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              Faculty Board fonds
              CA UVICARCH AR179 · Fonds · 1960-1963

              The fonds consists of minutes, correspondence and reports. Includes agendas; submissions from departments and committees regarding courses; and recommendations concerning campus issues. Correspondence is primarily between Hickman and Cruickshank.

              Victoria College (B.C.). Faculty Board
              Faculty Association fonds
              CA UVICARCH AR186 · Fonds · 1927-1962

              The fonds consists of minutes 1927-1962; committees 1948, 1949, 1958, 1959 and correspondence 1938-1947; reports 1945, 1952, 1959; salaries 1938, 1949; student enrollment statistics 1956-1972. The constitution was amended March 1, 1928.

              Victoria College (B.C.). Faculty Association
              CA UVICARCH AR281 · Fonds · ca. 1854-1950

              The fonds consists of 4 series: the Frank Sylvester series, ca. 1862-1908; the Cecelia Davies Sylvester series, ca. 1854-1928; Family ephemera series, 1867-1918, and Photographs, ca. 1870-1950. The Frank Sylvester series includes: cannery contracts, legal invoices, lecture manuscripts, and a diary. The Cecelia Davies Sylvester series includes: an autograph book, and scrapbooks containing clippings, photographs and ephemera. The Family ephemera series includes: biographical information, documents, pamphlets and publications. The Photographs series includes: photographs, negatives, and glass plate negatives.

              Sylvester, Frank and Cecilia (family)
              Faculty of Education fonds
              CA UVICARCH AR180 · Fonds · 1960-1962

              The fonds consists of committee minutes from the Committee of Admissions, Standings and Courses, 1958-1961; Faculty of Education Staff meeting minutes and reports, 1960-1961; Admissions, 1958-1962; and General Correspondence, 1958-1963.

              Victoria College (B.C.). Faculty of Education
              CA UVICARCH AR144 · Fonds · 1963-1985

              The fonds consists of general committee files that contain an incomplete set of minutes, and final recommendations; and course files with departmental submissions. The chairs' files contain correspondence regarding contentious issues, and some departmental submission and minutes. For a complete understanding of the committee's work, both files need to be reviewed.

              University of Victoria (B.C.). Faculty of Arts and Science Curriculum Committee
              Erika Paterson fonds
              CA UVICARCH AR272 · Fonds · 1988-1995

              The fonds consists of 8 series: General files; Fringe productions, 1990 (by title); Interview Transcripts; Reviews (by city); International festivals; Scripts; Programmes of fringe festivals (by city); Programmes of individual productions (unsorted); Publicity for individual productions (unsorted); and Videocassettes of productions. Cities include: Edmonton, Halifax, Montreal, Saskatoon, Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria and Winnipeg.

              Paterson, Erika, 1956-
              CA UVICARCH AR047 · Fonds · 1987-1990

              The fonds consists of correspondence, and manuscripts submitted for publication.

              University of Victoria (B.C.). English Literary Studies Monograph Series
              CA UVICARCH AR048 · Fonds · 1953-1992

              The fonds consists of correspondence from 1953; incomplete set of minutes, 1954-1988; newsletters, annual and president's reports; photographs, including cruise photograph album; and several private pocket calendars.

              English-Speaking Union of the Commonwealth. Victoria Branch
              Etholine Clearihue fonds
              CA UVICARCH AR377 · Fonds · 1912-1913

              The fonds consists postcards written to Etholine from friends, featuring scenes from Victoria. Postcards include: Bridge at the Gorge, Victoria B.C.; C.P.R. Office and Wharves, Victoria Harbor, B.C.; C.P.R. "Princess Victoria", Victoria Harbor, B.C.; Olympian Range and Race Rocks Light House, near Victoria B.C.; Mount Baker, near Victoria B.C.; C.P.R. "Empress Hotel", Victoria B.C.; C.P.R. Docks and Parliament Buildings, Victoria B.C.; Cadboro Bay Summer Resort, near Victoria B.C.

              Clearihue, Etholine, d. 1937
              Eugene Kaellis fonds
              CA UVICARCH AR075 · Fonds · 1970-1971

              The fonds consists of four letter to Kaellis: two from Bruce Partridge, President; one from Roderick Haig-Brown, Chancellor; and one from Willard Ireland, Chair of the Board of Governors.

              Kaellis, Eugene
              CA UVICARCH AR001 · Collection · 1925-1980

              The collection consists of material compiled by Elsie Allan concerning theatre in Victoria and other locations in B.C. and in England. The collection includes notebooks of annotated scripts, scripts of plays, announcements and notices of meetings of the Victoria Theatre Guild, programmes of amateur and professional performances in Victoria, New York, and England, and programmes of the British Columbia, Dominion, Kelowna, and Vancouver Island Drama Festivals.

              Elsie Allan fonds
              CA UVICARCH AR001 · Fonds · [ca. 1914-1918]

              The fonds consists of Allans' photographs of Victoria and Field, B.C., Camp Petawawa, Salisbury, England, France and unidentified B.C. locations during World War I. Many of the photographs depict the military.

              Allan, Elsie
              Edward B. Paul fonds
              CA UVICARCH AR285 · Fonds · 1904 - 1906

              The fonds consists of copies of a letter book of outgoing correspondence, 1904-1906, and typed transcripts of the letters. The letter book consists of Paul's outgoing correspondence, primarily to the Principal and Registrar of McGill University, the B.C. Superintendent of Schools, and Victoria College students and faculty.

