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        Vancouver, BC

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            Vancouver, BC

              34 archival descriptions results for Vancouver, BC

              CA SVE FNVC · Fonds · 1990-1999

              Fonds consists of administrative records, collective meeting minutes, event documentation and outreach, program planning, publicity, as well as contact and correspondence files created by the First Nations Video Collective. Records primarily relate to special projects and initiatives carried out when San Dee Doxtdator was the coordinator for the Collective. Materials also include photographs and videos produced during the course the 1997 First Nations Intensive Video Production Course.

              First Nations Video Collective
              VCCL C-01 · Collection · 1971 - 2014

              This collection consists of learning materials published by Vancouver Community College for use in multiple departments of the English as an Additional Language Area (EAL/ESL). These materials were authored by VCC instructors.

              Vancouver Community College
              Education Council fonds
              VCCL F-01 · Fonds · 1994 - 2017

              The fonds consists of program content guides and minutes from the Education Council and the Council of Educational Managers meetings.

              Vancouver Community College. Education Council
              VCCL F-02 · Fonds · 1979 - 1993

              The fonds consists of meeting minutes from the College Executive Committee.

              Vancouver Community College. College Executive Committee
              VCCL F-04 · Fonds · 1978 - 2012

              The fonds consists of contracts and agreements, reports, reviews, plans, position postings, program descriptions, program content guides, and meeting minutes of Education and Student Services.

              Vancouver Community College. Education and Student Services
              Operations Council fonds
              VCCL F-05 · Fonds · 1994 - 2010

              The fonds consists of meeting minutes from the Operations Council.

              Vancouver Community College. Operations Council
              VCCL F-06 · Fonds · 2005 - 2006

              The fonds consists of meeting minutes from the Enrolment Management Group.

              Vancouver Community College. Enrolment Management Group
              Management Group fonds
              VCCL F-07 · Fonds · 2006 - 2010

              The fonds consists of meeting minutes from the Management Group.

              Vancouver Community College. Management Group
              Educational Foundation fonds
              VCCL F-08 · Fonds · 1988 - 2018

              The fonds consists of annual reports, newsletters, and correspondence related to awards ceremonies of the Educational Foundation.

              Vancouver Community College. Educational Foundation
              Human Resources fonds
              VCCL F-09 · Fonds · 1950 - 2015

              The fonds consists of manuals, handbooks, reports, directories, newsletters, organizational charts, personnel records, forms, guidelines, and class specifications from Human Resources.

              Vancouver Community College. Human Resources
              VCCL F-10 · Fonds · 1978 - 2014

              The fonds consists of class schedules, learning materials, promotional materials, memoranda, policies, guides, handbooks, newsletters, photographs, and reports from the ESL Outreach Department.

              Vancouver Community College. ESL Outreach Department
              Pharmacy Department fonds
              VCCL F-11 · Fonds · 1997

              The fonds consists of video scripts from the Pharmacy Department.

              Vancouver Community College. Pharmacy Department
              Tania Germyn fonds
              VCCL F-12 · Fonds · 2001

              The fonds consists of a communication power script created by Tania Germyn.

              Tania Germyn
              Marketing Department fonds
              VCCL F-13 · Fonds · 1980 - 2011

              The fonds consists of reports, newsletters, handbooks, promotional materials, photos, and pamphlets from the Marketing Department.

              Vancouver Community College. Marketing Department
              VCCL F-14 · Fonds · 1979 - 2007

              The fonds consists of reports, environmental scans, surveys, plans and proposals, student data, and data element dictionaries from the Office of Institutional Research.

              Vancouver Community College. Office of Institutional Research
              VCCL F-16 · Fonds · 1987 - 2004

              The fonds consists of the finances, meeting minutes, board member lists and nominations, and correspondence of the Alumni Association.

              Vancouver Community College. Alumni Association
              CUPE Local 15 fonds
              VCCL F-17 · Fonds · 2001 - 2004

              The fonds consists of the collective agreements of CUPE Local 15.

              Vancouver Community College. CUPE Local 15
              Board of Governors fonds
              VCCL F-18 · Fonds · 1977 - 2016

              The fonds consists of meeting minutes, enrolment audits, board members lists, and the rules and regulations of the Board of Governors.

              Vancouver Community College. Board of Governors
              Financial Services fonds
              VCCL F-19 · Fonds · 1974 - 2003

              The fonds consists of operating budgets, financial statements, and accounts.

              Vancouver Community College. Financial Services
              VCCL F-20 · Fonds · 1992 - 1994

              The fonds consists of correspondence, memoranda, job applications, organizational charts, reports, studies, and action plans.

              Vancouver Community College. Administrative Services
              Continuing Studies fonds
              VCCL F-21 · Fonds · 1987-2014

              The fonds consists of Continuing Studies education course catalogues, and project documents, recordings, candidate tests, project laptop, and data storage devices.

              Vancouver Community College. Continuing Studies
              Academic Council fonds
              VCCL F-22 · Fonds · 1990 - 1994

              This fonds consists of meeting minutes of the Academic Council

              Vancouver Community College. Academic Council
              VCCL F-23 · Fonds · 1985 - 1992

              The fonds consists of the meeting minutes of the Finance and Administration Committee

              Vancouver Community College. Finance and Administration Committee
              Administrative Council fonds
              VCCL F-24 · Fonds · 1987 - 1993

              The fonds consists of the meeting minutes of the Vancouver Community College Administrative Council

              Vancouver Community College. Administrative Council