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              A.R. Waldie fonds
              CA TCA 80-8 · Fonds · 1910-1965

              The fonds consists of correspondence pertaining to Waldie's appointment as notary public, his exemption from military service, investments, and the Knox Presbyterian Church. Fonds also includes correspondence of J.D. Anderson, correspondence and reports of W.K. Esling, Member of Parliament, and financial records of Esling's estate.

              Waldie, Andrew R.
              CA TCA 81-12 · Fonds · 1885-1917

              The fonds consists of education certificates, legal declarations, indenture of apprenticeship, letters of recommendation, article agreements, and correspondence.

              Broderick, Charles Archibald
              Cominco Limited fonds
              CA TCA 86.1;91.9;1997-4 · Fonds · 1896-1981

              The fonds consists of land survey field notes, mining notes, reports (including a chronological record of outstanding events in the history of the company), correspondence relating to ceremonies and celebrations Cominco sponsored or participated in, and annual reports of the company's Refining Department (1950-1954). Fonds also includes indexes to Cominco historical correspondence and miscellaneous items: 1. "Alphabetic Index to Cominco's Historical Correspondence and Records, 1896-1981"; 2. Box/Envelope List (filelist) of Cominco historical records, 1896-1981 (relates to the alphabetic index); 3. File list of PRC reports, with microfilm/reel numbers; 4. Manuscript (typed) of "A Portrait of Progress: the Consolidated Cominco Story" (two looseleaf binders - 441 pages plus appendices, parts 1-2); 5. Another, edited version of "A Portrait of Progress" (unbound, no table of contents); 6. Submission on tax reform to Parliamentary Committee, 1970; 7. Miscellaneous, including notes from a Nov. 13, 1986 meeting of Cominco staff re disposition of historical records, and a numerical list/index of company names, place names, etc. (no indication is given as to which set of files the numerical index covers).

              Ferguson family fonds
              CA TCA 1995-3 · Fonds · 1994-1995

              The fonds consists of correspondence, 1994-1995 between John Ferguson, Jr. and Michele Cherot, Manager of Trail District Chamber of Commerce, re Ferguson family history and restoration of the Castle replica for the 1995 Silver City Days parade. Fonds includes photographs showing the restoration in progress, newsclippings about Ferguson's Castle, and articles and travel literature mentioning the original Glamis Castle in Scotland.

              Ferguson (family)
              Fred W. Warren fonds
              Fonds · 1860, 1894-1897

              The fonds consists of letters inward, 1894-1897, unrelated correspondence, including a letter dated 1860, and a small photograph of two young women, dated 1894. There are 32 letters from Emma G. Morgan to Fred Warren (1894-1897; 18 of the letters are undated).

              Warren, Fred W.
              J.D. Anderson fonds
              CA TCA 1953-1 · Fonds · 1897-1907

              The fonds consists of field notes of two separate properties and a field book of J.D. Anderson, provincial land surveyor.

              Anderson, J.D.
              CA TCA 1977-40 · Fonds · 1908-1936

              The fonds consists of correspondence inward (1908-1918) dealing primarily with supply orders and complaints to his distributors.

              J.E. Read General Merchant
              J.M. Turnbull fonds
              CA TCA 1977-39 · Fonds · 1903-1920

              The fonds consists of tax receipts and notices, bills of sale, sales receipts, invoices, lease agreements and a telephone contract.

              Turnbull, J.M.
              James H. Schofield fonds
              CA TCA 85-1 · Fonds · 1913-1938

              The fonds consists of correspondence to Schofield from friends in the army, letters and telegrams congratulating Schofield on election victory, and general correspondence and certificates.

              Schofield, James Hargrave Alcock, b. 1866
              L.A. Campbell fonds
              CA TCA 1964-1 · Fonds · 1944

              The fonds consists of correspondence and memoranda pertaining to the proposed 1944 visit to Trail by Princess Alice and the Earl of Athlone.

              Campbell, L.A.
              Progress Studios fonds
              CA TCA 1977-63 · Fonds · 1924-1939

              The fonds consists of correspondence, statements of account, receipt books, bills, business licence, agreements and reference material (including advertising brochures) and ephemera.

              Progress Studios
              Reg Stone fonds
              CA TCA 1997-13 · Fonds · 1946-1994

              The fonds consists of correspondence, photographs, newsclippings, competition records from various Briers, and memorabilia.

              Stone, Reg, d. 1997
              CA TCA 1977-31 · Fonds · 1941-1952

              The fonds consists of minutes (1941-1945), correspondence relating to the appointment of A.D.Turnbull as MLA in the B.C. Legislature, and a programme of a 1952 dinner celebrating Prime Minister St. Laurent's visit to Trail.

              Rossland-Trail Liberal Association
              CA TCA 1977-34;1977-35 · Fonds · 1919-1948

              The fonds consists of minutes (1919-1948), receipt book and list of expenditures (1924-1946), membership lists (1933-1934), and a profit and loss calculations register (1922-1928).

              Trail Amateur Athletic Association
              CA TCA 84-1 · Fonds · 1975-1978

              The fonds consists of minutes, reports, proposals, date books, register of tree donors, correspondence and project files relating to the Trail Beautification Project.

              Trail Beautification Committee
              CA TCA 1996-3 · Fonds · 1992-1996

              The fonds consists of photographs, newsclippings, memorabilia, minutes of regular meetings, and minutes of annual meetings.

              Trail Aquatic Centre Projects Society
              Fonds · [ca. 1890]-1990

              The collection consists of photographs of individuals, families, social and community events, industries and natural resources of Trail and environs along with panoramic and aerial views of the city and area.

              Trail Creek News fonds
              CA TCA 1977-41 · Fonds · 1903-1905

              The fonds consists of a bound letterbook of outgoing correspondence from W. Esling and A.W. Taylor, General Managers of the Trail Creek News.

              Trail Creek News
              Fonds · 1858-1960

              The collection consists of fire insurance maps, townsite plans, topographical maps, subdivision plans, road maps, street grade maps, zoning maps, building plans, sewer maps, and mineral reference maps of Trail and area, including Rossland and Tadanac. Collection includes architectural plans of the warehouse and sales building of West Kootenay Power and Light Company.

              CA TCA 78-17;1977-59 · Fonds · 1976-1977

              The fonds consists of correspondence and the Diamond Jubilee Citizens' Register.

              Trail Diamond Jubilee Committee
              CA TCA 81-2;89-34 · Fonds · 1927-1977

              The fonds consists of minutes (1927-1977), financial statements, membership lists, lists of trophy winners, a President's report (1930-1931) and clippings.

              Trail Ladies' Curling Club
              CA TCA 1977-36 · Fonds · 1951-1952

              The fonds consists of minutes and correspondence pertaining to the formation of the Trail District Pioneers' Association and the annual pioneer's banquet.

              Trail District Pioneers' Association
              Trail Rink Company fonds
              CA TCA 1977-11;1977-12 · Fonds · 1934-1952

              The fonds consists of minutes (1934-1952), financial statements, directors' reports, notices of annual meetings, and a membership list of the 1937-1938 curling club. Fonds includes financial statements of the Trail Curling Club (1934-1949).

              Trail Rink Company