              Paul, Edward B.
              CA UVICARCH AR143 · Fonds · 1949-1993

              The fonds consists of the Director's subject files, 1948-1993; Senate Committee on Continuing Education, 1973-1978; Senate Committee on University Extension, 1984-1986; programming files, 1962-1990; Prison Education programme files, 1978-1988; Summer Studies files, 1978-1988; David Thompson University Centre files, 1978-1983; grades for Institute of Canadian Bankers, 1972-1973; and personnel information, 1978-1987.

              University of Victoria (B.C.). Division of Continuing Studies
              CA UVICARCH AR372 · Fonds · 1947-2001, predominant 1980-1996

              The fonds is arranged in 12 series: Alpha-numeric series (A1-W27), 1959-93; Derrick Mallard series, 1947-2001; Gwen Mallard series, 1968-97; B.C. Environmental Associations, 1972-2000; BC Environmental newsletters, 1970-2000; Community Associations, 1990-2000; Capital Regional District, 1990-2000; Foundations, 1994-2000; Issues, 1973-2000; Land preservation, 1990-2000; Awards, 1992-2001; Photographs. The Alpha-Numeric system was established by Derrick Mallard in the early years of his environmental work. The vast majority of the files were left un-filed, and constitute the Mallards research files relating to their C.A.S.E. work. These have been arranged in series reflecting the subject groupings of his early alpha-numeric system. Administrative files relating to C.A.S.E. have been arranged in the B.C. Environmental Associations series. Approximately 300 reports and publications have been transferred to Special Collections, and cataloged as the Derrick Mallard Collection. They are on a wide variety of environmental subjects, including: water, sewage, transportation, parks, farming, noise, fishing, endangered species and global issues.

              Mallard, Derrick
              Department of Theatre fonds
              CA UVICARCH AR201 · Fonds · 1963-1987

              The fonds includes the following series: Departmental meeting minutes, 1964-69, 1972-82; Planning for Theatre building, 1975-81; Theatre production, 1963-83; Theatre production for Phoenix Summer Theatre, 1972-81, 1986-87; Theatre production for Senior Secondary Summer Theatre Workshop, 1966-82; Theatre production scripts, 1964-89; Theatre production photographs, 1965-83; Theatre production slides, 1963-86.

              University of Victoria (B.C.). Dept. of Theatre
              Department of Biology fonds
              CA UVICARCH AR228 · Fonds · 1937-1963

              The fonds consists of: Requirements for a Biological Sciences Building, 1958-1963; and Laboratory marks, 1937-1958.

              Victoria College (B.C.). Dept. of Biology
              CA UVICARCH AR093 · Fonds · [Photocopied 1975-1994]

              The fonds consists of research data collected for three book projects on music history in Canada, B.C., and Victoria, including photocopies or slides of 1850-1950 newspaper articles, reviews, retrospective articles, and biographical data. Also included are some original programs from the period.

              McIntosh, Dale
              Creative Canada fonds
              CA UVICARCH AR040 · Fonds · 1971-1981

              The fonds consists of correspondence between Reference and U of T Press, 1971-81; correspondence between Reference and UVic Systems Development, 1976-81; and newspaper clippings and reviews.

              University of Victoria (B.C.). Creative Canada Project
              Council fonds
              CA UVICARCH AR178 · Fonds · 1942-1963

              The fonds consists of minutes, 1945-1963; and correspondence and reports, 1942-1963. The records document the Council's responsibility for managing the administration and finances of Victoria College. Correspondents include T.L. Christie, Secretary-Treasurer of Greater Victoria School Board; W. Harry Hickman, Principal of Victoria College; Robert T. Wallace, Vice-Principal of Victoria College; Ray Williston, B.C. Minister of Education; and F.T. Fairey, B.C. Deputy Minister and Superintendent of Education.

              Victoria College (B.C.). Council
              CA UVICARCH AR177 · Fonds · 1957-1959

              The fonds consists of correspondence, minutes of the Athletic Council, and membership cards for the Canadian Amateur Basketball Association for 1957.

              Victoria College (B.C.). Coordinator of Athletics
              Department of Biology fonds
              CA UVICARCH AR142 · Fonds · 1965-1990

              The fonds consists of the following series: Committees, Programmes, Planning, Open Houses, Land Acquisitions, and Buildings. Also includes plans for the construction of a marine science vessel, which was later named the "John Strickland."

              University of Victoria (B.C.). Dept. of Biology
              Francis E. Percy Haigh fonds
              Fonds · 1899-1902

              The fonds consists of Haigh's journal and remark book, containing information and ephemera relating to HMS Warspite (1899-1902); handwritten script of a play written by the Gunroom officers of HMS Warspite and coauthored by F.E.P. Haigh (performed in 1901); and photographs of places and events in the Royal Navy Pacific Station, including views of Valparaiso, Guatemala, Vancouver and Comox, as well as emphasis on Esquimalt and Victoria.

              Haigh, Francis E. Percy
              Frederick V. Longstaff fonds
              CA MMB L816;L1221 · Fonds · 1929-1957

              The fonds consists of photographs of HMC and HM ships, Commander Hose, sealing schooners and other ships and views. Fonds includes articles written by Longstaff and newsclippings.

              Longstaff, Frederick Victor
              Fonds · [ca. 1900]-1986

              The collection consists of ship's plans predominantly of vessels on the West Coast of Canada, including ships constructed and repaired at shipyards of Yarrows Limited (Esquimalt, B.C.) and the Victoria Machinery Depot. Many of the plans were received from these two firms. The collection includes plans of Canadian Pacific Princess and Empress ships.