ranging from 1897 to 1948, the Rossland Curling Club includes
              1) Meeting Minutes
              2) Financial records.

              Rossland Curling Club
              CA RMDC MS 38 A2017.003 · Collection · 1897-1985

              Ranging from 1896-1995, the Rossland School Board Collection consists of

              1. Minutes
              2. Correspondence
              3. Financial Records
              4. Legal Records
              5. Reports
              6. Resumes
              7. Report Cards and Examinations
              8. Lists
              9. Scrapbooks
              10. Ephemera
              11. Maps
              12. Specifications
              13. Clippings
              14. Photographs
              Rossland School Board